NEW YORK (WCBS 880) – You know what your GPS device is telling you, but do you know how the company is using that information?

WCBS 880’s Peter Haskell With Consumer Reports’ Jeff Bartlett

TomTom had admitted that it provided data to police in the Netherlands.

Jeff Bartlett of Consumer Reports says, “The police are using the information not only to determine traffic flows, but reportedly, they’re also using it to set up speed traps.”

After being caught, the company apologized and said individual privacy was never jeopardized. They also say this was not done in the United States.

Bartlett suggests being away of all privacy policies.

“Certainly, when you sign up for a new service, be mindful of what you are electing to authorize as well as things that may be a default standard,” says Bartlett.

Though, you are already being watched in several places in the Tri-State Area and might not know it.

There are red light cameras in operation in New York City and Newark and other communities are considering them.

New York City is also considering the use of speed cameras.

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