MLB Goes To Bat Against Breast Cancer

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — Major League Baseball is teaming up with the Susan G. Komen Foundation for the Cure to go to Bat Against Breast Cancer.

Linda Lacugna, the honorary bat girl for the Mets, Dayna Varano, the honorary bat girl for the Yankees, and Kate Gibson, of the MLB, join CBS 2’s Otis Livingston to talk about battling the deadly cancer.

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  • Cavelli

    Yankees Bat Girl, I know I know her from somewhere. I think she is one of those reality tv people. Dayum !!

  • anthony

    omg in love w/yanks batgirl

  • Jack

    Congrats to these beautiful women. Linda, to be out there in public eye during the hardest times of your life is extremely inspiring. Dayna, to be out of treatment for a few years now and still fighting for awareness and a cure reminds us all that, even after treatment, the battle continues. May God bless you both, as well as everyone surviving this disease, and not to forget those who have lost their battle.

  • glovdsolo

    omg so funny when i first watched this i thought yanks b.g. was the news chick. i will help her with any charity she does. i’d cut her lawn if she would let me.

  • kev11

    duz any1 know how to followup w/yankee girl or how to contact her?

  • Susana

    Dayna, you raise my spirt up!
    You keep inspiring women for fighting and better spreading awareness against cancer to all of us.
    Good for you and Linda!

  • Cbcb58

    Batgirl, you just made me a Yankee fan

  • lena256

    To see these two beautiful women working hard to spread awareness for breast cancer is a brave and admirable thing to do. However, commentary regarding one’s looks seems somewhat off topic, don’t you think?

  • rigid11

    dude, omg i know

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