Crime On The Rise In Newark After Police Layoffs

NEWARK, NJ (WCBS 880) – With fewer police officers on the street, crime is skyrocketing in Newark.

WCBS 880’s Peter Haskell With The Police Union Vice President

Recently released numbers show that murders are up 71 percent, shootings have increased 29 percent and auto thefts jumped 39 percent for the first three months of this year as compared to last year.

On the other hand, arrests are down 22 percent.

The dramatic numbers come on the heels of 167 officers being laid off as part of Mayor Cory Booker‘s effort to save $9.5 million.

The mayor said he’d shift other officers to get them out on the street, but the numbers seem to indicate the job isn’t getting done.

Police union vice president James Stewart, Jr. says the bad guys have been paying attention.

“You can’t lay off 12 percent of your police department and think no one is going to notice the difference,” he said. “The mayor likes to make the argument that crime has been going up since last year and that may be accurate, but what’s our answer to that? Layoff 12 percent of our department? How does that fight the problem?”

Stewart contends that this changes the mindset of criminals.

“The bad guys know there’s not as many of us out there right now. They’re more brazen carrying weapons. They’re not afraid to stand on the corners armed,” Stewart told WCBS 880 reporter Peter Haskell. “In the past, they never knew when the cops were coming up on the corner. Now, they see the police coming, they know we’re just on our way to another job. We’re simply going job to job to job because that’s the manpower we have right now.”

Booker had blamed the union for the cuts, saying it was unwilling to make concessions during tough financial times.

WCBS 880’s Peter Haskell On The Political Battle Over Crime In Newark

“We will continue to employ innovative policing measures to ensure that Newark will not accept anything less than strength, peace and security,” the mayor’s office said in a statement.

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One Comment

  1. crob says:

    All you people that are saying crime is up with or without cops most likely dont even live in newark. why is it that people are always attacking police, saying they make too much money. But when someone gets car jacked, shot, asaulted, etc, they call the police. If you can do a better job you should of took the test and became a officer. I can assure anyone one day on the job and you will have a totally different opinion about police.

  2. Bob M says:

    You people are living in a dream world if you believe that laying off cops does not increase the crime rate and murder rate, are you crazy? Wake up, we have a GROWING gang problem in NJ Jersey and gang problems in cities always spread to the suburbs, so wake up. Christie may be stupid and not understand this simple fact of life but we need cops on the streets in NJ cities. We not only have a laundry list of established gangs but we now have a growing problem with MS13 and they are just plain violent and they don’t care who they kill. We need cops on the strrets of NJ cities or the gang violence will spread like wildfire to the suburbs. Gangs are already making teeshirts saying they run the city now that Christie is taking cops off the streets.

  3. BG says:

    Laying off cops have nothing to do with the crime in Newark. What about all them years when they were employed and crime was through the roof. Get over it already. The city cant afford you.

  4. kendra says:

    if you ask me they need to revamp the whole police department anyway cause these cops need to police there own neighborhoods cause certain groups of people understand there own kind better then any1 else….and then we citizens wont have these problems with people shooting cops or *putting a bullet thourgh a cops head cause they don,t know about us…cause all they know is *all black people look alike* which we don,t by the way.

  5. bill says:

    This is bs. Crime is up all over the country. It has nothing to do with less cops

  6. MONNY says:

    We can complain or we can do something about it. Blah Blah Blah is all we hear every year.Pick up the phone and report the bangers to the police so they dont have to look for them .They will know were to find them. All we do is ride by and shack our heads. We are the voters. We need to control our city. jump up and shout out the the council woman and men in your area. SHAME ON US ALL WE DONT WANT TO HOLD NO RESPONSIBILTY FOR OUR COMMUNITY.

  7. Ray Van says:

    Sure, crime has increased this year, but let’s remember that last year there was an incredible drop in crime. For 5-6 weeks of the comparable time last year there were NO murders in Newark. It doesn’t take much for the numbers to rise dramatically. Newark is a city…but I live here…I feel safe…the police do as a good a job as they can. It would certainly be better if Christie hadn’t decided to declare war on us…and reward his rich cronies instead.

    1. ANT says:

      tHANK YOU!

  8. bruce says:

    Proof any time there’s a cut in police force expect crime rates to go up. Safety and security should never be sacrificed because of crime’s effect on neighboring businesses and property values.

  9. Scout says:

    Newark is a dump and we all know why.

  10. BOBLOM says:

    Newark has been on the down slid for the past 40 years. I lived in valesburg by the park. you can’t even walk through the park or up south orange ave. # years ago I drove through my old neighborhood. Gang bangers sitting on the stoops were the old church was with a shot gun.Every mayor show cases down town were all the money goes. The IRON BOUND section has the best places to go and have dinner if your packing. The people who live thier are proud people.They live thier and protect thier own haveing spotters look after each other.Parking 2 or 3 rows deep like valet parking just to watch out for cars not being stolen and the safty of thier familys.I love that part of town. If anyone should visit Newark go thier have a great meal.But go packing. Fixing newark can be done but were are the convicts gang bangers and hoods going to live. So. Orange,Maplewood,Nutley, how about big Tonys place.Dont think so unless they want a Bata,Bing,Bata,BANG.

  11. Larry says:

    Let me carry a gun and I will not need the police. I will be able to defend myself. But New Jersey politicians don’t trust the law abiding public. You all have no idea how to combat crime. When seconds count the police are minutes away or in this case on to another call.

  12. Bob Michaels says:

    New Jersey has more than it’s share of cities, Newark and Camden to name just two, that are one click from total chaos and total street war. Governor Christie has NO concern for the safety of families and their children in any of these cities, he could care less if people and cops die. The only thing Christie stands for is to protect the wealth of the rich.

  13. Dang says:

    less speeding tickets on the road?

  14. Tommy says:

    And in more shocking news, my 3:00 visit to the bathroom for my post lunch #2 was pushed back to 3:15 b/c of a meeting.

  15. Jon says:

    They should Drop a nuke on the city and cut their losses~

  16. Mary says:

    Well, the people should be happy now. Less cops out there to “harass” their “good kids” out on the streets.

  17. kornhole says:

    I’ll bet real estate is cheap there. Can you say Detroit?

  18. Hornet Montana says:

    When murders are up 100%, does that mean everyone is slain?

  19. SaMMy says:

    DUH !!!!!!
    Its already a pit city to begin with so are we supposed to be surprised ?
    Best thing to do is level it with all the animals in it : )
    Thank you and have a great day

  20. gen says:

    Newark is a dangerous sad place! mayor fund the police, the citizens are paying the price with their childrens lives!

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