Judge Rules Against Physical Fitness Test For Female Prison Guards In Connecticut

BRIDGEPORT, CT (AP / CBSNewYork) – A federal judge has ruled that Connecticut’s Department of Corrections discriminated against more than 100 women who applied to be guards.

WCBS 880 Connecticut Bureau Chief Fran Schneidau: Judge Says The Test Had Nothing To Do With The Job

U.S. District Judge Janet Hall granted a motion for summary judgment in a class-action lawsuit filed against the Department of Corrections in 2008.

She agreed with the plaintiffs, who argued that a physical fitness test that required applicants meet certain times for a 1.5 mile run was discriminatory.

Seth Marnin, an attorney for the lead plaintiff in the case, said Monday they will be seeking more than $1 million in damages, and may ask that some of the women be hired as guards.

“We believe that our clients are entitled to the money that they would have earned, but for the discriminatory test,” Marnin told WCBS 880’s Fran Schneidau.

Brian Garnett, a spokesman for the department, said he would have to look into the ruling before he could comment.

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One Comment

  1. Andrew says:

    Yeah you were right, the judge is a fatty too, she’s sticking up for her own kind.

  2. Andrew says:

    And they left out the best part, the run made men do it in 12 mins 25 secs, the females had to do it in 15 minutes, and they still sued.

  3. amit says:


  4. Dan Te says:

    I think all jobs should eliminate all test requirements. No wonder the unemployment rate is so high….no one is able to pass the test and the jobs go unfilled.

  5. Bob Shmaltz says:

    I am a 5’7″ white male and have been discriminated against by the NBA because they won’t let me play. I think I should sue for damages based on this unfair discrimination.

  6. No Fat Chicks says:

    When lard-lass encounters her first prison-kerfluffle and gets hurt due to her girth, she’ll sue again.

  7. David Goldberg says:

    They always lower the testing standards for Blacks….so why not for women.

  8. SLICK says:

    Some of the people now days. I spent 7 years in the military, and these people are mad because they have to run 1.5 miles for a job? If you have to deal with any kind of security you should be able to uphold some sort of physically fit standard. Its not a race, sexual discrimination thing, or anything of that sort. The person is probably mad they couldnt pass there physical fitness test and didnt get hired. If you cant even do something simple like that, what makes them think you can even handle a physical security job??? It is what it is. I Key word find a new job.

  9. Bill Almy says:

    The fact that this type of moron is a federal judge proves what happens when standards are lowered in the interest of “fairness”.

    Heaven help us all

    1. Andrew says:

      Couldn’t have said it better.

  10. Vienna Joe says:

    It is essential that men & women who seek a career in public safety prove that they are physically capable of performing all of the potential functions that their position may require. Only the brightest / strongest candidates should be hired. It has reached the point where law enforcement agencies hire little tiny people who would never be capable of physically controlling an adult perpetrator and short, ginormous people who can’t run at all & are out of breath as soon as they expend enough energy to exit their patrol car. Federal Judges like the one in this case should be removed from the bench as they are a hazard to public safety. .

  11. peter says:

    is this fit test one where candidates have to meet certain times based off age and sex and a set percentage? The same charts that most civil service police and corrections jobs have to meet? The agenc should appeal. If I was a correctins officer I want the best being my backup, male or female, not someone who couldn’t meet a set of standards.

  12. cmore10 says:

    Is this judge an idiot? How does this test discriminate? Did she miss the part about the males having to run the same test in less time!!! If this ruling stands, than every male that failed the test should sue also. I agree with Junior create one standard for both male and female. You want the same respect and the same pay, then it should be the same test standards.

  13. Nick says:

    So it’s ok for a female guard not to be able to chase down an inmate?

    Equal Rights = Equal Responsibilities.

  14. Roy says:

    If the same was required of male candidates,I just can’t understand this ruling……….I muust be living in the dark ages

  15. Junior says:

    How come on a NYFD test a question about identifying a type of hammer was a legitimate graded question for white male applicants but not for black male applicants???? If you can not identify a hammer, which by the way is in every NYFD study guide, you do not deserve the job!

  16. Chris says:

    If I didn’t read it I would believe it keep lowering standards to hire societies out of shape rejects where do they get these judges from o m g just look at what is on some of the police and fire departments

  17. Junior says:

    They failed to say what is discriminating about the physical fitness test???? Listen, there should be ONE standard for males, females, white, black, yellow, freaking pink, purple, whatever and whomever you are! ONE STANDARD!!!!!! If you do not or can not meet the standard, move on to another career!

  18. The Facts says:

    The lowering of standards across the board will be to the detriment of society. The trend continues to spiral downward. Enough with affirmative action and reverse discrimination!

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