Bronx Toddler Fighting For Life After Falling Out Of 4th Story Apartment Window

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — A 2-year-old boy was clinging to life Tuesday night after falling out of a fourth-floor apartment window in the Bronx earlier in the day.

It was a stomach-turning scene as surveillance video captured the toddler plummeting to the sidewalk. Just moments later, the sickened faces of onlookers told the rest of the story. They were stunned and horrified by what they had just witnessed.

“I felt shocked — just watching the baby laying there. I just felt shocked,” witness Jonathan Vasquez told CBS 2’s Sean Hennessey.

Moments after the fall, the toddler’s mother emerged from the building with a look of absolute horror upon seeing her son laying on the sidewalk.

“I see a kid on the floor shaking with blood coming out of his ear and his head,” witness Marc Rodriguez said.

With the anguished mother looking on, rescue crews rushed to the scene and hastily got the toddler onto a stretcher and then away to the hospital, where a friend reports his spleen is severely damaged.


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  1. nicole says:

    Just so the hateful people know, the older sibling opened the window and the child fell out. it’s the building’s fault for not keeping up with the window guards, etc. There are good mothers out there that bad things happen to. No mother wishes anything bad to happen to her child. At least be sympathetic and understand the anguish this family is feeling. Why doesn’t anybody badmouth the father here????? It’s always the mother’s fault right? Mothers are there always taking care of their kids and their families and also working as well. Mothers never get a break…ever noticed that? Where was the father?

  2. Jan Nette says:

    Eric Clapton lost his child the same way…very painful experience…just need to pray for the family…a terrible tragedy.

  3. richard Allen says:

    I have 2 window screens that i duct taped so my cat can sit in the window sill, and not fall out of a second story window….

    so whats her excuse?

    1. Richard says:

      No kidding. She may as well had thrown some knives on the floor for the child to play with. A parent doesn’t need to be watching their child every second, they just need to make sure their child’s surrounding are safe for when they’re not watching them. Leaving a window open for the child to crawl through is a good example of what happens when a parent leaves their child in unattended in an unsafe environment.



    1. Nick says:

      Society be watching for her. It’s be Society’s fault.

      1. chelle says:

        so what your saying is she a bad mother for not being with her cjild every second…things happen when you least expect it…when my son was 3 now hes 18…he fell out a 2 story window…thatk god all he got was a few cuts and bruises…i had just walked into the other room..his older sister was with him at the time…she was devastated…you have know idea what happened…unless it happens to you you will never know…i hope it never happens to prayers and thoughts go out to the mother and i hope the lil guy comes through

  5. Katherine says:

    Poor little thing, this is hearbreaking. My thoughts are with the baby and his mama.

  6. TR says:

    God, please be with this family – comfort them and restore the child

  7. Eu Harper says:

    May God take Pity and be Merciful to this baby& his people.

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