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NYC Gearing Up For New Nissan Taxi Fleet

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) – As New York City preps to take on its new taxis, the Taxi and Limousine Commission is welcoming its new partner in Nissan.

LISTEN: WCBS 880’s Rich Lamb reports

Taxi and Limousine Commissioner David Yassky said the company is doing something else that could be a long term game changer.

“Nissan is the only manufacturer we looked at that is not just willing to but is committed to an electric vehicle future, and starting at the very beginning of 2012 we’ll have on the road six electric vehicles as taxis,” he said.

Nissan will be making the city’s new taxi. In 2013, New Yorkers will start seeing the new fleet of 25-mile-per-gallon, $29,000 Nissan minivans with sliding doors and see through roofs.

Nissan is donating a half dozen 100 percent electric vehicles for the pilot program, which will begin next year.

A full charge, though, takes 20 hours using regular house current and seven hours if using 220.

Yassky said that won’t deter the business owners from taking on the new taxis.

“These folks here who run these businesses-they know it’s an open question whether we can marry the technology of electric vehicle to the very particular business plans of taxis, which often involve 24/7 service.”

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One Comment

  1. Nissan Owner says:

    Glad to see an American Manufacturer win the bid! Nissan USA! Most Nissans have been built in the US since 1983 by Americans! I know the folks in USA that designed and built these will be proud. I assume they will be built in MS were the Quest was built.

    Way to go Nissan!!!

  2. reader says:

    REMINDER… IN CASE YOU FORGOT… Immediately after 9/11, GM donated $40 million to rescue and recovery efforts, and Ford donated $30 million. Nissan, Honda, and Toyota?… zero

  3. Paul Scott says:

    Nissan is committed to going electric with all of their vehicles over time. The van discussed here will ultimately be designed as an EV. It is better to buy a foreign made vehicle that runs on domestic energy than a domestic made vehicle that runs on foreign oil. The best solution is to buy an American made vehicle that runs on domestic renewable electricity. That’s the goal. Nissan operates the largest car assembly plant in the U.S. outside of Nashville. Nissan is building one of the largest LiIon battery manufacturing plants in the country outside of their Smyrna, TN plant to supply their wildly popular LEAF EV. I assume this van could be built there in the future and utilize the powerful electric power train found in the LEAF thereby becoming the first American made taxi using 100% American made electrons for its motive power.

  4. Jose X says:

    Support the US auto makers, tell Nissan to take a hike.

    1. Frank says:

      Too late, they have already selected Nissan as their supplier for the “taxi of the future”.

  5. dc says:

    All I care is it is comfortable passanger ride. Can’t stand hybred taxis, I want to throw up after 10 minutes ride, $15 poorer.

  6. Unkle Bunkle says:

    Is Grumman out of business?
    Taxis sre nothing more than transport modules, build them as such.
    put in diesel or dual fuel iron dukes and run them a 1/2 million miles.

  7. mg says:

    If it’s a 25-mile-per-gallon Nissan minivan, how can it also be a Nissan 100 percent electric vehicle? Gallons of what?

    1. Aceof Spades says:

      They are purchasing the mini vans which runs on gas but it is 25 miles per gallon. The reason they choose Nissan is because they are the only company that are promising a 100% electric car future. Part of the deal is that Nissan is going to donate 6 full electric cars to the taxi business so they can try it out and see if this is where the taxi company wants to go.

  8. Wolf says:

    This is why Americans are out of work. Municipalties and goverment keep buying cars and products overseas. BUY AMERICAN. Bring back the factories. Put AMERICANS back to work.

  9. dave says:

    Foreign cabs in NYC……….Real clASSy……bloomberg!

  10. Frank says:

    At least 50 percent of the cars now are fords on NYC streets. Less the 10% is Nissan. Seriously Nissan is the better choice for Taxi? If he wants to go green maybe hydrogen electric hybrid would be a better choice?

  11. john says:

    I’m not opposed to Buy American polices but in such a large and expensive purchase that not will only cost a great deal of money but a taxi that represents a part of NYC and needs to be safe/reliable than the taxi should be chosen by it’s merits not where it’s built. Ford was really lazy in their proposal, all they offered to was to slightly modified an already outdated design of one of their work-vans.
    Nissan’s cab I think had better features, the moonroof(which is just cool) and was better overall than the Ford. However I think by far the best proposal was the taxicab produced by a Turkey company. For one it was the only model that was originally researched & developed as a Tax. It has an interesting innovative design that allows all the occupants to face each other in a roomy space and most importantly it was handicapped accessible. In normal cities it may be easier to refit taxis but in a city with over 7 MILLION people it should be standard. It’s sad that hundreds of thousands of wheel-chair bound new yorkers are still going to be largely left out normal transportation in a city like New York.
    That’s my 2 cents.

  12. Nima says:

    I am sure if it was Japan, they werenot buying GM or Ford. Are you Patriot or ….? Why did you become mayor

  13. Nima says:

    Why not anamerican car? It is shame.

  14. Josh says:

    It’s amazing that our green and sustainable Mayor and his boy Yassky haven’t partnered with Better Place. They are creating charging networks in Israel, Denmark and Hawaii. Instead of charging overnight, you just swap the battery out at a station in 5 mins. Battery life is about 100 miles. Pretty innovative, right?!?! Well, not NYC. Owners are being forced to buy old-tech minivans and then retrofit them down the line as electrics. That’s not captialism and we are passing on a great opportunity to do something innovative.

  15. Jack says:

    I’m a veteran, and proud to be an American. I don’t consider to myself to be a flag waving conservative, and I work for a company that operates worldwide, BUT … I have to agree with NRG. The U.S. government just spent a ton of money bailing out GM. And if they don’t still own a large part of GM, then GM must still owe us a TON of money. And they can’t provide vehicles for a contract in the largest city in the U.S? Absurd, totally absurd. Fire them all and hire someone else.

  16. alfred says:

    why couldnt ford just switch the crown vic to hybrid then there wouldnt be any
    compitition since its a work horse. ask anyone that rides a cab to better put it ask any elderly if they would rather ride in a crown vic, escape, seinna, altima?

    1. Bob Brooks says:


      The Panther Platform (Crown Victoria, Town Car) will need at least $200 million in spending to bring it up to new Structural and mileage regulations for 2013 and 2015 respectively. I know this because my brother-in law works at the Hamburg,NY Ford Motor Stamping Plant (Next to Buffalo). Fords are watching their cash very carefully and based on their sales it does not make sense to spend this amount of money. In addition the plant in St.Thomas,Ontario that assembles the Crown Victoria and Town Car is closing this year.

      I can assure you that if Ford had won the Taxi contract they would have assembled it at their Louisville Assembly plant.

  17. Don says:

    GO american…you mean like my Ford which has a german designed engine, and the body by VW while the undercarriage is made by Volvo and the Transmission by Toyota? Can people please stop acting like there is anything American. We chose Cheap production with language barriers and cultural barriers. We prefer cheap goods that need to be returned and exchanged. We like plastic and light disposable goods. We source our components from the little dragons. Get over is about where the money is going not who is making it. AND where is protectionism that the Chinese and many other countries enjoy whether it be protecting employment or ownership, or tarrifs and taxes or government subsidy. And.. dont forget about taxes…the highest tax on business means the lowest attraction of companies moving to produce in the US.

  18. NRG says:

    Hopefully Benito Bloomberg will not get his way — and other NYC political leaders will demand that he go American.

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