Affluent Kings Point Plans Extensive Surveillance Network

License Readers, 44 Cameras To See Who Comes And Goes

KINGS POINT, NY (CBSNewYork) — If you visit Kings Point, big brother will be watching.

The affluent community is hoping to prevent crime by going high-tech — by setting up a sophisticated network to screen every vehicle that goes in or out of town.

Kings Point is one of the wealthiest villages on the North Shore, and residents want to keep it that way with the latest security.

“I think it’s great,” one resident told CBS 2’s John Slattery.

To protect its 3.3 square miles, Kings Point plans to install 44 cameras and license plate readers at each of the 19 points of entry. The devices will take pictures of every vehicle and license plate and compare them to data bases.

“It will alert us to suspended registrations, felonies, stolen cars, order of protection, sex offenders, things like that,” Kings Point Police Commissioner Jack Miller said.

WCBS 880 Long Island Bureau Chief Mike Xirinachs: It May Become The Most Extensive Municipal Surveillance System In The United States

A week and a half ago, CBS 2 reported on a Kings Point woman being followed into her garage and robbed of her diamond ring by two guys who haven’t been caught.

“If they came into the village again with those cameras up, they would pass three of our locations with cameras,” Miller said.

In the wake of the 9/11 terror attacks, the NYPD put in its so called “Ring of Steel” camera system in lower Manhattan, modeled after the one in London. Kings Point residents Slattery spoke with said they support the plan.

“It doesn’t bother me. I have nothing to hide,” Nancy Roth said.

“I think it’s an absolutely wonderful idea and they should,” Nahal Zelouf added.

“There’s cameras on almost every intersection now. It’s the harsh reality of today’s world,” another resident said.

Privacy advocates call the cameras “overreaching.” The New York Civil Liberties Union said it may not be illegal, but there are privacy concerns.

“Giving up our liberty and our privacy in the name of security doesn’t always make us safer,” the NYCLU’s Samantha Fredrickson said.

Like the police, resident Barbara Stein, used a recent rash of home burglaries in the village to defend the surveillance.

“I mean if it’s caught on video, you know, they’ll have a better chance of apprehending whoever is doing this,” Stein tells WCBS 880 Long Island Bureau Chief Mike Xirinachs.

Aaron Freedburg said you have to balance people’s security and their right to privacy.

“[It’s a good balance] as long as you’re respectful to the extent possible of people’s privacy and the things that enhanced security, especially in this day and age, I tend to be in favor of,” Freedburg told 1010 WINS reporter John Montone.

1010 WINS’ John Montone: Burglars Have Menaced Women And Girls

There’s no way of knowing whether the project will reduce crime. It may just send it off to other towns that are less secure.

Police said the project will cost $1 million, and will be paid for over several years. They also stressed only police will have access to surveillance information.

What do you think? Will the cameras improve safety or is it an invasion of privacy? Sound off below …


One Comment

  1. cctvcamera says:

    Monitoring systems use very large, it can assist the security camera systemand external environment for the community and the community to do on-site real-time monitoring regional dignitaries.

  2. kb says:

    why would you wear diamonds/gold, etc. outside in an environment where 7/8ths of the population are struggling to make ends meet? It’s like wearing a sign that says, “kick me.” It’s the affluential places that draws thieves in the first place, especially when gold is 1500+ an ounce. For pete’s sake, people are selling their gold teeth (that’s double ick all by itself).

  3. GozieBoy says:

    Hmmm… If I wished to enter this enclave and reek havoc, how hard woudl it be to disguise my license plate or to simply steal one for a few hours to serve as a decoy? Duh!

  4. Mallen says:

    So in other words, if you decide to visit someone or go sightseeing, the residents of that town have a right to know who you are and where you came from?

    This will get struck down in court faster than you can say “Leftist Dicatatorship”

  5. Fred says:

    this is what you get when you can’t own a hand gun in NY

  6. Big Ed says:

    What’s the real issue? A cop can sit at an intersection and run every plate seen. This is the same but more efficient.
    The factor to watch out for is as long as a person is not breaking the law and has no wants/warrants is that public streets can be driven on by the public without justifying presence or destination.

  7. Ward Ciac says:

    Thanks to Obama and the Democrats we now leave in an illegal immigrant Third World society so it must be done.

  8. flid says:

    King Point: the “8 Mile” of Long Island

  9. biffula says:

    Show me one place where cameras prevent crimes. They may help solve a crime after it’s happened, but they dont prevent anything. A criminal in a stolen car is not going to care about those cameras. He’ll be in and out and ditch the car.
    And for all you fools who think all these security cameras are a good thing and not an invasion of privacy, put your name on a list so the the govt. can come install cameras in your living room, bedrooms and bathrooms first. I mean, like you say, if you’re not doing anything wrong, what do you have to hide?

  10. Harriet Galfas says:

    I’d like to set the record straight. The community as a whole DID NOT vote for the cameras. the board of trustees did. We just found out about it last week. Big meeting tonight to discuss the matter

  11. Joe says:

    “Kings Point plans to install 44 cameras and license plate readers at each of the 19 points of entry.” — WOW! a total of 834 cameras and readers! That’s quite an investment!

  12. Michael E. Woodson says:

    We have it here in Tiburon, CA where there is only two roads in and out and we all love it.

  13. T Nails says:

    While cameras and readers are good, all a determined thief has to do is use a false license plate.

  14. Cheray Unman says:

    We have had the scanners here in Tiburon, CA and have caught many thieves ; I feel much safer . I was wary at first but it has been used to solve burglaries, and will identify stolen cars . Perhaps criminals will think twice before going to the village since the technology works well !

  15. fdsjlfk says:

    So when kids nowadays read 1984, Brave New World, and Fahrenheit 451 in school, do they just think “I don’t get it. What’s the big deal?”

    Do kids even read these books anymore in school?

    Do kids even read ANY books in school now?

  16. John Conner says:

    SkyNet has become self-aware.

  17. Ben Dover says:

    You know how you can get a microchip implanted in your dog, so you can find them if they are lost?

    We should just do this to everyone upon birth.

    Things would be much safer

  18. XPIOLT says:

    Only in Amerika and China, and N. Korea, and Cuba, and the UK..

  19. truthteller says:

    Yeah Eric, it’s those dirty corporate executives who are the problem. You know, all those people who start companies and give you a job so you can pay your rent? Yeah man, we need to get those sorry rascals. It’s all THEIR fault.

    Oh. Uh, but I thought it was all BUSH’S fault. Well that’s what all of you loberals have been saying for going on a decade now.

    So right on my man. Destroy the corporate executives. That’ll sure grow the economy and give you a good job. Atlas Shrugged is playing at a venue near you. Go see it and how everyone got better when they “GOT” all the evil corporate executives.

  20. larrythecableguy says:

    Cameras will solve the crime problem? WOW! I wish I’d have though of that. I could have made a mint. So uhhh, why don’t we just put in cameras and fire all the cops? Think of all the money we could save doing that.

  21. flange bardgeholly says:

    for total protection, i’d recommend full time guards behind 14 foot walls, then all the innocent rich would be safe.


  22. Eric P Turner says:

    id bet its more about the fact alot of thieving corporate CEOs live in theses towns and they are scared cause the truth is coming out about how big a bunch of crooks they are and they know that they’re victims will find where they live and pay them back for the crimes against the USA they have committed its only a matter of time my suggestion is they leave the country lord knows they have sent most of our jobs that way.

    1. Eric P Turner says:

      also keep in mind theses people are rich they dont have to obey the laws they get they’re own set of rules to live by much like the government and police they get a free ride in the courts hell they can steal billions and never even get questioned by the police. but for the regs, steal a loaf of bread and your doing time. wake up sheeple

  23. Soserious says:

    We need MORE welfare. If we would only give the criminals what they want, they would leave us alone. We need MORE government provided housing projects so the criminals will have a decent place to live and then they will leave us alone. We need MORE food stamps so the criminals will have something to eat and they will leave us alone. we need MORE free medical care so the criminals can stay healthy and then they will leave us alone. When we have all these poor people living in the streets, eating out of garbage cans, with no health care, what do we expect? It’s time that we had a GREAT SOCIETY movement and eliminate poverty and all of the attendant problems it brings. We need to give MORE to the underclass in America so they can breed MORE underclass and MORE crime. And as luck would have it, we have a president and a senate who are working as hard as they know how doing exactlt that. So chill out. Everything is going to be just fine.

    1. Lesslie Stromisky says:


      I agree. If these people in the gated communities were not so stuck up as to want to keep their own property and not let those “less fortunate” and those who lost “life’s lottery” have some of it, we would not have this problem. It’s all because people in Kings Point have so much and others have so little that is causing the problem. If we took what the Kings Point people have and give it to those “poor people” who need it, then everything would be okay. And I know after we reelect our president, he will complete the job he has started doing that.

  24. Fred says:

    Seems to be a lack of Gentiles living in that affluent neighborhood.

  25. Frank says:

    I see other comments have come up with similar loop holes to avoid detection. I rest my case.

  26. Frank says:

    Only speculating on the practicality of the idea not the rights issue, it is not a fool proof deterrent. In such a wealthy area were the risk warrants the reward a criminal aware of the cameras can merely steal plates from a parked car or merely come across the bay in a small boat and access many affluent water front homes. When the booty is substantial the criminal becomes quite creative.

  27. Dan says:

    Waste of money. Just remove a plate off someone’s car at the mall and then do the crime.

  28. Jeanie says:

    I think this is great. Now wives, husbands, jealous lovers, bosses, and any old spy can pay off the camera operators for access to the tapes. Somebody is going to make a fortune out of holding that information – and the stupid town is even covering the cost of the equipment! I think I’ll start angling for the consession in my city. What a racket! This is even better than the “speed cameras” at intersections since these “security” cameras also have a fabulous blackmail angle that can be worth millions. I just love it when stupid people are concerned about the “safety of others” – too dumb to ever smell a shakedown.

  29. James says:


  30. Michael de Ruyter says:

    Welcome to the United Kingdom.

    We have had cameras at all in bound roads plus main streets inside our cities for many years now.

  31. J. says:

    Great idea. I promise to never spend a penny in King’s Point. You are safe from everyone.

  32. Antonio Russo says:

    I’ll take Hunts Point over Kings Point any day of the week at least here everybody isn’t filming you and people mind their own business.

  33. Testicus says:

    what a dumb idea… trading freedoms for security renders neither. it would be better to train anyone who’s interested in the safe handling of firearms. give everyone who’s a resident of Kings whatever a GUN and i promise you will see crime drop.

  34. cyberscan says:

    This is so utterly easy to defeat. Look up the term, “pimping the camera.” All one has to do to defeat these devices is to place a photocopy of another license plate belonging to a similar car over the tags, ride into town, commit the crime, and ride out. The photocopy is removed after exiting town. The cameras will report the license plate of an upstanding out of town citizen while the burglar gets away scott free.

  35. robotsarestealingmyluggage says:

    I was about to ask the same thing. Why not build a 30 foot wall around the ENCLAVE. I wish I lived in an enclave. If I won the lottery that is the first thing I would buy an ENCLAVE, or a parrot.

  36. truthhurts says:

    Those who give up their freedom for protection deserve neither – Benjamin Franklin

  37. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

    Amazing how my FORMER home tries to treat Liberty like it’s a kind of cancer. Hurry up neoprogressives, get cameras in your bathrooms too so Big Brother can make sure everything’s ok. If controlling crime is your true concern (as opposed to creating a police state), simply do an about-face and move TOWARD freedom and AWAY from tyranny and make gun ownership mandatory. The crime rate in municipalities which have done that is ZERO.

  38. Dave says:

    You have traded freedom for security…You are guaranteed to get neither one now! Idiot liberals!

  39. Douglas Gault Jr. says:

    I guess all the nRA types that want to be armed 24/7 sleep at night with
    their weapons under the pillow,how sad ,how paranoid but of course what
    is good for the goose is good for the gander and the perp can take the weapon
    off your own body of home and use it against you, cool.
    Glad you guntypes feel safe, add laughter!

    1. DoAsISayNotAsIDo says:

      Don’t worry Douglas, when the day comes when you need it (That’s the day you realize, usually too late, that the police can’t protect you), you’ll come whining asking for favors, and/or you’ll do what most people do when they make themselves perfectly useless: Try to sue some gov’t entity cause they didn’t come fast enough for you… Let us know how the blame game works out for you. But don’t worry, chance favors the prepared, can’t say much for you though.

  40. DoAsISayNotAsIDo says:

    Hmmm, I wonder how many RICH Liberals live in this affluent community (who support this)??? It’s okay to record, run plates, create a database, without cause mind you, AND take “human inventory” when “the outsiders” come into THEIR neighborhood… But god forbid we have police “profile” in bad neighborhoods and do the same.. Oh my GOODNESS, that’s BAD and an invasion of privacy…

    So true: Can’t be a liberal and NOT be a hypocrite…

  41. D.R.Whatswrongwithme says:

    Bunch of fraidy cats ,this is a joke ,we have a rifle
    that can shoot through cinderblock a mile & 1/2 away .
    I guess knowing that we have this type of weapon the Hi Class
    residents here will be wearing bulletproof vests and headgear at home
    near an open window in the back yards etc.
    CCTV give a lot of false security but whoever is installing this stuff
    for them will have a nice Christmas with those new bucks.

  42. Vonnegan says:

    This is why New Yorkers live in New York, and Texans live in Texas. Y’all have cameras, and we have weapons; I vastly prefer the latter.

  43. Jason Burnstein says:

    These cameras will do little to prevent crime. Smart criminals use freshly stolen license plates from cars that are in storage for long term of they use rental cars and pay the rental agency big $$ to protect their privacy and not cooperate with police. That is how the James Bond Gang burglary team works, changing rental cars every day. These cameras are paper tigers, false sense of security…..

  44. justin says:

    All the more reason you need to have your vehicle registered to a New Mexico LLC.

  45. Unreconstructed Southerner says:

    I live in a gated community in the south. Our guards are deputized and armed. We have roving patrols. But we are also mostly native southerners–read Scots. We take our own safety personally and we are what yankees call
    “spontainously reactionary” when we are threatened. The safest thing for a burgler found inside our gates if for the security guys to capture them because if any of the residents here find them, the bad guys are going out feet first in a body bag and they will NEVER come back.

  46. Any White says:

    Look, these people in Kings Port have the same right to do what they are doing as Selma, Alabama had to keep out the Freedom Riders and you all know what happened when they tried to do that. I am sure Eric Holder is about to order Federal Marshalls and Army troops into Kings Port to enforce the law! If Iwere any of you, I would stay away from there for awhile until the Army takes control.

    1. Been there says:

      Half of those freedom riders that went to Selma were from Kings Port. They think it’s fine to go to other towns and cause trouble, but you can’t come to their town and do it. Nothing has changed. They are still a bunch of double standard northeastern liberal elites who think they are better than everyone else.

      1. Larry Phillips says:

        I still say it’s all BUSH’s fault. Obama said so. How can he be wrong? And his college records and birth certificate proves it!

    2. Tuesday April says:

      That is a smear on the people from KP. How do you know what they think? They are all decent people who know they are better than everyone else and have the right to tell others what to do and how to live and that you must stay away from them because they are “special.”

  47. billy says:

    honey these nice german men want to see our papers and give us a free ride on the train. lets go. america=a prison

  48. Jon Leopold says:

    People who live in places like this are so ignorant of the everday world that the more they try to surveil the more likely they are to get raped to death by people who think it’s funny.

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