JERSEY CITY, NJ (1010 WINS) – Entomologists from Rutgers University are moving in to a Jersey City housing project infested with bedbugs to battle the pesky blood-suckers.

Professor Changlu Wang is heading the expedition with a $100,000 federal grant from the Environmental Protection Agency.

The mission is to kill the bedbugs and teach residents how to spot and control the insects.

“Some people don’t care much about it, some people don’t even report it for fear of eviction,” said Wang, allowing the creepy crawlies to multiply and fester.

1010 WINS’ Steve Sandberg reports

And unlike cockroaches that scurry and scatter when you turn on a light, bedbugs will come after you.

“Once you get close, they become active because they sense a host,” explained Wang.

Wang says simply washing your clothes and sheets and removing clutter can help keep bedbugs at bay.

He and a graduate student will be living in the housing project. The goal is to create a national model for controlling bedbugs.

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