Woman Swerves Into Truck, Causing Fatal Accident

NEW YORK (CBS 2) – Police said a Connecticut woman was drunk behind the wheel when she swerved her car into a tractor trailer, killing the truck driver and a passenger.

The accident happened on Saturday morning on I-95 in Darien, just north of Stamford.

State police said 26-year-old Yadira Torres tried to pass the tractor trailer when she lost control and crashed into it. The truck overturned and burst into flames.

Three passengers, who were in Torres’ car, were treated for minor injuries.

Torres was arrested at a hospital and faces charges of manslaughter and drunk driving.


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  1. Lucy Umana says:

    I just know Jaime was my friend and one idiot, stupid junk killed him.
    She should died like Him and his girl and unborn son.

  2. Diane says:

    NO EXCUSE for driving drunk! She deserves everything she gets and better not get a light sentence! Stiupid stupid woman!

  3. nessiegirl1979 says:

    Exazctly…but that might make sense, they couldn’t do that lol

  4. Bell Toller says:

    Mr. Goldstein no reason to act like a racist here. It doesnt matter what the persons race or creed it.

    I have many bad Jewish and Oriental drivers as well.

    Do us a favor and be quiet

  5. Jose Taco says:

    I doubt she was a ‘Spaniard’. Spaniards are from Europe and White! Most likely, she was a Aztec Hybrid or Sub Saharan African mix with a Spanish name.

  6. Nick says:

    So when are we going to finally be allowed to execute these drunkards???? Oh wait, all politicians are drunken slime balls. They will never pass a tough anti-drunk law.

  7. Marina Ios says:

    truth is that i have started noticing myself more and more young people- my neighborhood also- drunk, druged, whatever
    it is really sad that this behavior can affect other , normal people, including losing their lives
    i strongly remain to my opinion that these are the results over the years of the exaggerated so-called “child protective laws”
    these youngsters, now 18,19,20,25, sort of grew up without solid rules, no one , parent or teacher were able to re-enforce strong educational standards, out of fear to be considered a child-abuser, or something
    sorry, but this is the fruit to reap, drunks, noisy, uneducated

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