Assemblyman George Latimer Wants To Abolish Hundreds Of New York State Agencies

MAMARONECK, NY (WCBS 880) – The Mount Kisco Urban Renewal Agency, the City of New Rochelle Parking Authority, the Nyack Urban Renewal Agency, Peekskill Community Development Agency, the Village of Spring Valley Parking Authority, and the Tarrytown Urban Renewal Agency are just some of the agencies that New York State Assemblyman George Latimer says do nothing.

WCBS 880’s Catherine Cioffi With Assemblyman Latimer

That’s why he says it’s time that they and more than a hundred others across the state be abolished.

“Getting rid of them requires state legislation because they were created by state legislation,” says Latimer.

Latimer, who is pushing a bill to eliminate the authorities says presently they’re just a waste of time and money.

“This is part of the downsizing of government, sort of the clean-up of things that have been hanging around as a vestige for a long time,” Latimer told WCBS 880 reporter Catherine Cioffi. “Now that times are leaner, we’re all making extra efforts.”

Thirteen of the 118 agencies named in the bill are in Westchester, Rockland, and Putnam counties.

LINK: Read The List Of All 118 Agencies

Latimer recently demanded answers about the over-budget and behind schedule I-287 project near White Plains.


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  1. B says:

    The funny things is that this bill does nothing. If you actually read through it, all 118 agencies have either shut down already, or were authorized but never actually created in the first place. None of them are operating; they have no budgets, no workers.

    All this bill really does is delete them from the official state list of organizations. We’re not saving any money, because they weren’t using any.

    But everyone will nod and agree about how great this guy is for cutting government.

  2. Dale Auburn says:

    What about the Overcoat Development Corporation?? Why do we need a state agency to develop overcoats?

  3. nyc says:

    I agree 100%. Kill these agencies that were probably started thru lobbyists and start over with more oversight ! The same thing should go on in D.C. & NYC !

  4. vy says:

    He should start with the Poer of NY-NJ Authority and return those facilites to the localities they are in, and only run the bystate bridges and tunnels as a joint NY-NJ operation for the purpose of running and maintaining those crossings and collecting extra money to support bystate mass transit.
    The Port Authority is a bloated cesspool of over paid administrators who do not do any real job.

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