With Boomer taking a couple days off, Craig made a call to his old friend Chris Christie and asked the New Jersey Governor to sit in today for the Blonde Bomber — and Christie obliged.  So to open up today’s radio Program, we got to know Gov. Christie a little better outside of politics.

Craig and Christie have been friends for a very long time, long before he was elected Governor of Jersey, and we were all pleased he agreed to be part of the “Morning Extravaganza” in the Booms’ absence.  We learned that despite his father being a die-hard Cardinals fan, Christie has been a Mets fan his entire life — and he had a few things to get off his chest regarding those “Not So Amazin’s.”

Craig, the Mets fan, did his best to explain to his pal Christie how, when Labor Day rolls around (sometimes earlier), he opens up his controversial  “Mets Fans for Yankees Church.”  It’s safe to say the governor will not be attending any of Craig’s sermons any time soon.

All in all it was a very exciting to have the sitting Governor of New Jersey in the Allstate Studio this morning talking sports along with Craigie

LISTEN: Carton & Christie – NJ Gov. Chris Christie Sits in for Boomer (5/6)

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