Will Smith, ‘Men In Black’ Cast Shooting In NYC Friday

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — If you think you see Will Smith running around SoHo chasing aliens, don’t worry, no one slipped anything into your coffee.

‘Men in Black III’ is currently in production and shooting all week in New York City, according to On Location Vacations, a Web site devoted to celebrity sightings.

The new MIB will star alien fighting veterans Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith, but some new blood will be added to the mix in the form of Josh Brolin, Emma Thompson, and Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger.

Following suit with digitally enhanced movie trends, Agents J & K will be fighting intergalactic bad guys in 3-D this go-around.  If 2012 is too long to wait around you may be able to get a quick glimpse of the film’s stars today,  catch theme shooting in the area of Greene Street and Broome.

  • Carlos Liriano

    Steve, you are a moron

    • Woohoo

      NO Steve is not a moron…he’s a MARTIAN!!!! Get him J & K….and Agents L M N O & P

  • Steve

    Oh great. More hollywood goofballs to block traffic, and stop you from walking where you need to go.
    Yeah, the city gets a big fee from them, but gridlock is already bad enough here. I wish they’d film somewhere else.

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