If you listen to the Show on a regular basis – and I know you do – then you are very familiar with the sound that usually accompanies Al “Hughes” Dukes anytime he talks on the air and no, I’m not talking about the famous “Al Hughes” drop either.  A few months back Al was trying to get a point across on the air and in his frustration uttered a rather unusual sound for any human being, even Al.  Since then, the sound has certainly stuck with him and Jerry is still astounded by it.

Craig is astounded that with the Philadelphia Phillies heralded pitching staff. They will send a little known, 23 year-old right hander named Vance Worley to the mound tonight against the Mets.  Apparently the late Harry Caray was tight with Worley’s father, at least that is what Craigie would lead you to believe.

As for the Yankees, WCBS radio analyst Suzyn Waldman forgot all about Joe Girardi’s 300th career win with the Yankees, but luckily her radio partner John Sterling did not.  While talking about the oversight by Waldman, Craig had a little fun at both her’s and Sterling’s expense…

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