Cuomo: Gay Marriage May Not Get A Floor Vote In NY

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — Gov. Andrew Cuomo says he doesn’t want to bring a bill to legalize gay marriage to a floor debate and vote in the state Senate unless he’s certain there are enough votes to pass it.

Private negotiations continue with lawmakers in the Republican-led Senate, where the measure failed in 2009.

Cuomo says Wednesday he expects the measure to again pass in the Democrat-led Assembly, where it’s been approved in two previous years.

The bill failed in the Senate in 2009, despite a Democratic majority at the time.

Cuomo is leading an effort by advocates of gay rights to win legalization in New York.

They are opposed by clergy and conservatives who say they’re fighting to protect traditional marriage.

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  1. Fred C. Rochester says:

    I guess CBS loves to violate free speech!

  2. Fred C. Rochester says:

    As a Black man, there is a difference between sin and racism. It’s a shame that those that speak about discrimination conjoined sin and racism. The two are completely distinct. It’s a great argument but it fails to stand the test of the Civil Rights Marches and speeches about racial equality. Until you have my skin on, you will never know what racial discrimination is.

  3. Fred C. Rochester says:

    “You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free” John 8:32.

    So far those that desire same sex marriage has yet to understand truth from the Scriptures.

  4. bob says:

    marriage is between a man and a women.

  5. Daniel says:

    Bob, you are the one that is uninformed. Marriage has to do with having kids and raising a family and not only about love. If gays want recognition let them define their relationship as “life partner”. I’t is an insulting idea that two males or two females should call themselves married. What gays do in their bedrooms is their business. But don’t call it marriage

    1. brian says:

      i think that if someone want to marry let them marry who are u to mAke them feel like their less than u are no better than themm soo if u dont lik it is on you but dont hold anybody bakn from being happy…………………..!!!

  6. FJLinSINY says:

    READ your Bible misspellers! The new testament says NOTHING about gays and lesbians, NOTHING! The first thing the new testament says is disregard the old testament, thus the reason Christians eat pork, don’t stone disobedient children and have sex with “unclean” women. But in the new testament, Jesus did speak about the evils of divorce, but yet I see no movement to outlaw it.

    Anyone that “tries” to use the Bible to subjugate others is just racism pure and simple. The bible arguments and the “what next? farm animals” arguments were used rampantly to keep interracial marriages outlawed.

    1. Fred C. Rochester says:

      Read Matthew 19:4-6 and Genesis 2:21-25.

    2. Fred C. Rochester says:

      In these two Scriptures is enough that needs to be said about God’s standard.

    3. Fred C. Rochester says:

      God didn’t bring another male to Adam. He brought Eve. Completely opposite, yet suitable for Adam. And God didn’t change His mind. Read Malachi 3:6.

    4. Fred C. Rochester says:

      Two men cannot become one flesh because of “love”. The rear of man doesn’t count, including oral. Only a male and a female in holy matrimony can consummate a relationship in accordance with the closed minded Word of God. Close minded? God closed the issue with His Word (see Psalm 119:89

  7. KPMc says:

    “Gov. Andrew Cuomo says he doesn’t want to bring a bill to legalize gay marriage to a floor debate and vote in the state Senate unless he’s certain there are enough votes to pass it.”

    Umm… isn’t that why we have senates and congress? To debate and vote? If we only voted on slam dunk issues that were clear cut this nation wouldn’t even be a nation.

    I value the ideals put forth by the framers, even if in practice they were flawed at the time and the reality didn’t always jibe with the lofty goal.

    If you believe in the principals this nation was built on you really have no argument against equal rights for all, no matter how uncomfortable it makes you feel.

    But well thought-out arguments usually fall on deaf ears when people bring (man-made) dogma into the discussion.

    1. Lola says:

      So you are basically stereotyping all gay men into a category of which they rape? You are wrong and sick to even suggest that. There are plenty of “straight” individuals who commit crimes just as bad if not worse, yet we are so focused on denying the rights of same sex human beings who just want to be committed to the ones they love? This sounds to me like micromanagement. Leave them alone and focus on the people who are committing real crimes here. And how dare you tell us that because we believe in this nations principals that we have no equal rights argument. Everyone SHOULD be allowed equal rights.

  8. Cupid says:

    I love how the GODNUTZ are whining here. Scary how they think
    marriage is just between a man and a women ,true for Heterosexuals.
    Maybe a gay man created the man or woman that made God.
    Just saying.All the Godnutz can’t say who made God and what the original
    God would say.
    Gay is how one is born and one then falls in love with the same sex.
    To deny these minorities a chance to marry is discrimination.
    Let’s not let the Jonah and the Whale creeps ruin this advance
    at least into the 19th century.

  9. Lola says:

    @Akatsuki…Marriage is a privelege? If it’s such a privelege then why is it so easy to enter into one? And to deny same sex couples of this so-called “privelege” is immoral. You are a ridiculous excuse for a human being.

    1. Mark says:

      Real marriage can only be between a man and a woman… it has been that way for thousands of years… it is a sick twisted society that thinks otherwise. Where does the sickness stop? Children? Animals? Robots? Some things are obvious to those that are not sick.

      1. Lola says:

        Says who, you? Why should you be the deciding factor of what is and isn’t right? People like you are afraid of change and without change, the world can’t expand. It is a sick and twisted society that binds human beings from making a commitment to the ones they love. Children? Animals? Robots? Come on there is no comparison there. All of the above have the inability to make decisions for themselves. You are not stating the obvious, you are merely just stating an opinion of your own which is quite bias. Not all marriage is based on religion.

      2. Diann says:

        You Are So Right Mark ,Enough Is Enough, Marriage Is Only Real ! Between A Man & Woman. From Beginning God Made Them Man And Woman. That” Should Be Enough Said..

    2. Akatsuki says:

      Your quite the ignorant one are you Lola? the factor for deciding what humans rights are has already been decided. Rights are “endowed to you by your creator and are unalienable” These rights are then protected under the bill of rights which are the first 10 amendments. These are your only rights. All marriage originates itself from religion. Without religion(s) then marriage would have never existed in the first place. It is a privilege in a sense that you need to reach a certain age, a license and a partner of the opposite sex to fulfill. Rights you are born with.

      1. Lola says:

        You are some kind of ignorant sicko to believe that it is ok for others to tie you down and tell you what to do. Give me a break.

  10. a.mcewen says:

    Actually in the Bible, marriage was not always between one man and one woman, but one man and more than one woman. This need to remake the Bible is sad.

  11. pugphan says:

    Bob- Not all men do God’s will, ergo we have murder, and yet HE says thou shalt not kill, and likewise all of HIS commandments are broken. The state got involved with marriage to better control the pop, yet it is none of its business. Marriage is a
    sacred rite, just as is life, a gift from the Almighty. Also everybody is not HIS child
    only those that do HIS will are.

  12. pugphan says:

    Like it or not we are a Christian nation, and Jesus said they are not to be married,
    because they are born that way. Check out: Mat: 19:3 -12. Right from the mouth of

  13. M. Edward Reid says:

    No matter what gay rights advocates or politcains do to push this idea that marriage is for anyone it is not men’s doing but God’s, it can only be aunion between a male and a female. It is amazing how we humans pervert the nnormal interaction between man and woman and suggest it is okay, simple put it is unnatural. Even the beast of the wild know the difference between male and female by the scent the give off.

    1. Jamie says:

      Oh shut the hell up M.Edward Reid. Marriage is a man made union not some flying spaghetti monsters idea. Just as much as choosing someone to marry, and to choose to get married or not is a man made decision. Religious people are goons. They think everyone and mother nature is just like them.

      1. Akatsuki says:

        STFU Jamie the origins of marriage are in religion whether you like it or not. Its something that the state should not even be involved in. It is the union between a man and a women. Marriage is also not a “Right” but a privilege.

    2. Bob says:

      M. Edwards Reid, you are an illerate human being. Marriage is the union between two people who care for and love one another. It is not necessarily a man and a woman. If it was so sacred, then why do 50% of all marriages end in divorce. Get your facts together. Do you know that they are also gay animals? You need to stop using God and the Bible for personal gain. Gay marriage should be allowed in New York as it is allowed in some other States as progressive as New York is. Get your facts together or shut the hell up.

      1. lee says:

        pot is legal in some states so would you except that

      2. Pinkee says:

        Not It Should Not Be Done!!!!! Marriage is By God For Man And Woman Union Only RREAD YOUR BIBLE IT’s All THERE Soon In THe NEAR Future WE WILL ALL SEE AND KNOW THE TRUTH IN GOD” I TRUST

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