Gov. Dan Malloy Sending Layoff Notices To 4,742 Connecticut State Workers

HARTFORD, CT (AP / CBSNewYork) – Gov. Dannel P. Malloy said his administration is beginning the process Tuesday of issuing 4,742 layoff notices to Connecticut state employees because a two-year, $2 billion labor savings deal has not yet been reached with unionized workers.

WCBS 880 Connecticut Bureau Chief Fran Schneidau: Malloy Says The Layoffs Will Result In A $500 Million Savings

The Democrat said in a statement that the Office of Policy and Management will begin issuing the notices “in an orderly fashion,” despite efforts to complete a deal over the weekend and Monday night, into early Tuesday morning. Talks were expected to resume later on Tuesday. If a deal is reached, the layoffs, effective July 1, would be rescinded.

The layoffs are expected to save $455 million in the first year of the two-year, $40.1 billion budget. To make up the $545 million difference, Malloy has also ordered OPM to begin the process of making additional spending cuts. Malloy’s budget chief last week provided the Democratic governor with a Plan B budget that included $1.2 billion in additional possible cuts that affected all aspects of state government and included large reductions in state aid to cities and towns – something Malloy has tried to avoid increasing local property taxes.

“I want to be clear that this is not the road I wanted to go down,” Malloy said in a written statement. “I didn’t want to lay people off, and I didn’t want to make additional spending cuts beyond the $780 million in spending we’ve already cut. But I have no choice.”

The budget signed into law raises taxes by about $1.4 billion in the first year. Malloy has said he’s unwilling to raise taxes any higher. The State Employees Bargaining Agent Coalition, which represents 15 state employee unions in the closed-door talks, said it was disappointed that Malloy had begun the layoff process but was willing to keep talking.

“Despite the fact that the governor has indicated layoff notices will commence later Tuesday morning, SEBAC leadership has decided to continue meeting with the Malloy administration, for at least one more day, in the hope of achieving a just and fair outcome. The discussions have been extraordinarily complex and demand our continued efforts to find mutual resolution,” according to a statement posted on the union leadership’s website.

SEBAC reiterated that laying off public or private sector workers at a time when Connecticut’s unemployment rate is 9.1 percent “will prove disastrous to our shared goal of creating jobs and rebuilding the middle class.”

There are approximately 45,000 unionized state employees in Connecticut.

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  1. Jan Seidl says:

    May be Gov. Malloy should take a 20% pay cut in his salary. Along all the other high paid people in State Capitol. Where is all the money that the Casinos were supposed to help with and the lottery money as well. Apparently that didn’t help. The only reason this State and Country are in this mess is due to the politicians. Not the hard working people. We pay our taxes and bills on a fraction of what your salaries are. Now all the laid off people can hopefully get welfare, So what are you saving now. Thanks Gov. Malloy so killing us a little faster.

  2. Jai says:

    Like Keri’s mom, I’m a State worker making around $30k per year and like “none of your business” I too am a taxpayer. “None” is absolutely wrong by saying the taxpayers are paying for bloated salaries, etc. $30k is a bloated salary in what world? State workers WORK – we don’t sit twiddling our thumbs all day and we pay State and Federal taxes just as you do. I agree with Bill – seek out the excess and stop putting the blame on the rest of us!

  3. Keri says:

    My mom works for the state barely making 30,000 a year. Please don’t lay off the little people that can’t afford it. I don’t know what to do if she loses her job. She has no money and can barely pay her bills. Please, start with the people making over $50,000 a year! They can afford to take cuts! Not my mom!

  4. None Of Your Business says:

    The bankrupt taxpayers can no longer afford to pay the salaries, health insurance, retirement pensions and benefits of bloated state workforces. The labor unions don’t want to make any concessions whatsoever–they want to continue living well off the backs of the bankrupt taxpayers. Fire all of the state employees if they won’t make concessions. We’d all be better off with less government bureaucracy anyway.

  5. wild bill says:

    i work for the dot, and want to let the people of connecticut know, while are taxes are being raised and the working class like me are getting pink slips, upper management just got a fleet of brand new ford explorers and gmc pick up trucks, my boss got a brand new truck 2 years ago now another, the last one had 80,000 miles the owners maintainence manual say`s you dont even have to change the spark plugs till 100,00 miles, and on top of that they replaced all the brand new tires with new more exspensive ones on the whole fleet of 250 trucks, and another thing, i supervisor for every garage and @ $40 plus an hour with unlimetted overtime free gas to take the truck home,extra long lunch breaks and unlimetted starbucks breaks during the day, the one supervisor can easly control 3 garages! and the manager ,every four garages has one maneger salery $106,000 yr his position is useless half the time he is not even their and his clerk does his job ,yea they all have a clerk @ $50,000yr .this should make the taxper sick! wile they are driving their kids to supper in state vehicles. cutting the waist is the answer not raising taxes! i could go on and on!

    1. Bob says:

      I could not agree with wild Bill more. But there is not one politician willing to take a stand and publicly identify these areas of abuse. Many may say they agree with removing Gov waste but no one is digging in and truly trying to cut. If anyone in private business did what the supervisors in the state did they would be fired or prosecuted..

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