R Line Rated Dirtiest Subway By Straphangers Campaign

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – New York can be a dirty place, but when it comes to the subway, a recently released study shows cars on the R line are the dirtiest.

The survey, conducted by the Straphangers Campaign, showed that subway car cleanliness overall has declined since 2009.

This year, the R line’s rating was the worst with only 27 percent of its cars deemed “clean”. That’s down from 39 percent two years ago.

While five of the subway lines got worse, one did improve while 14 others stayed about the same.

So what line is the cleanest? The 7 according to the study, with 68 percent of its cars rated clean.

The study took place over a two month period when over 2,000 observations of the subways are made.

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  1. KPMc says:

    It’s easy to point fingers at the MTA for not cleaning the cars. Few have the balls to point the finger at their fellow riders who are nothing more than animals, leaving their garbage wherever they please.

    This city has become too timid… too afraid some EDP is going to stab them and consequentially no one stands up and says “enough, take your garbage with you, trash!

    This city needs to collectively return to a time when we policed ourselves and each other and looked out for one another at the same time.

    But that won’t happen as selfishness and stupidity seem to be the norm.

    If you see something, say something isn’t just for package bombs. It’s your city people…. if you’re not willing to fight for it do you really expect the city and government agencies to do it for you?

    1. Michael says:

      “This city needs to collectively return to a time when we policed ourselves and each other and looked out for one another at the same time.”

      @KPMc, wow someone is a dreamer. I’ve lived in this city for over 40 years and I do not remember this time where we policed ourselves and each other. In fact I remember it begin way worse then it is now. Do you really think a transit system that takes care of millions of people an hour is going to keep tidy? I’d love to live what ever planet you are on.

  2. Michael says:

    Yep, 7 is definitely the cleanest, although the 456 isn’t bad considering how crowded it is.

  3. kendra says:

    it surly is i don,t feel that we should pay more for the subways cause they are trying there dardest to keep them dirty as long as possible and its a disgrace to the humam races that we have to sit and watch rats crawl all over us.

  4. Eduardo Rey says:

    They must have forgotten to check the A and C trains.

  5. BIRD says:

    oops stations

  6. BIRD says:


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