Cops: Bayville Teacher Arrested For ‘Inappropriate Contact’ With Student

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A music teacher in the Locust Valley School District has been arrested and charged with endangering the welfare of a child.

WCBS 880’s Sophia Hall: Police Say There Might Be More Victims

bayville intermediate school Cops: Bayville Teacher Arrested For Inappropriate Contact With Student

Bayville Intermediate School (credit: Mona Rivera/1010 WINS)

John Benstock, 47, of Bayville, was arrested Monday after authorities said he had “inappropriate contact” with a Bayville Intermediate School student, who was under 10-years-old.

Police said the alleged incident happened on April 26 while Benstock was teaching a class of five third graders.

Det. Lt. Kevin Smith explained the student was “enticed to touch [the] teacher in an inappropriate manner.”

Benstock pleaded not guilty at his arraignment Tuesday. Bail was set at $10,000.

1010 WINS’ Mona Rivera reports: Parents Are Scared And Worried

He has been a teacher with the Locust Valley School District since 2000 and previously worked in schools in Valley Stream, Lawrence, Bay Shore and Rockville Centre. He also worked as a teacher for All Saints Regional Catholic School.

Pending the outcome of investigations by the police and school district, Benstock has been reassigned to his home with pay. He has also been directed to not have any communication or contact with any student who he was currently teaching or whom he has taught in the past, or the parents of such students.

“Our District will continue to cooperate fully with the police and will continue to make the safety and well-being of our students and staff our top priority,”  Locust Valley Superintendent of Schools Dr. Anna F. Hunderfund said in a statement.

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One Comment

  1. Face the Music says:

    Q – Why can’t music teachers learn sign language?
    A – They need two hands.

    1. dUDE says:

      As a former student, all i can say is he was one creepy sob. He played favorites alot which now thinking back on it was kinda suspicious. He was always an assholw to me but nice to the victims. All i can say is WATCH THE CORN HOLE JOHNNY!

  2. Face the Music says:

    I have tried five times today to post my comments , to no avail. It is some really good stuff that they do not want you to see. I am bailing out and going over to Maybe, there, I can express my views.

  3. Face the Music says:

    This is a test. My comments are not being posted.

    1. ceebee says:

      John Benstock was disbarred in New Jersey and has his Juris doctorate revoked as a result of lying to both the bar and to NY LAw School. Doesn’t make him a pedophile, just a liar. One in every 5 children are the victims of abuse, and the kids in this case do not have a sexual “frame of reference” for his behavior. That is how pedophiles succeed in theri victimization. Fortunatley, the kids end up feeling like something is “not right” from their gut instinct. I wish to God this isn’t true, but suspect it is. I pray for the families of these kids every night, as well as Jane , as I believe her to be a fine person.. It sure doesn’t help that although he was ordered not to be in contact with kids or families from LV and Bayville for the moment, that he had the insensitivity to show up and the church he joined recently. I don’t begrudge the man the right to worship, but how are possible victims going to feel with him there?

      1. Face the Music says:

        I know John Benstock. He is a self righteous piece of garbage. He is bold. He is a big cry baby. If he is supposed to stay away from children and their families then what is he doing out and about…and they can’t do anything about it. Bold! Poor Johnny, trying so hard to fool you. He’s a liar. He’s a monster. What a joke. He loves to be right in your face. Again, bold and self righteous is his whole game until he is caught. Google the name JOHN WAYNE GASEY…and you will see another individual who was bold and self righteous. There’s even a picture of the former first lady Rosalyn Carter and John Wayne Gasey. No one could believe that Gasey was guilty either. Do not let John Benstock fool you. Protect your kids. More will be revealed.

  4. AL says:

    You seem very strange. I think you have a fantasy about being in prison. To bad duels are outlawed otherwise I would challenge you. I would put you in Potter’s Field!

  5. FormerLVI Student says:

    Mr. Benstock was my music teacher at LVI for the 2 years I went to school there. He was a great teacher and really funny. I just can’t believe something this bad could turn out for him in this way. Now I’m hoping he is wrongfully charged and can get back to teaching in the Locust Valley School District.

  6. LVDad says:

    I have known Mr Benstock for years. I always thought there was something bizzare about him. When I googled his name I saw that he was disbarred in New Jersey for what I believe was fraud (1997). I think the police are doing the right thing here. If he is guilty, how would anyone feel if he did this to another child in Suffolk County? The police put his info and picture out there to potentially protect the public. No treacher should have any physical contact with a student, EVER. As far as Mr Franks was concerned, I knew some of those parents. If all of them had let there kids come forward and testify, which they did not, I believe the trial would have had a much different outcome. In closing, I know Mr. Benstock seemed devoted but we should keep the best interest of the children in mind here. If he is not guilty, then he should be compensated. I have a feeling he is going to be found guilty.

    1. rich says:

      As an attorney admitted to both NY and NJ, perhaps you should look up the definition of fraud. I personally know John and have attended law school with him. I do not know if he contested the allegations in New Jersey or not. In 1997 he was teaching and perhaps he did not want to spend his money defending the claims. With the funds he saved, he will now have to squander them on legal fees now. It sounds like you mean well, but are you prepared with your district to compensate him for $1,000,000.00 plus? I have a “feeling” you won’t want to give him a red cent..

      1. ceebee says:

        Very strange comment, considering he was disbarred for lying to his law school and to the Bar. Would you want to have him as a fellow attorney in NJ? The case is public information, and I suggest you look it up. And by the way, what kind of person would go through law school and be admiited to the Bar and not contest the charges? A guilty one! I have a feeling you are not what you say you are.

  7. rich says:

    Your are a fool. R U coaching your child to be a witness for the prosecution? Shame on you! Yes we are lucky not to be pathetic like u!

  8. Concerned Student says:

    I have been a past student of Mr.Benstock. He always acted strangely around me. When I heard that he was arrested for touching a student I wasn’t surprised at all. Though I always wonder if this has ever happened before.

  9. George Mikael says:

    I was so moved by this story I wrote a song about it 22 years ago.

    ‘Cos teacher
    There are things that I don’t want to learn
    And the last one I had
    Made me cry
    So I don’t want to learn to
    Hold you, touch you
    Think that you’re mine
    Because it ain’t no joy
    For an uptown boy
    Whose teacher has told him goodbye, goodbye, goodbye

    Goodbye tacos. Goodbye schnitzel.

  10. Senor Miguel Dingleberry says:

    which leads to the greater point…if we can’t trust Mr John around our tacos/schnitzels, how on earth could we ever trust him around our children!

  11. lv parent says:

    Thank you for saying that. And for all you reading these comments you should realize that victims and their families (or those making the accusations) as well as the offender (or the accused) are told that they are not allowed to discuss the case with anyone. So if you are trying to decide if something did or didn’t happen this is not where you will find that info out. The people involved cannot comment. So when you ask people what actually happened and nobody knows it is because we are not supposed to know. It is supposed to go through the courts. And for all you who feel the need to say “it didn’t happen to my child”. Make sure you have talked with them first. And if you are sure nothing did happen you should be grateful but realize that doesn’t mean that something didn’t happen to somebody elses child.

    1. John says:

      yet how do you people know he did do this? mean while we’ve told you that this school has done this to multiple times to innocent teachers to avoid problems being directed at them. I used to be one of his students and its because of him that I didnt quit violin. Because he is a very nice and caring man that is very serious about what he does.
      So before you go all gung-ho on the subject, ask yourself, do you know if he did it? Its easy to point fingers and say he just did, but in the process your ruining a mans life when they could be innocent, at that point, you are no better than anyone in the salem witch trials

      1. salem says:

        First of all, calling franks innocent is like calling casey anthony innocent. and this is alot different then the salem witch trials. we arent throwing benstock in a river seeing if he floats and then burning him alive.

  12. Mark Beaumont says:

    There are some pretty amazing comments in this thread. What a world. It’s so easy to be nasty when you hide behind a moniker.

    My daughter attends BI and John Benstock is her music teacher. He has also given her many private lessons. In our experience, he is a gifted, kind and extremely popular teacher and it is almost impossible to believe that he is guilty as accused. In front of a class, no less? I trust this proves to be an example of the oversensitivity of the world we live in. I understand why the school has reacted as it has, but sincerely hope that the accusation will be proven to be baseless. Meanwhile John Benstock has to live with this horror story. As usual, the media leaps in there and implies guilt before innocence, pre-empting due process of law.

    John Benstock has my unqualified support. Stay strong, John, there are many out there who believe in you.

    Mark Beaumont

    1. Gimme a break says:

      What a Joke!!! It’s typical liberal attitudes like this that get children hurt. A crime has been committed inside the school. NCPD and the DA’s office had probable cause to put handcuffs on this pervert. LVCSD does not perform background checks on new hires. Do you think this guy came all the way to this district because he was so fond of the Bayville area? You’re blind! I think his move to this district was calculated because of the liberal, loose hiring process.
      You should rethink those private lessons……..

  13. lv parent says:

    Good people sometimes do bad things. John Benstock is a good person but that does not mean he is incapable of doing the wrong thing. Young children do what their teachers want them to do. If it is ok with the teacher to be poked or spanked by a child than a young child will gladly play that game. These games often escalate. It is only when a parent finds out about it and tells the child that the behavior is wrong that a young child would realize it. It is only when a parent comes forward with this info that the teacher will be stopped from this inappropriate behavior. And by the way Kent Franks was not proven “innocent” of anything he was accused of by the children. He was a tenured teacher. It was a court case in which the children were not able to prove him guilty “beyond a reasonable doubt” of some very serious sexual accusations that the DA was charging him with . There were a lot of children who realized that the games they were playing were inappropriate and they came forward and as a result, after the court case, privately, in a hush hush locust valley way, Kent Franks was paid a lot of money to go away and his teaching license was taken away. Talk to your children, only they know what was normally happening in their classroom setting and only you as an adult will know if it was ok or not

    1. whenbadhappenstogood says:

      Kent Franks was acquitted, not found innocent. Reasonable doubt has nothing to do with it. His license was not taken away. He willingly surrendered it after his name was dragged through the mud, rendering it effectively as toilet paper.

  14. Outraged says:

    I am outraged beyond belief by this persecution in the media. John Benstock teaches my 8 year old daughter and 12 year old son. He is welcome in my home now and in the future. He is passionate about his music and instills his enhtusiasm in his students. To the individual or individuals of the LV school district who reported this to the media, you should be ashamed of yourselves. The media is a cold hearted business that does not care who it hurts and you have brought your school down as a result. To those who have posted so flippantly regarding this man, you are calous beyond belief. You obviously haven’t thought for an instant what this man must be going through. To have devoted years of his life sharing his love of music and have it all taken away in an instant because of a misinterpreted act of innocence.

  15. paststudentt says:

    okay so i’ve known him for more than half of my life. he came to my house and gave my brothers private lessons-and i was always watching wether he knew it or not. nothing ever happened. also when i had him as a teacher he would never do anything like this and people probably would have said stuff earlier too…am i not right? if i saw anything i know i would have told somebody-and the same with the rest of my grade. yes, everybody did call him the creepy guy, but as a joke because he always liked to talk to all the students. he would play around with us but never anything innapropriate…he was alwats helping people and was so nice to everyone. he was probably one of the nicest people ive ever met. and btw, it was third graders-who knows if they were joking and didnt realize that it could get him in trouble. i really hope he did not do this.

  16. Wake Up Parents says:

    Please….John Benstock has been under questioning for years from parents. I hope more kids speak up. Now that he is being paid is $100K year salary to stay home, he might be looking out his window. He lives in walking distance from Bayville Intermediate School.

    1. wakeup says:

      i personally know of a child who came forward because he bent over and had her a (9 year old) spank him…. this doesn’t happen to people who are innocent- wake up!!! no one wants to believe its someone they know…

      1. whenbadhappenstogood says:

        So, if this incident really happened why is only coming to light now? Why didn’t she report it before? How is it she didn’t go home and tell her parents immediately?

      2. Josh says:

        Ah, a rumor-monger. Everyone is guilty, right. Especially you.

    2. disgusted says:

      Seriously? Don’t you mean you hope more parents entice and twist the words of their children to say what they what to hear so they can jump on the bandwagon? and now that he is making 100K he is looking out the window? That statement makes absolutely no sense. you just wanted to say he is making 100K, in which I would love to know where that info came from? But either way, who cares how much he makes? I agree with @whenbadthingshappen about the girl who is now saying he had her spank him? Why is this only coming out now? How is it all of a sudden this girl is coming forward with an allegation that any 9 year old would know is inappropriate?

      1. rich says:

        I agree with you disgusted. I am totally disgusted as well. I don’t think these parents realized the consequences of opening pandora’s box. The “tv star” detective doesn’t seem the type to swallow his pride easily as well. I just hope his apology is just as newsworthy as the sensationalism as on WPIX with the “..a Long Island town was rocked” nonsense.

    3. Josh says:

      I live here and most of the parents are narcissitic idiots. They let their children watch 6 hours of television a day and have bred a bunch of ill-mannered pieces of garbage. I trust them and their “questioning” about as far as I can throw them, which would likely be back to mid-Island, where they were likely raised.

      1. doublydisgusted says:

        Is that what happened to you, Josh? Do you have a couple of narcissistic idiots for parents who plopped you in front of the TV 6 hours a day? Now you’re 50 pounds overweight, noshing on Doritos and blogging from your Mommy’s basement?

        We have heard from parents of children who took private lessons from Mr. Benstock and the parents of another child who was in the instrumental lesson class. Apparently Mr. Benstock knew better than to “press” his pedophile issues in private homes, but let down his guard in the school.

        Shame on the Bayville parents on this board who condemn the victims and their families. Shame on LVCSD for continuing to send a paycheck to this man’s home while he awaits trial. If acquitted, he could be paid retroactively. But in the meantime, rewarding a suspected pedophile is unconscionable.

  17. digusted says:

    Innocent until proven guilty. The parents and school have to prove guilt. I have known the Benstocks for a long time and although John is quirky that doesn’t mean that he would innappropriately touch a student. It’s terrible how many people are coming to conclusions with out any facts. Once this is over, I hope he sues everyone. The school, the police and the parents of the child. I went to LV from primary through HS and find it digusting that the children determine the future of a teacher by simply stating “something happened” They should have learned not to jump to conclusions after everything happened with mr. Franks. the media and police are appaling in how the are depicting Mr. benstock. I agree that the detective on the case should be removed immediately. I can’t believe he said “I believe this has happened before” That is an invite for other parents to bend what their children say and hop on the bandwagon. Locust Valley has gone down hill and now has ruined the life of another family. To all of those that believe he is innocent let’s stand united. I’m on team Benstock and stand by John all the way!

    1. wake up says:

      shame on you for being on “team benstock”- so you promote child abuse… just because you “know”someone doesn’t mean you know them … any detective takes these allegations very seriously and would never arrest someone with out enough reports- you don’t know what goes on behind closed doors and you will be eating your words…

      1. John says:

        so your saying since they know the person, they dont know the person. you sir, are a moron. you are the kind of people who are fowl and should be one of the many accused wrongly of something, so we can all judge you as guilty before your case.

      2. disgusted says:

        i don’t promote child abuse and nothing in my post indicates that I do. I promote innocent until proven guilty. I promote making conclusions based on facts I know Mr. Benstock and it’s hard to see such allegations without any facts to back it up. AS for the detectives, he is speculating that this has happened before.” And you’re right,I don’t know what happens behind closed doors, but didn’t this incident happen in an open room with others around? Shame on you for judging me for believing he is innocent. I am entitled to have my own views (and express them)and support the people I know.

      3. Josh says:

        How’s that swastika looking on your arm, wakeup? Cool, huh?

    2. Bayville Mom says:

      I am on Team Benstock as well

    3. Disgusted by disgusted says:

      For Disgusted and POedinLV:

      You are both clueless. Blame the police for what? Remove the detective for what? All the NCPD needs in this situation is a REASONABLE suspicion that a crime has been committed. That is all you need to make an arrest.The police acted correct in every way. Let’s get rid of a detective because he said “I believe this has happened before”? Liberal fantasy world opinion if you ask me. Maybe he has a more in depth background on Mr Benstock’s past than he wants the public to be privy of. What was your reaction when the detective that found the first few bodies on Gilgo Beach said “I believe this has happened here before”.?Lambaste him for making a professional, estimated and calculated statement? I believe some of you liberals will be shocked with the outcome here.
      I love when denial hits some of you liberals. Can you say….Wake up call????

      1. Josh says:

        I guarantee you that my conservative bone fides outsrip yours but I’m ashamed that somebody so shallow sahes some of my values. You trus the police? Especially the grandstanding ones? Man, you’ve really drunk the Koolaid.

      2. disgusted says:

        what I get from that is…you’re digusted because I’m a liberal and that I’m wrong for thinking that detectives should not be stating their opionion before a person has been proven guilty?Nothing about his statement is professional, estimated or calculated. Didn’t the detectives first say all the Gilgo Beach murders were from one serial killer and then change that to at least two killers? And after a FEW bodies are found they have evidence to say “this has happened before” because the facts and evidence are right in front of them. One of us will be shocked, regardless of political affiliation, moron.

  18. Josh says:

    He is a great teacher. Quirky, sure. Most musicians are, for God’s sake. It’s horrifying that his photo is out there, reports that he has a listed phone number and what street he lives on. These two detectives are sterotypical police thugs. Their opinion is just that: the opinion of Long Island goomba thugs. They should be tossed out, pronto.

    1. ObserverNY says:

      It’s called a MUG SHOT. I can’t believe Bayville parents are “horrified” by its publication. Freedom of the press. I would think you would be thanking CBS News, not castigating them.

      1. Josh says:

        I’m surprised that you can spell “freedom”. You sound pretty dim.

  19. Josh says:

    He is a great teacher. Quirky, sure. Most musicians are, for God’s sake. It’s horrifying that his photo is out there, reports that he has a listed phone number and what street he lives on. THese two detectives are sterotypical police thugs. Their opinion is just that: the opinion of a Long Island goomba thug. They should be tossed out, pronto.

  20. NoPreJudgementZone says:

    I am not sure fo his innocents or guilt but only a full investigation can hopefully determine that. I do however, have daughters who were his students and they informed me that he never did anything inappropriate arround them. They also went on to say that he did play some games allowing all students to poke him but never specifying an area to poke him although it seemed he had no off limits (strange maybe). Im not sure what he did to the girl making the complaint and I only wish her well however this unfolds. I also want to say that when i heard about this I was very upset and concerned for my daughters but we have to give this person a fair chance to determine his guilt. This is the United States of America and everyone is entitled to Due Process thats what makes our country great !!! If he is guilty he deserves all the terrible things that are happening to him but if he is innocent being wrongly accused this is a travisty. I hope the little girl who is most likely my duaghters friend will be well and let her know that we as a community are there for her as well as her family. This is a great community were nieghbors help neighbors, cares about it’s citizens and teachers, who have been excellent.

    No Rush To Judgement and Let The Truth Prevail !!!

  21. POedinLV says:

    John has been my child’s personal and private instructor for years. He has never been anything other than appropriate and caring. LVCSD Admin has a proven track record of mishandling sensitive situations with its staff and its students. As a taxpayer we get to pay for all this incompetence.

    The Administration is so scared about being sued that is neglects to gather its facts and consistenty over reacts. Don’t blame the 8 year old blame her parents. Several years ago the district had a similar situation and basically ruined the life of an innocent teacher. My first call upon finding this out was to a social worker to find out how to speak to my child without being suggestive.

    Dear Parent, gather your facts, ask probing not leading questions, and react appropriately in the best interest of you child, not your pocket book. I’m sure you ou are currently seeing dollar signs over your child’s head as you tuck her in each night.

    Det. Sgt. Robert Matedero the lead investigator into this should be removed immediately. His job is to gather the facts, not render his opinion. I hope you enjoyed your 15 seconds of fame Detective, while you were puffing yourself up on television and suggestively asking for more students to come forward. When John is exonerated, and hopefully sues the district I hope he also brings you up on misconduct charges.

    John there are many people in this community behind you, don’t lose faith and don’t give in.

    1. Minister Zel says:

      You do not know the facts. He might be a nice, caring person but that doesn’t mean that this is not true. Never, ever say what is true or not in situations like this. For you simply don’t know.

    2. Pappy 73 says:

      Well put: POedinLV

  22. MIKE says:



    1. ObserverNY says:

      Maybe it’s why LVCSD enrollment has dropped by 2%.

    2. Long Island says:

      Mike- That is because teachers are predominantly white, moron.

      1. mike says:

        ill be the moron but these people are sick!!!!

        SICK I TELL YA!!

  23. mother of 3 says:

    He is no doubt quirky but in no way a molestor. I worked there and have had kids who had him. He did not invite a child to touch him nor did he lays his hands on a child. It was simply one child daring another. A stupid incident that once again our little community has run the rumor mill. The little girl will not need therepy or be at all damaged she didn’t event think anything of the incident it was another student who ran with it. Again no matter what the outcome we have succeeded as a community of destroying a man’s life and his career. This was handled so poorly by our district. I would not want my son’s to ever become teachers because male teachers are always in danger of this happening to them it seems..

  24. Joe says:

    I don’t know if he’s guilty or not but what I do know is Locust Valley School District does a wonderful job of covering things up! I have seen and heard things first hand and have notified the district and nothing is ever done. I am not surprised they covered this up for so long. As far as if he’s guilty or not no one knows but him! check his track record though!

  25. haywood jablowme says:

    you are a freak

  26. Joe says:

    This teacher is innocent and the way this was handled is a disgrace. After he is found innocent I hope he sues the school board so badly that he never has to work again and the school has to shut down. They don’t deserve to operate a school system if this is how investigations are carried out.

    1. ObserverNY says:

      That’s great Joe. And if he were to win a lawsuit against the district, guess whose taxes go up to pay for it? You really think he’s going to sue the district when his wife is still a tenured teacher there?

      1. Josh says:

        He damn well should. Your track record in this discussion is pretty solid evidence that you aren’t very bright so no surprise that you don’t get it.

  27. Former LV Student says:

    this exact thing happened to Mr. Franks, my gym teacher from LVCSD a few years back. I grew up in LV and still live in it and work here. i believe that this is ridiculous. Mr. Franks was proven innocent after his life came crumbling down from false accusations. the parents in this area baby their children and take even a pat on the back as inappropriate. i had mr. b for 4 years and he never would have done anything to hurt a child. he was always goofy but not in the creepy molester sort of way. his passion for music and teaching children always came first, and i truly believe this is another misunderstanding that needs further research before calling him guilty. innocent until proven guilty my friends. regardless- even if he is proven innocent, just like mr.franks, his life is over teaching and will always have this on his back. i am very for the Benstock family.

    1. Former LV Student says:

      i am very sorry for the Benstock family.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Stay classy, Locust Valley.

  29. Concerned Former Student says:

    I had Mr. Benstock as a teacher multiple years ago, and I must say, this is not like him at all, and I really doubt that this is true. I remember the classroom setting, and we did joke around and all but when necessary, things became serious and we would remain focused and alert. John Benstock is a sweet, caring man, and even though I am no longer his student, we still kept in touch. Yes, he was a little wacky, but that added to his persona, and was why my friends and I adored orchestra.

    Being a student of the high school, I have to say, I blame members of our district. There are without a DOUBT over-reactive parents who will go on and stretch the truth, or misinterpret what a child is saying. Weren’t there false accusations years ago about another male teacher? People disgust me. I mean, I *know* deep down that he would never do such a thing and this is all a misunderstanding. You know how the rumor mill is.

    And also, not everything children say is credible. There are children, in 6th grade, about 11 years old, talking about drugs, sex, and alcohol. All within the Bayville community. They’re (hopefully) making all of this up, but who’s to say that a child two years younger wouldn’t do the same thing? All it takes is a little white lie and then all of this explodes in our faces.

    I mean, don’t get me wrong, I understand the obligation to look into child molestation matters for the safety of the community, but you have the wrong man.

    1. mom of 3 says:

      Could not have said it better!!! As a former student and mother of 3 on the district now!

      1. RumorSucksLetTruthPrevail says:

        Well said. Many of these comments show the mentality that is present. People run with rumors and can’t wait to spread them around. I hope he is innocent and the truth will come out. If he is truly guilty then the punishment will come. But if he is innocent – I hope the news media will give as much TV and print coverage to clear his name as they did to trash it!

  30. Lvmom says:

    I think that sounds like a freudian slip peeved parent. Authorities or school officials should not advise anyone of anything until all facts are collected. Questioing young children about specifics is not how these things are best handled. Educate yourself on the subject then spout your tirade about how officials should have handled this.

    1. Peeved Parent says:

      I am well aware of how questioning young children in wrong way can influence how they answer and lead to false accusations. He was arrested on the 9th, and I’m peeved to have learned about this from the media, that is all. As for the slip, I corrected myself immediately and fail to see how it’s relevant. Truth be told, this story shouldn’t be plastered all over the news, and before it was, we should have known it was coming.

  31. LVparent says:

    I think that was a Freudian slip frankly

  32. LVresident says:

    I have known john for over 15 years and find it disgusting that this is being handled this way. If you recall this school district has a history of slandering and defaming innocent people. A few years ago a gym teacher was totally destroyed by the false accusations of a group of disturbed and sick girls. Innocent until proven guilty. Unfortunately if this proves false there will be no repairing the damage. If this accusation is so grave, why is the charge only a misdemeanor. Wake up people

    1. ObserverNY says:

      Disturbed and sick girls, huh? Weren’t they only 2nd graders? Didn’t we the LVCSD taxpayers have to foot a $500,000 payoff for that fiasco? My own daughter suffered sexual harassment by a MS teacher. It was all verbal, no touching so it would have been difficult to prosecute. The school conducted a thorough investigation, sided with the teacher, kept him on another year till another whole new round of accusations surfaced and he was forced to resign.

      Apparently Mr. Benstock had his NJ law license revoked in 1997 for failing to disclose he had flunked out of his previous law school and for failing to also provide that info to the Bar. It looks to me like this guy has made some pretty poor decisions in his “professional” life.

      $10,000 bail is pretty serious. I don’t see how any male friends or students can automatically defend this man while accusing little girls of being nasty liars. Very disturbing.

      1. John says:

        Yeah, they were proven wrong and they were making up stories. I work there as a summer camp counselor and the kids love to make up things and try to get the counselors and C.I.T.’s in trouble. (probably learning this from their parents who love to gossip all around the bayville/locust valley area).
        The school DOES have a large history of it and this is being charged as just a misdemeanor, meaning that this is being blown out of proportion and maybe, instead of trying to find things on him to make him more guilty in your head, you should look into the history of the people, school, area, and the case itself.
        nothing about what happened is definite in this case yet. The police havent even confirmed how the event even happened.

      2. rich says:

        I don’t see how you can automatically accuse him. Wonder who ratted him out about law school. He was embarrassed probably and made a calculated decision. 20/20 hindsight. Hope you have a big closet for all the skeletons your hiding.

    2. rich says:

      Get real! I feel sorry for you if you haven’t saved 10K yet. Used cars cost 10K.

  33. Thatpersonfromschool says:

    I’m currently a high schooler of the district and I remember having him in 3rd grade. I can definitely see him being guilty because I do remember him being very “physical” with other male students sometimes females. I don’t think if he was innocent this would have been such a big deal. And can everyone stop saying “she” or “10year old” because it doesn’t specify gender in any article same with age it does say 10 YEARS OF AGE OR YOUNGER though. Meaning they can range anywhere from about 8 to 10. Also i’d like to state that they really shouldn’t have posted his mug shot because he wasn’t even proven guilty yet. This just goes to show how wonderful us people of “lowclass valley” are. haha

      1. Thatpersonfromschool says:

        oh sorry I didn’t see that yet only saw what was on newsday

    1. Josh says:

      Rule one in life, High Schooler: Get your facts straight before you run your mouth. Apologies are mostly worthless. Bank on that, sonny.

      1. Thatpersonfromschool says:

        Your hilarious. I most certainly was not running my mouth but speaking my mind on the situation. From what I have witnessed and from going to the school and life. Thats not running your mouth, it’s freedom of speech. Maybe you should go back to high school, learn a few more things you obviously still don’t get as an adult. Sad.

  34. Jerome says:

    I have no Doubt in my mind that this benstock is guilty. He never seemed quite right and somebody finally confronted the situation. Not only does he not deserve suspension from work WITH pay but deserves to me a nice large guy in prison to put him on the other end of the spectrum and maybe a little more. Tis guy will be tossing salad in prison in no time

    1. Jeromes replier says:

      Jerome is a typical fool who wants to see people suffer without knowing for sure what happened. Look how he says – { I have no Doubt in my mind that this benstock is guilty } – how do you have “no doubt” Jerome? Were you there/ did you see what happened? No – I didn’t think so. Therefore – doubt must exist.
      You seem eager to condemn people.
      I wonder how you will feel when that happens to you?

      1. Jerome says:

        Squanto is my co-pilot.

  35. Student says:

    I had mr benstock as my music teacher for about 2 years he was always so nice and caring. Inapropriate touching could be anything, a pat on the leg, a tap on the back, remember innocent until proven guilty. And to assume makes an ass out of you and me.

    1. Pat Volts Strassberg says:

      I agree with you! My 4th grade daughter has had him for the past 2 years, and we stand behind Mr. Benstock!

    2. Pat Volts Strassberg says:

      My 4th grade daughter has had him for the past 2 years, and we stand behind Mr. Benstock! I believe he is innocent.

      1. ObserverNY says:

        From what was said in the article, it sounds to me like the little girls who stood in front of him were the ones who were forced to touch.

  36. John says:

    I would not be surprised if this is false for I used to go to that school and I work there in the summer as a camp counselor and the inappropriate and disgusting lies and things that these kids say would surprise anyone. There have been many accounts of kids getting in trouble for saying vile things and the parents yell at us instead and for kids even running up to even me and doing things like slapping my rear end / or trying to smack me in the crotch as I pass by.
    Im not saying they are all like this but there are quite a few and I personally blame the huge amount of careless parents that are in the area and are quick to point fingers, yell at the teachers, and make threats rather than talk to their own kid and maybe discipline them.

    1. dr dan says:

      I have known John since elementary school. He was one of my closest friends in High School and in post graduate school. We had the same piano teacher and performed many recitals together. As a member of the New York State Bar, I am appalled and outraged in the manner in which this matter has been handled.

      I am very encouraged by the support he is receiving from those that truly know him and have had him in their homes for private lessons. I will be contacting John to see if he would like a legal support fund instituted. THIS CANNOT BE TOLERATED! Everyone who supports John must put “their money where their mouths are.”

      For all those that are posting hateful messages, they do not know the character of this man.


  37. walter says:

    I am a former student of Mr. Benstock. While he is quirky and joking with the kids, he is always professional when he needs to be. He is a really nice person and a great teacher. I know him and know that he would never do that. I feel that this is an over reaction and possibly false accusations. I have looked into this and there is not one thing that states what happened other than “there was a touching innocent” the only further explanation I ever got was “it has something to do with a ribbon”.
    And I for one am appalled that this is on the internet as this is a violation against his civil rights and he is innocent until proven guilty. I will wait to hear the full testimony before I make a judgment.

  38. Student says:

    I don’t know whether to believe this or not. I, having known him when I was in Bayville Intermediate, remember him being kind of strange. However, I think that it is very unjust of our society to put this picture of him on the internet before a fair trial has been ruled. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. I know many people that are shocked that Mr. Benstock would do this to a child, many people trusted him, and it is a true shame that he did this.

  39. Bayville Mom says:

    My sons had taken private lessons from him and he is not a molester. He is a very caring and passionate man. He lives in the community and would do anything to help anyone. We need to protect our children but condemning a man before his trial is unjust.

  40. A Real Teacher says:

    As a teacher, from Associates Degree to Masters and two teaching licenses, I never went through a course, even in methodology, dealing with PROFESSIONALISM. This inappropriate and unprofessional conduct is becoming an epidemic. All teachers should have to take courses on professionalism. Sexual misconduct notwithstanding, I see teacher after teacher, particularly the new generation, which I am a part of, befriending their students. That is NOT PART OF YOUR JOB! You are there to inspire, offer guidance, listen, and teach…not be a friend to your students. Unbelievable!

  41. news reader says:

    how long have investigators sat on this information? ny investigator richard condon has often looked for a particular color in going forward w investigations … usu green or black. shame that parents are posting that they heard about this prior – who did parents report to?

  42. Parent says:

    I have a student in his class and my child told me there was a lot of touching and poking by all students. from what my child said, it doesn’t surprise me that it DID happen. My child actually saw another student put his or her hands down his pants!

    1. ObserverNY says:

      I hope your child has given a statement to the police.

    2. Former LV Student says:

      this so happened to come out just as he was accused?… yeah right.

    3. mother of 3 says:

      But the touching or poking was NOT done by him people are getting confused!

  43. story says:

    This is a very terrible act if it actually happened. If it did happen I hope they build a special prison for him. As an educator it is a part of his responsibility to protect children entrusted to his care. If it did not happen her parent best have a good lawyer because this man may have a very good slander case especially with his face all over the news.

  44. TheParent says:

    I completely agree !! I’m a parent of one of the kids from his class and from what I’ve heard, he’s a great teacher !! This is ridiculous and so unfair that they put up his pictures before proven guilty.. Very sad..

    1. martha high says:

      people can put on good acts you really need to protect your children from things that consequences can last a lifetime in the life of a child. Denial is not a river in Egypt….just thinking what my beautiful daughter went thru as a result of my ignorance at the hands of her drunken step father

  45. previous student says:

    well i don’t even really know what half of this even means, but i had him and he was awesome and didn’t seem like he would ever do that. he was really nice and look at the picture…it looks like he’s about to cry! even though what he did is wrong, i bet none of you really even know him and i’ve known him almost my whole life…i would never believe he would do this…i hope didn’t do this…how did they even find out? that is what i would like to know. well whatever happens or happened i doubt he’ll ever get any job now. if anybody knows how they found out i would really like to know

  46. Richard T. says:

    If this guy is proven guilty, then lock him up and throw away the key. HOWEVER, our system of justice is not under Napoleonic Law, where one is considered guilty until proven innocent.

  47. harlem going ham says:

    he needs to be raped, and thrown in jail

    1. Richard T. says:

      If he’s guilty, yes, if not, no. Another intelligent comment, yes…

  48. Peeved Parent says:

    Umm… as a parent of a child in this school, I’d sure like to know where my phone call from the district regarding this is. Why did my teenage sister just point me here?

    1. Peeved Parent says:

      UPDATE: Schools just sent a mass message to all parents.

    2. grossed out says:

      yep I had to tell my sister whos son is in the primary school. she had no idea. I think they may have sent phone calls after school let out today because my dad got one notifying him of benstock’s arrest. in fact, u may be my sister lol…but anyways, this guy always seemed to be a little off. And I dont understand why some people are standing up for him if there’s still a chance he may have done what was said. Thats just disgusting…

  49. Bell Toller says:

    Why is this mans photo being released to the media when he has not been convited of any crime. Innocent until proven guilty. This is a violation of the privacy act and a violation of his civil rights.

    The police should investigate first and just listen to a 10 year old talk.

    1. Harlem Going HAM says:

      so you like children too? anybody caught messing with kids doesnt deserve a court proceeding.

      1. Bell Toller says:

        no you idiot.
        just proving a point

      2. Richard T. says:

        Yes, that it a really intelligent statement.

    2. TomNJ says:

      I have to agree. While i detest child molesters and feel they should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. And we should be made aware of them in our communities. I do NOT think we should put someones name and pic on display until conviction. Innocent until proven guilty is one of our nations greatest attributes. If we become a society of reactionary non-thinking animals, then yes, one person (10 years old or not) may point a finger and we can all pounce, punish and check out the facts later. If this man was proved innocent later, the damage done to his life would be unrepairable.

      1. Former LV Student says:

        the exact same thing happened to another teacher in the district almost a decade ago, proven innocent but his life is already ruined.

    3. Peeved Parent says:

      My son is a current student. I agree with other posters in that this man is guilty until proven innocent. I simply think I should have found out from an official before being directed to this article.

    4. ObserverNY says:

      Uhhh, I’m sorry Beth. But are you really so incredibly stupid? That’s his mug shot. He was arrested. Remember Mel Gibson’s mug shot all over the papers? The police don’t make an arrest and make someone post $10,000 bail unless the district feels it has darn good evidence to prosecute.

      And my taxdollars are paying this sleezeball’s salary and pension so now he can sit at home, A BLOCK FROM THE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, and surf porn all day long? Greeeaaaat.

      1. ObserverNY says:

        Dear Peeved Parent,

        The teacher should have been removed from the school back on April 26th when the incident was reported and a notice to all parents whose children took music with him at the Bayville Intermediate School should have been not only delicately informed, but provided with some guidance as to how to ask their children if they had in any way been inappropriately approached by Mr. Benstock.

        His wife is the music teacher in Locust Valley Elementary. Our district has a habit of not handling these cases very well.

        Bad timing for LVCSD, what with the teachers without a contract and the budget vote next week. I call it karma. 😉

      2. Josh says:

        Man. You must be a renter out here. No way somebody with your dearth of intellingence could ever buy a home. $10,000 bail is nothing, except maybe in a low-rent world. Like yours?

  50. Me says:

    What a jerk. And Hector hell you can goto hell because she is under 10 and may not have known what she was doing

Comments are closed.

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