B&C Morning Show: John Sterling-Suzyn Waldman Morning Montage

Eddie Scozzare had a little extra time on his hands last week (he plays on a FAN softball team and last week’s game had a 7 pm start time), so Eddie was looking for something to do.  With that said he put together a hilarious montage that consists of numerous cuts from our old friends John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman — and he even set it to music.

The piece made its debut this morning and if you missed it or would like to listen to it again, do yourself a favor and get clickin’ below…

LISTEN: Sterling & Suzyn Montage (5/9)

Right click to download

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One Comment

  1. Eddie T says:

    Loved it what a way to start the morning put me in a great mood THANKS EDDIE

  2. Ed says:

    For Years I had the FAN on in my house 24 hours a day, Now I have the FAN on in my house 20 Hours a day, for a while now between the hours of 6 and 10 I found my self going up the dial more and more, now it is permanent , at 10 am I turn my dial is right back to the FAN just in time for Joe and Evan

  3. Shawn says:

    Eddie set this to music…

  4. Coach Bob says:

    The Yanks just went from M & M to S & S. What a Sterling performance Eddie.
    And I just heard big John go CAR-BOOM in the staduim cafeteria.

  5. Steve Hand says:

    Man you People are SICK !!!! Loved it.

  6. Chris Astrella says:

    Thanks guys, this Yankee fan in Wisconsin truely got a laugh at work today because of it! I love listening to them on WCBS, but that was incredible. Keep up the good work!

  7. Brad says:

    made my morning. Thanks guys.

  8. Budd says:

    This is the funniest audio I’ve heard since George Carlin was on the radio.

  9. Tom Jensen says:

    That is too funy!
    Tooo funny…never will I be able to listen to John Sterling-Suzyn Waldman again without laughing!

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