NEW YORK (CBS 2) — A 2-year-old boy was clinging to life Tuesday night after falling out of a fourth-floor apartment window in the Bronx earlier in the day.

It was a stomach-turning scene as surveillance video captured the toddler plummeting to the sidewalk. Just moments later, the sickened faces of onlookers told the rest of the story. They were stunned and horrified by what they had just witnessed.

“I felt shocked — just watching the baby laying there. I just felt shocked,” witness Jonathan Vasquez told CBS 2’s Sean Hennessey.

Moments after the fall, the toddler’s mother emerged from the building with a look of absolute horror upon seeing her son laying on the sidewalk.

“I see a kid on the floor shaking with blood coming out of his ear and his head,” witness Marc Rodriguez said.

With the anguished mother looking on, rescue crews rushed to the scene and hastily got the toddler onto a stretcher and then away to the hospital, where a friend reports his spleen is severely damaged.

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