Boomer & Craig have not hidden the fact that they have all sorts of love for Tigers third baseman Brandon Inge, so when Jerry “Rello” Recco began his first update of the show with a play-by-play cut from John Sterling that shed Inge in a less-than-flattering light, the “Dynamic Radio Duo” took exception.

Despite Jerry’s attempt to explain why he played the cut, he was ignored and instructed to destroy the tape, while Craig declared Inge the AL MVP.

Eventually, Jerry filled us in on the rest of the details from the Yanks’ 5-3 win in the “Motor City.” Then he offered a preview of tonight’s Giants-Mets game and Craig invited Al “Hughes” Dukes to accompany him at Citi Field tonight, but was turned down by the 41-year-old eligible bachelor, who explained he would rather watch the game alone at his apartment in “the Ridge”…

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