Nassau County’s High Tax Rates Expected To Rise

NEW YORK (WCBS 880)Nassau County homeowners pay the highest median property taxes in the country, and there’s no tax relief in sight.

“Nothing surprises me living in Nassau County, and even though we’re paying the highest in the country, we love to live here,” said Jericho resident Gerald. “It’s the price for good living.”

WCBS 880’s Mike Xirinachs reports

However, the price has Gino from Plainview counting his pennies. “We pay it because I guess we like living here. The education’s very good, but every month of every quarter when we pay the taxes, it hurts. I can’t wait to get off of Long Island and move to someplace else.”

The median property tax bill in Nassau is $8,478, only a few dollars higher than second-place Westchester County, according to the nonpartisan Tax Foundation.

School costs are to blame for the skyrocketing tax bills. On Long Island, education taxes are projected to rise another four percent in 2012.

“It’s going to get worse with the state budget,” Gino lamented.

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One Comment

  1. bob says:

    wake-up we are getting ripped off thanks to illegal immgrants and bad school adminstrtion

  2. taxpayer says:

    the schoo? taxes are killing us but think if all the aliens living and loving in our neighborhoods that twenty un a house and their children should have the same rightrs to go to school even if we have to hacve three jobs in the future.

  3. johhny b says:

    SOOOO RIGHT!!!! Hempstead Public School System is a perfect example. I’d say more than 40% of the kids who are in Hempstead public schools are children of illegal immigrants. My tax dollars are getting these kids a free education so that what? Their parents can work TAX FREE and then send that money back to their home country. This is bull!. I hate to say it because i really am not racist but illegal immigrants are killing this country. They are living on the backs of the american people for free.They live here for free, schooling for free, etc and all for what? so they can either send the money to their home country or just save up all their pennies and go back to their home country and retire “wealthy” once they convert their american dollars. Common! We can’t send them all home but we also can’t be paying for these millions of illegal immigrants. That’s why our taxes are through the roof.

  4. vy says:

    In this case you do not get what yuou think you are paying for.
    You think you are paying for and getting superior schools.
    Instead you are paying over 50 layers of adminstration, one set of adminstrators and clericals for every school district.
    There are over 50 school districts in Nassau, each with a Superintendant, and other adminstrators, all of which is just additional layers of non-teaching overhead which drives up school costs, without benefitting the classroom experience of students or teachers.
    Consolidate the entire county into 1 to 5 school districts, and your total cost of running the countiesschools will go down by at least 20%.
    Thenstart doing the same thing with all the littlepostage stamp sized towns and villages and the total cost of running all the other village and county services would probably also drop by 10-20%.
    Do bad most Nassau voters are scared that their kids might have to share a classroom with “those kids”.
    “Those Kids” are from another town where the kids come from families that are not as wealthy as they are, or not the same religous groups that they are, or not the from the same coutry of origin as they are, or not the same color as they are.
    If this consolidation does not happen Nassau will expire from the suffication of this administrative choak hold on the county and village finances.

  5. Josh says:

    You get what you pay for. I plan to move out of the city as soon as possible. I just don’t want to have to deal with NYC income tax, commuting costs and a wasteful Dept. of Education.

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