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Agent: Sean Avery’s Stance On Same-Sex Marriage ‘Misguided’

NEW YORK (WFAN) — Rangers agitator Sean Avery got tough on opponents of same-sex marriage last week in a video released by the Human Rights Campaign.

“I’m Sean Avery and I’m a New Yorker for marriage equality. I treat everyone the way I expect to be treated and that applies to marriage,” Avery says in the 30-second clip. “Committed couples should be able to marry the person they love. Join me in supporting marriage equality.”

But not everyone is throwing their support toward Avery and the New Yorkers for Marriage Equality campaign.

“Very sad to read Sean Avery’s misguided support of same-gender ‘marriage’. Legal or not, it will always be wrong,” hockey agent Todd Reynolds of Uptown Sports Management tweeted on Monday.

NHL stars Chris Neil, Cody McCormick and Mike Fisher are among those represented by Uptown Sports.

“To clarify. This is not hatred or bigotry towards gays. It is not intolerance in any way shape or form. I believe we are all equal,” Reynolds later tweeted. “But I believe in the sanctity of marriage between one man and one woman. This is my personal viewpoint. I Do not hate anyone.”

Reynolds then took his criticism to the airwaves, telling TSN radio, “I believe in voicing your opinion and not being part of the silent majority. … If Sean Avery or any other player can comment on one side of the discussion then — I work in hockey, I’m in hockey 24-7 — why can I not comment on it as well?”

Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Bill Clinton, New York senators Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand, Sam Waterston and Julianne Moore have also filmed for the marriage equality campaign.

What do you think of Reynolds’ tweets? Sound off in the comments below…


One Comment

  1. Tim says:

    Apparently, the agent doesnt understand that there is a difference between being on one side and voicing that opinion, and making a comment about the other opinion. Saying that you dont believe in same sex marriage, is one thing, but saying that Avery’s comment is misguided, now your going after the other side, not just commenting about your view.

    Go ask a guy or women who has been married 6 times, if they believe in the sanctity of marriage, or the couple who gets married and divorced 2 days later. And dodnt even get me started with all the husbands and wives who sleep around while still married. The excuse has no legs anymore.

  2. Glidmokk says:

    It’s great that Sean Avery made this statement. Shows that athletes are not all right-wingers or ultra-macho types…it’s good for hockey and athletics in general that he did this.

  3. nathan says:

    Gay ppl should have the same rights to be locked in eternal monogamous misery as we do.

    1. Daniel P. says:

      I agree, Nathan ! And I’m gay ! 🙂

  4. Ron says:

    Who the %%$@@ ^%# cares? I would think most people have alot more to worry about than some overpaid atheletes comments on marriage status…

  5. Davey says:

    Todd Reynolds asks “If Sean Avery or any other player can comment on one side of the discussion then… why can I not comment on it as well?”

    You can, and just did, Mr. Reynolds. Nobody, absolutely nobody, is saying you can’t voice your opinions. However, when you say something you also have to be ready to receive criticism for what you said. That Reynolds confuses criticism with attempts at silencing him is telling.

  6. joejoey says:

    Two people of the same sex getting married does not bother anybody. It is none of anyones business what two people do as long as no one is hurt. Although feelings in love can get hurt. Religious people have no right to condemn them. This is about freedom of rights not what religions teach.

  7. joe k says:

    Everybody should have the same access to happiness.

  8. kendra says:

    it is misguided to todays youth cause its sending a message to our youth of today saying that its okay to marry the a person of the same sex.and i am hearing from numerous people stating that isn,t okay or alright right and as far i am concerned not normal in any way shape or form..can we please get back to the basics?

    1. gerry says:

      The train has left the station. If you are not on board, you have been left behind. the world does not stand still

    2. joejoey says:

      Don’t be so stupid and narrow minded. The children of today are smarter than you think. There is nothing wrong with love. I am not gay but two people of the same sex can Love each other and to deny them the right to marry is an infringement of their civil rights.

    3. androshi says:

      ok kendra -lets get back to the basics. in fact lets go back the 1950’s-your a woman -your place is in the kitchen! not making remarks on computers-in fact who taught you how to type or even use a computer?

      and being that your name is kendra -maybe your black and all blacks are at the end of the line. and being your a female black-you go straight to the back!!!

      there is no college for you-we arent hiring women except as waitress and lets see what else?….or yes no abortion rights for you and your sex.

      do as you are told! be subservient! and if you are born in china -maybe we should have drowned you at birth?

      sure…i get it…who wouldnt want to go back to that?

      your a women! be silent and learn to fetch!!!! hahahahaha

      1. tyler backes says:

        Let them do what they want. On the last day (Judgement Day) All will be decided without all your opinions on the matter.

  9. Paul R says:

    I think Reynolds’ tweets are terribly hypocritical unless he also calls out every opposite sex married couple that has filed for divorced or separated. Sanctity of marriage exists only on an individual level, not as an institution since it is merely the act of two people making a legal commitment to each other. They do their best to make it work. Hopefully it does but many times it doesn’t.

    Why same sex couples are denied the privilege of attempting something at which opposite sex couples routinely fail is beyond anyone’s comprehension.

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