NJ Teacher Arrested For ‘Sexual Conduct’ With Teen

HACKENSACK, N.J. (AP) — Authorities in northern New Jersey say a substitute teacher had a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old boy who attended the school where she often taught.

Twenty-four-year-old Patricia Gallegos of Rutherford faces child endangerment charges.

Bergen County prosecutors say Gallegos had engaged in sexual conduct with the boy on several occasions since last month. But none of the incidents occurred at the Robert L. Craig School in Moonachie, where Gallegos was a substitute for about a year.

School administrators notified authorities upon learning of the allegations on Thursday, and Gallegos was arrested Friday. She was then fired.

Bail was set at $20,000, but it wasn’t clear whether Gallegos remained in custody Saturday. A telephone number for her could not be located, and it wasn’t known if she had retained a lawyer.

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  • Sean

    I just hope she is tried and convicted (if found guilty) in the same way a male teacher would be, if he was charged for statutory rape. There’s no difference here. And no, it absolutely doesn’t matter if the kid wanted it or not. He’s not at the age of consent.

  • James

    Guys often say where were these teachers when I was a kid. They were there but you were too immature to see it. They say hindsight is 20/20.
    I had a teacher who used to flirt with me when I was 15 I just did’nt realize it until later on. I would’ve hit it myself.

  • Mike

    American women are “oppressed,” don’tcha know?



  • Nick

    No so lucky. Have you seen her????

  • Wish i was him

    He is a lucky kid…..

  • HCCP

    teachers are generally immature and childlike in nature. I went to a university that specialized in education and back then, I couldn’t imagine a single women or man trying to get a degree being any kind of teacher. When your kids come home saying ‘MY TEACHER IS A IDIOT”, they are telling the truth.

    • AFD

      With your gross generalization, it’s hard to imagine you went to college at all.

    • a teacher

      yep! you are living proof

      • Nick

        No I’m not. You are.
        (Thanks for proving his point.)

  • SAL


  • vinnie

    Based on what I have read, it seems majority of teachers having sex with minors are women. I guess these women are not having their sexual needs satisfied at home with hubby or boy friend so they are looking for other guys.

    • Herbie Original Situation Raskin

      “other guys” as opposed to “other children”???

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