Graffiti Artist Gets Meta By Adding ‘Moustache’ To Subway Posters

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Someone’s got a meta sense of humor, man.

We don’t know whodunnit, but somebody has been adding a new twist to the handlebar moustache.

moustache2 Graffiti Artist Gets Meta By Adding Moustache To Subway Posters

These "Bridesmaids" have been defaced. (credit: Jesse Zanger)

Graffiti on posters featuring women at the Houston Street and 23rd Street stations along the #1 line have been defaced with the word “moustache.”

You can see where the “moustache” has been added: right under their noses.

Whoever has been adding it uses a distinctive, stylish script, evoking the handlebar moustache. There are curls on the M and E of the graffiti.

stache Graffiti Artist Gets Meta By Adding Moustache To Subway Posters

Working with the canvas, we suppose? (credit: Jesse Zanger)

That’s not all: one tagged up poster shows a woman in profile. The graffiti artist therefore worked with his (or her) canvas, and simply wrote “stache.”

We’re not sure why this tagger has it in for women. None of the posters depicting men (an ad for “Fast Five,” for example) were marked up.

moustache1 Graffiti Artist Gets Meta By Adding Moustache To Subway Posters

Tyler Perry's Madea gets the 'Moustache' treatment. (credit: Jesse Zanger)

However, this would-be Da Vinci seems to have been flummoxed a little by Tyler Perry, who as Madea was gifted the Moustache.

We think whoever the artist is may have been inspired by Daffy Duck.

What do you think of the graffiti? Harmless humor or bad precedent? Sound off in our comments section.


One Comment

  1. Steve says:

    Old news….this has been going on for months at the 49th St. N/Q/R station

  2. KPMc says:

    Gee… what other bad behavior can we encourage by giving attention-starved morons more media exposure?

    MTV has shows about pregnant teens and brain-dead Guidos.

    I don’t even know what basic cable network glorifies totally useless selfish housewives to the point where they breech security at the White House all for a little attention.

    And CBS has chosen to do analysis on a punk with a magic marker.

    Does anyone even care anymore or have you all given up on the possibility of living in a civilized society?

    The Tiffany network… huh… William S. Paley and Edward R. Murrow are spinning in their graves!

    PS… I wouldnt doubt if Jesse Zanger or one of his friends is the criminal that did this and then tried to turn it into “news”. For shame people, for shame!

  3. KPMc says:

    This is about as newsworthy as my last fart!

    I take that back… my last fart was pretty darn impressive.

  4. voiceofreason says:


  5. jack says:

    BRAVO BRAVO! It’s little things like these moustaches that make my day! I find it even more enriching that he is drawing it on corporate advertising : )

  6. Trishe says:

    Uhmmm, slow new day….

  7. Rodin says:

    Magritte influenced. See his “This is Not a Pipe”. Even the calligraphy is right.

    Accurate rendering, beautifully done. This one’s probably a professional illustrator judging by the way “moustache” curls around the upper lip and disappears in #3, certainly knows his/her stuff.

    No Daffy here.

    Very clever. EXCELLENT!

  8. nypj says:

    not sure how this is news worthy… it is not even something NEW… i have seen that on many subway posters at various stations… i am not sure, because i do not pay extra attention to this type of sh!t but i am pretty sure that i did see men with this marking on them as well…

    i do not think that it is cool, artistic, or even newsworthy…. i think it is immature, and stupid… it is childish…

  9. 7 rider says:

    It’s probably Joel- who writes all over the Vernon and Jackson #7 Station with his black sharpie and has been doing it for years!

  10. Dirty Sanchez says:

    Hmmmm, this gives me an idea.

  11. Dave says:

    When you argue against graffiti, you’re saying that the only people who can put up messages are those who pay, advertisers. Why is their message, which also mars the landscape, privileged over that of the individual graffiti artist?

    1. Jamal says:

      Because you’re required to pay to put up ads in the Subway?
      Assuming there’s a message, beyond “Aren’t I clever?” is a stretch here.

      Also, I’m guessing you’ve never had your own property tagged without your consent, Dave.

      Yes graffiti can be art, and it has it’s place. This is just tagging with a sharpie, and whoever did it seems to have issues with women. They should find another outlet for that, like maybe therapy.

    2. KPMc says:

      It’s called private property, commie… or can i come to your house and paint any mural on your doors, windows and walls? What about feces? can i draw it in feces?

  12. Mari N. says:

    Suppose the word wasn’t “moustache”? Suppose it was something offensive? Then everyone would be up in arms. Vandalism is still vandalism be it in the sake of “art” or just destruction for destructions sake.

  13. Troy Reichman says:

    Lighten the F#$% UP NY, like THIS is the WORST thing going on in the City, sheesh!

    1. KPMc says:

      No… it’s not the worst thing going on in NYC… it’s just a part of many things indicative of the greater breakdown of civilized society. If you choose not to care that’s your prerogative but some of us still cling to a sliver of hope that good people can stand up for what is right and not be drowned out by those of you that have given up on decency and respect.

  14. TJ says:

    I think it’s pretty cool. Most people would think it is a guy who is doing this but I am not conviced, it certainly could be a women. I think it is a unique and resourceful way for someone to make apoint without hurting anybody. If was to guess, I would think the point is this. That the gap between a man and women has narrowed so much over the years that trying to tell the difference between them is very difficult. Men don’t act like men and women defibnitly do not act like women. So she/he is giving them a mustached to finish the job and make it official. That’s why I think. Good for this person fro drawing attention to the isssue. I can respect that.

    1. KPMc says:

      You think there is an ‘issue’ here? Talk about reading something into very little. The only issue here is the criminal’s total disregard for other people’s property and the lack of decency and respect of society as a whole.

      You can respect that but you don’t respect people or companies right to private property? You’re a pathetic anarchic commie.

  15. Rob says:

    Still defacing property whether a mustache, handlebars or a Rollie Fingers is drawn. Someone should draw on this person house and see if he likes it.

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