Farmingdale Tries To Woo Visitors With Fewer Parking Tickets

FARMINGDALE, NY (WCBS 880) – One Long Island village is trying to get you to shop and dine there by easing up on the law.

WCBS 880’s Sophia Hall With The Story From Long Island

There has been concern that people are not shopping and dining in Farmingdale because it’s a parking ticket trap.

So now Mayor George Starkie has decided to ease up on the strict enforcement to bring more people into the village to boost the economy.

But being more flexible on handing out the $50 tickets will come at a price for the village.

They will likely lose over $65,000 in revenue.

But, with more than twenty vacant stores on Main Street, the mayor believes it’s worth the sacrifice.

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One Comment

  1. Lisa says:

    What a LIE.

    I just got a ticket in that shopping area today in the infamous “Lot 4”.

    The mayor is full of it and I will NOT go back to Farmingdale again.

  2. doriscwilson says:

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  3. daddyqbob50 says:

    The problem with Farmingdale is not parking tickets. It is that Main Streen in the commercial district is as wide as a residential street with parallel parking where there is barely enoough room for a small car to park, much less these tanks they call SUV’s. Add to that that somehow most people forgot how to parallel park and try to “head in” to the spots (and of course then have to maneuver for 2 minutes to get the car parked), leave their cars with the nose or tail sticking out, block hydrants and crosswalks, you get the picture. So I don’t think they should stop ticketing, they shoudl widen the street! Jeez any moron can see that this is the problem. I’ve lived in Farmingdale for most of my 58 years and I remember how it used to be. Wake up Starkie and do what needs to be done.

  4. kendra says:

    will i think that its terrible that they have to pay so much for a parking ticket when they should find other means necessary to pay for the rising downfall of the economy.

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