Mets’ Jose Reyes: You Talk Trade, I’ll Keep Playing

NEW YORK (WFAN/AP) — As far as Mets shortstop Jose Reyes is concerned, media and fans alike can keep going with the trade speculation. He’ll just show up to work and do his thing.

“I don’t care if you people talk about that a lot, but I’m still gonna concentrate on playing my game,” Reyes said before yesterday’s 2-0 loss to the Giants.

Reyes went 0-for-4 on Wednesday. He grounded out leading off in the first to snap a streak of reaching in seven straight plate appearances.

Talk about a Reyes trade surfaced from Citi Field’s visiting dugout this week. According to multiple reports, the Giants have had internal discussions about dealing for the Mets’ shortstop, though a San Francisco source told WFAN’s Jon Heyman there’s “nothing to it.”

“I don’t know about that,” said Reyes. “I’m still a New York Met. Whatever happens, happens.

“I just want to play baseball. Right now I’m still with this team so I’m going to continue to play and continue to do my job and give 100 percent every single day. The only thing I can control right now is playing baseball, do what I do on the field.”

Reyes is in the final year of his contract and many believe the speedy leadoff man will be playing elsewhere in 2012.

“I don’t think about that kind of stuff, the rumors,” said Reyes. “I just want to continue to play better because I know I still have something to prove, stay healthy on the field and play all season. The other stuff, I can’t control that.’’

Where will Reyes be playing next season? Make your prediction in the comments below…

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  1. Avi says:

    Listen up all you naysayers. Just like the guy who commented to find how many 3B have better stats than Wright. Not many. Same for Reyes. The Mets are not an awful team. They have some really good players. It is only May and they are not that far out to count them out. Having Santana back will certainly help. Besides his being a stud pitcher, it moves all the other pitchers down into the rotation with less pressure. For all of you who say trade Reyes for some stud prospects, what team is going to do that when he is unsigned past this year. Yes, they could be given a window to negotiate but I figure Reyes would prefer to just stick it out for the rest of the season. Besides, what are the odds any prospect will end up being even nearly as good as Reyes. Mets, wake up, negotiate with him now. He sounds like he wants to stay. You could have a great player homegrown in your organization and being with your team his whole career. Look at the dollars: without Reyes there is no chance you will compete. His presence alone wil more than pay his salary. Fans will not buy expensive tickets and then buy even more expensive concession products. You will lose even more money than you are losing now. I have been a season ticketholder for many many years and a fan since the beginning in 1962. I have stuck with this team through thick and thin but if they don’t make a good-faith effort to sign Reyes I just might cancel after this year.

  2. Rob G says:

    Considering the $ reality, I totally wouldn’t mind trading strikeout Wright, move Murphy to his only realistic position, 3B, let Beltran go, trade head case Pelfrey, but KEEP REYES. They let this superstar barely in his prime go, the player to build around, and they’re saying “we give up, fans, we’re going to stink for a long time” I believe Reyes would sign a long term deal, maybe starting at $13-$14M and escalating from there, and the sports media are sadly resigned to him being gone in July, without a whimper, let alone outrage!

    There must be a public campaign for Wilpon to keep Reyes and sell the rest of the team before it’s too late and let this great player’s departure become even worse than that of Tom Seaver, which I well remember!

    P.S. I tried to write Mr. Alderson. Do you know how to contact this guy?

  3. Tony Edwards says:

    If the mets are going to trade Reyes to the Giants, I hope they consider getting back Madison Bumgarner and Darren Ford. Bumgarner would add to our rotation, and Ford would replace the speed we’d lose plus improves our outfield defense.

  4. Grove Peate says:

    He’s as gone as a Lance Armstrong ball.

  5. Avi says:

    No matter what, the Mets are going to have some high-priced players. They can compete with this team with a few adjustments so why start over from scratch. They are freeing up a lot of payroll after this year so why give some to a high-priced free agent when so many of them never work out well for the Mets. Keep Reyes as part of a potentially great infield. He does so many things, is exciting and just coming into his prime. I am a season ticket holder and have been through thick and thin but if they just dump him, I may just drop out altogether.

    1. Ha, Ha, Ha says:

      Avi, Clare, Jonny, have you notice the Mets are in last place, if they make any more adjustments they’ll be playing girls’ softball. Mets fans need to come to reality and except the fact that the Mets are just not that good.

      Reyes has been with the Mets for 9 seasons now, when the Mets had a chance to win Reyes failed. He’s good from April to June and dies after. Look at the stats of September ’07 & ’08, like the team, he choked

      1. METS62FAN says:

        Last Laugher, certainly this team complete with it’s lackluster pitching staff that defines Pe;grey as a #1 is in last place; is this September already? No, it’s May. for 7 seasons the Mets have awaited Reyes to reacxh his socalled potential, it’s counter intuitive to wait that long & deal him on the cusp of his PRIME production years ages 28-31, by most expert accounts.
        Choked? hace u ever noticed that leahue leading basestealers are typically outfield large,thick body types not lean thoroughbred skills position players like SS.
        To a truly open minded Met fan, Reyes is a unique combination of talents which I deem qualifies him as the “MOST ESSENTIAL MET IN MET HISTORY” and I’ve been a fan since ’62 as a Brooklyn Dodger fan convert. Personally, I can make a greater case for trading santana & his remaining 72.5M contract minimum over next 2 seasons. Wright is certainly an excellent player; but one withy talents rather easily replicated by Ryan Zimmerman, Placido Polanco & Pablo Sandoval. Who is out there that replicates Reyes’ skillset? #1 SP exist on nearly every contending team. Santana @ age 29 with one of the more offensive lineupos Flushing will see for some time was limited to a 16-7 record, his best as a Met. now 3 yrs older & 3 surgeries later that proficiency is unlikely to improve with a reduced offensively capable roster.
        Poor run support is a journeyman’s excuse, and a true Ace’s lot in life as they’re most often opposed by peer Aces akin to Johnson,Halladay,Straussberg,Hudson none of whom are an easy endeavor Re, scoring by any offense. Santana’s inability to hold meager leads is nerve ravking as are those scrambling to excuse his lackluster efforts, even miserable Steve Trachsel carried multiple 1 hitters during his tenure, Santana? none to date before surgery #1 unlikely post surgery #3
        Losing Reyes without making a an honest best effort attempt at retaining him would be a disastrous outcome. Most likely this team is at least 2-3 yrs from morphing from a Minaya team to an Alderson team, by then santana’s deal expires as does Wright & Reyes. I contend that during thet ensuing periosd of the 3 Santana, Reyes & Wright, Reyes is certainly the more likely contibutor & alongside Wright should be kept as cornerstones for the new roster to be supported by.

      2. Russ says:

        I agree with Reyes they are still sub .500, trade him for some minor league studs and next year if the Wilpons haven’t lost all their$ try to resign him as a free agent. Those who want to trade Wright take a look at his numbers and find me a 3rd baseman out there that can replace him, please don’t say Murphy or Turner let’s be real.

  6. Clare Kiernan Lafferty says:

    Don’t trade Reyes – the Mets have to find a way to keep him. He makes the club go and is a tremendous talent

  7. jonny says:

    Trade Wright or Beltran before Reyes. The guy is a game changer and a homegrown talent. What will they really get in return? Prospects? What if Reyes goes to another team and helps them dominate and the “prospects” never do anything for the team. I’ve seen that happen way to many times as a Mets fan. Wilpons please sell the team to someone who loves baseball and wants to win!!!!

    1. Tommy says:

      Wilpons must sell the team to someone with a lot of money.

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