Gov. Christie Vows To Fight $271M Trans-Hudson Tunnel Bill In Court

MANALAPAN, N.J. (CBSNewYork/AP)New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie says the state will go to court to fight a finding it must repay the federal government the entire $271 million it spent on early design and construction work for a now-scrapped New Jersey-New York train tunnel.

trans hudson Gov. Christie Vows To Fight $271M Trans Hudson Tunnel Bill In Court

Artist rendering of trans-Hudson tunnel platform extension at Penn Station. (Credit: NJ Transit & Port Authority)

The Record newspaper reports Christie announced his intentions Tuesday during a town hall meeting in Manalapan.

The Republican governor didn’t provide more details on his plans.

His office declined further comment.

Christie abandoned the project last fall, citing escalating costs. He noted potential overruns of $2 billion to $5 billion, which he said the state couldn’t afford.

Federal transportation officials said New Jersey only got the federal funds because it committed to finishing the project, known as ARC, for Access to the Region’s Core.

Did Gov. Christie do the right thing when he scrapped the project? Leave a comment below…

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One Comment

  1. Seymore says:

    Hey we forgot that Christie is a “do as I say not as I do” governor.
    Christie, its call stealing…end of sentence…using tax payers money to fight a unjust cause is also stealing….get the point!!!!!!!!

  2. Tony says:

    3 river crossings for cars & trucks (GW, Lincoln & Holland) to reach the most important city in the world? Tiny Hong Kong opened its 1st harbor tunnel in 1972 (gov’t-owned); 2nd in 1989 (private); 3rd in 1997 (private); lengths of 1.8 to 2.2 km. Also separate train/subway (like Path, Amtrak) and ferry crossings. Some lesson here?

  3. M.A.D says:

    The Gov needs to give the money back period. Also, if he is wacthing the budget then he should not spent tax payers money in court.

  4. David says:

    Like the rich child that Gov Chris is. He did not wanted to play by the rules. He complains about Federal Buget but want them to pay him what he walked away from.

    1. Jeffrey Orr says:

      I have a crazy idea–why dont we save money for a project then when we have enough we do the job. YEA YEA

  5. Micha says:

    I understand why the Feds want their money back. But is it just me, or do they have nerve to cry about this when we are sending BILLIONS of dollars to countries all over the world. Why don’t they send Pakistan, Israel and every other country we support a bill?

  6. JohnK says:

    -Incomplete plans based on shoddy feasibility studies – outsource feasibility studies and make the firms responsible for overruns if their studies are at fault
    -Contractors that know they can bid low, at a loss, on a government job and then make money ten-fold on changes. Ask Ford or GM, they did away with this bad habit their suppliers had! Cost for changes are scrutinized even more than the original bid price.
    -And the root-cause of it all: politicians who enamored with a project and move forward regardless of the future consequences to taxpayers.
    You go, Gov. Christie, hold their feet to the fire and stick to fiscal responsibility. My children and their children will thank you.

    1. Michael H. says:

      None of that excuses NJ from their obligation to pay back the Federal government.

      I’m sorry, were you trying to make a point?

  7. iggy says:

    you petition the gov’t for funds, the gov’t debates the merits and funds your project and you cancel said project, the gov’t gets it’s money back and tells you not to ask to the MTA when it wanted to cancel the franklin ave shuttle renovation and tried to use the funds for something else. i love it.

  8. AnnonUSA says:

    But He can give the new Xanadu developers 200 million in Tax breaks.

    Christie is a political Bum, like all those before him.

  9. Dale Auburn says:

    NJ specifically agreed to the build-it-or-pay-it-back provision as a condition of funding for project. Surely a former prosecutor like Christie should understand that rules are rules.

  10. Josh says:

    First he kills the project and the thousands of jobs that went along with it. Then he doesn’t want to give the money back and will now waste NJ tax dollars on a lawsuit which is certain to fail. The best part is that Christie is an attorney! Talk about frivilous lawsuits and the need for tort reform. How completely pathetic.

  11. James Curran says:

    I do not know if Governor Christie was right or not,that has to be left to his decision.However if one commits to a project such as this and receives payment and then reneges on that commitment the cash must be returned.It may not be much money in the scheme of the budget however ethically he must do the right thing.The money does not belong to his state.

  12. Ron says:

    The money was given to build a tunnel so Gov. Christie can’t just decided to spend the money some place else so YES he has to repay the entire $271 million.

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