New Schools Chancellor Pulled Over By NYPD

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP)— Two New York City police officers ran into some unexpected trouble when they pulled over a vehicle carrying one of the city’s more powerful officials, schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott.

Walcott was a few blocks from his Queens home just before midnight Thursday when his city-owned vehicle was pulled over by plain-clothed officers in an anti-crime unit. Walcott was a passenger.

The chancellor’s spokeswoman, Natalie Ravitz, said the driver hadn’t done anything wrong, and Walcott spoke up.

“When Chancellor Walcott asked the officers to please tell him why they had been pulled over, the officer responded that they had failed to use a turn signal,” she told the New York Post. “Chancellor Walcott told the officers that this was incorrect as he heard the turn signal.”

After Walcott identified himself, the officers ran a license check and let the vehicle go without writing a ticket.

“There was no traffic violation, and at no time did Chancellor Walcott ask that any ticket be waived,” Ravitz told The AP in an email. She said Walcott asked one officer for her badge number, but neither she nor the other officer identified themselves.

The Post said Walcott later complained to the police commissioner.

A department spokesman, Sgt. Carlos Nieves, said the internal affairs bureau is reviewing the incident.

Like other police departments, the NYPD has been criticized over the years by black motorists who have complained about being stopped for minor or nonexistent violations. In 2008, a white officer was disciplined by the department after he unknowingly confronted a black motorist parked on the street who turned out to be a high-ranking NYPD commander.

Walcott, a former deputy mayor who worked with the police department in the 1990s on improving community relations, is black.

Asked whether Walcott believed race was a factor, Ravitz declined to comment. She also declined to disclose the driver’s name, saying he had done nothing wrong.

“NYC has the best police force in the world, and Chancellor Walcott has a long history of working with the NYPD and respects that the police were there to protect the neighborhood,” she said.

Walcott took over after former chancellor Cathie Black resigned on April 7.

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One Comment

  1. Truth says:

    The man is in charge of public schools. Why does he get a car and driver using our tax dollars?

  2. David Goldstein says:

    Why do Blacks always claim racial profiling whenever they are stopped by the police for something illegal they did?

    1. omar says:

      Your question is the answer in itself david, your community gets the benefit of doubt that you are conducting some type of legal business because of you skin pigment, driving at a late hour/luxury vehicle and you and I know very well the best criminals are white. My community is targeted by mostly white cops that don’t even have a friend they grew up with of color, hence they only learn about my community through T.V. or trash newspapersor even worse GOSSIP. But this is something that will go on for the rest of time until it is corrected by a higher power.

    2. william says:

      Your name says it all.

    3. bee says:

      Mr. Goldstein

      You are really ridiculous, you racist pig….

    4. Black says:

      David, Can you read and understand ENGLISH? The Chancellor himself said, that he heard the turn signal. Let me explain to you what that means. “He did nothing wrong”. He was pulled over because of his color. As you are Jewish, you do not have to deal with this blatant racism. I am a black educated professional. However, I deal with it every day. We are not claiming racial profiling. It is racial profiling as he did nothing wrong. Please, read, understand, and then respond accordingly to what is written.

      1. Stephannie says:

        First of all, the only people who truly know what happened are the officers, the driver, and Walcott. Walcott’s car was pulled over because they were driving somewhat erratically–attempting to turn, changing direction suddenly, and without the turn signal. The police officers are SUPPOSED to pull you over in a case like this. It’s happened to everybody…black, white, or purple. This cry-out over race is unacceptable and unfair to the police. Race is NOT ALWAYS involved when a white officer pulls over a black motorist. This race conversation is divisive and unwarranted.

  3. Ticket says:

    If the chancellor was not in a position of power those cops would have given him a ticket even if the driver was innocent. Which he probuably was. Cops are just a discrace. they really are.

  4. btsmyrna says:

    Chief David Scott pulled over in 1990’s by White officers they say License and Reg. there Homie well Homie don’t play that next Hispanic Inspector Gets pulled over and they say License and Reg. there Chico that is Inspector Chico to u next Chief Ziegler gives pulled over by Queens cops and even with his shield and ID they still gave him a hard time. want more how about Desmond Robinson shoot while on duty by off duty white officer. and the worst Officer Edwards shot dead by white officer while chasing a perp

  5. Omar says:

    How about you jump in front of a bus and remove your racist ass from the gene pool before you infect us all with your buffonery.

  6. bob says:

    HE was stop because his turn was not working, although he claims he heard the clicking sound , the bulb could have been burnt out the police were doing there job If it was another person A summons for a malfuction turn signal could have been issused they did him a favor. Why go the the police commissioer with this. A working man white or black would have to pay.

    1. Tim says:

      you are so ignorant it not funny.p*ssies like you allow this crazy s*it to continue. they constantly pull you over. they “say” you did not use your directional, but they lie. Its idiots like you that turned New York into a Police state… go back to Kansas.

  7. EricG says:

    Internal Affairs only inverstigate because he was a high ranking city official. If that were me. Forgett about it.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. riri says:

    He heard the turn turn signal I say BS.
    He used his do you know who I am card to get out of a ticket.
    What was he doing useing his city car on off time, abuse of power and we are paying for the gas.
    Why did he go to the news with this story.
    I hope him going to the news comes back and bites him in the ass for using a city owned work car on off time.

    None of us were there, we don’t really know.

    To all you fools out there, next time you need 911 I hope you phone goes dead.

    1. just saying says:

      even more important why was someone else driving his city car? it says in the article that he was the passenger in his city car….

  9. INJUN93 says:


    1. Omar says:

      That’s because you’re not very intelligent.

  10. america thec way it oughtta be says:

    Maybe if Walcott didn;t stinks so bad, they would have lefthis Kenyan ass alone/

  11. bob says:

    it was near the end of the month QUOTA

    1. Trishe says:


      1. You is a racist says:

        Yeah, I agree. The end of the month quota of RACE CARDS wasn’t filled yet. osama’s birth certificate, sharpton’s whatever, and now walcott’s incident that he didn’t even get a ticket. RACE CARD QUOTA.

  12. MIKE says:


    1. Tim says:

      I and about a million other New Yorkers agree with you.

  13. Rod in says:

    These pigs pulled over the wrong black man to shake down.

  14. bernardo lacosta says:

    what type of education was he giving at that time of day in a city owned car

    1. Rod in says:

      He was going to meet his s/him. s/he. prostitute.

  15. lulu says:

    power wears out those who don’t have it!

  16. mark says:

    Plainclothes cops have no business pulling people over for trivial traffic violations. Asking for trouble, and way way unfair to those pulled over, to have to decide if the cops are real cops. Maybe NYC has way way too many cops if they have time for this kind of baloney.

  17. cxb says:


    Power CORRUPTS.


  18. CXB says:

    FUN FACT the media covered up: Giuliani, like his pal Bloomberg, had ONE token black on staff, a moron named Rudy Washington. TWICE, Washington was pulled over by the NYPD and treated like garbage, despite breaking no laws. (He was black in an expensive SUV you and I bought him!) Even his wife was reduced to tears by the KKKOPS. GIULIANI’S SOLUTION WHEN HE FOUND OUT? “We gotta get a good laminate for Washington to show cops every time he’s pulled over for DWB in the future”! THE ENTIRE PRESS SAID THAT WAS NOT WORTH REPORTING. They cover everything up for you people. Even this story is nowhere else but here!

  19. rick says:

    mimi stop making excuses for the cops, he was stop because the color of the skin and nothing else. they stop the wrong car, and refuse to identify themselfs.maybe you also hate to see colored people on power. I am not black but was right is right. they just don’t have anything better to do. they see a black man in a car and right away they judge you right away. so mimi stopped.

  20. Anthony Fontana says:

    maybe the cop was Donald Trump!

  21. Mimi says:

    The cops were nice to him and gave him a free pass. Then, he goes and makes a federal case out of it by saying that they didn’t identify themselves.

    If they had given him the ticket, there would have been no need for them to identify themselves as it would have been on the ticket.

    There are more serious things for you to spend your time on Walcott.

    1. dha says:

      fyi cops are supposed to identify themselves and show there badges at all times mimi

  22. kak says:

    Gee big surprise here! this is why nobody respects cops except other cops, and their family.

  23. NP says:


  24. r. johnson says:

    D.W.B. Driving While Black..need i say more?

  25. kendra says:

    that is why no1 respcts the cops now cause they have this idea where they think they are above the law when they have know idea that they are under the law …cause god is the only 1 that can judge you but all in all i hope and pray that they get in trouble cause i am tired of them ….and we only have 1 god…not 2.

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