Long Island Mechanic Accused Of Damaging Car, Charging Fee To Repair It

HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. (CBS 2) — A Bellmore man was arrested for tampering with a car to make it unable to start, then offering to repair the vehicle for a fee.

Police said neighborhood mechanic Thomas M. Cirino, 56, of 1390 Dewey Avenue was arrested at his home Tuesday at 10 p.m. and charged with fourth degree criminal mischief.

Cirino also had a warrant in Hempstead Village for aggravated unlicensed operation of a vehicle from February 14, 2008.

He was scheduled to be arraigned Wednesday at First District Court in Hempstead.

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  1. USAF Airman First Class says:

    Wow that comment just goes to show that there are still good people that are willing to change the wretched society we live in today

  2. Robert Gates, not afraid to compassionately express... says:

    To USAF, and all with ears to hear, and hearts to feel…

    Hey. Lil R-ch–, seems like a fine young man to me. As far as maniac mechanic, yes, he’s a jerk, but at same time, he’s no Bin Laden. Soul searching is in order, and I’m pretty sure he has some slow down time right now to do so. Hopefully the front street he has placed himself on, where as the Bellmore patch, CBS, channel 12, Wall street Journal, World news, Newsday, Hempstead publication, Freeport, and countless others, have posted about his actions… will become a wake-up call! In times when people are at there worse, or dancing from there bad side, we can all, but hope they will redeem, and seek to do better. When they fail, we have the jail… Cause and Effect, the American way! Let’s hope the effect will be better behavior from the Maniac Mechanic, more understanding from the hills with sight, Some efforts on some of the neighbors to say hello to one another, and some blessings in Bellmore…. We have bigger pains then the maniac. GOD bless America, and the bellmores in it!

  3. USAF Airman First Class says:

    Thank you for the kind comments towards te family that I have considered my own everything you have said is true and I back you 2000 percent!

  4. Robert Gates, n not afraid to tell you... says:

    To USFA,
    Dont waste your time calling out the all seeing eye, any of avrage intelligence can see the eye was taking coward shots, with his anon, self-rightouss judgments from down the block. Either his all seeing eye is x-ray enabled vision,
    or he’s one of the lab rats in the alledged lab, or he’s reciting judgement out of the fabrication of his own physch, based upon his own discriminative mindstate. I think the later. We like to refer to the eye as the man in the tower, who sits up all hours of the night n morning in front of the computer, gazing out the window with his hand on speed dial, making anon calls to the precinct about strange cars, funny looking people, and nieghborhood pets looking like they have rabies or are abused. He is a confused little man who has built his house as tall as a tower, so that he may gaze across his corner lot and pretend to be the best Bellmore has to offer, while he wont even say hello to his neighbors. “The hills have eyes” he may scream! But I tell you his is closest to a hill, and it is he that refres to himself as an “eye”!
    USAF, Be easy. f the family downstairs have eyes, they ave sumn else…


  5. USAF Airman First Class says:

    To JIMMY K,
    That delinquent kid you speak of who “robs cars” and all those arrogant comments you made is actually quite a nice boy. He is like a brother to me and again as I have said to the COWARD THE ALL SEEING EYE YOU JIMMY K ARE A COWARD ALSO! if you have a comment or question you’d like to make make it personal I’ll give you my number and you may speak to me about them COWARD YOU ARE A LABELING LOW LIFE AND AGAIN IF YOU DON’T LIKE THAT COMMENT POST BACK SO YOU CAN GIVE ME A CALL COWARD

  6. USAF Airman First Class says:

    To the all seeing eye,
    My best friend lives in that house downstairs the “hills have eyes” family if you have a problem with that family maybe you should get to know them first you coward instead of hiding behind your stupid comment name you are a low life for labeling the family that I have known for years they are good people the only problem is that the upstairs was willed to the criminal so it’s not like they can kick him out like they have been trying to for years if you have concerns or any other stupid comments that you would like to make give me a call you coward post back I’ll give you my number and you can comment about them to me well see how smart you are then you disrespectful trash bag

  7. ALL SEEING EYE says:

    There is no excuse for what takes place at that house. The authorities turn a blind eye. The worst are the prostitutes, car thieves and drug dealers that plague the neighborhood. These denizens use the upstairs as a crack lab on occasion. The mechanics sister lives downstairs with her own ‘Hills Have Eyes’ family.

  8. Jimmy K says:

    Besides the young derilict kid in this house who robs cars and steal from the neighbors sheds, and car rims and tires in the neighborhood the barking dogs in this house are annoying. House is unkept, junk always on the right side and garbage just thrown aside on the right and never taken to the curb.

  9. C.O. Schimdt says:

    Cirino, although very knowledgeable about a car, clearly has ADHD, bi-polarism, and a host of other issues. More-so, he should be on the 14th floor at Nass. County Med. getting help. He is in and out of Nass, Jail, and always held in M.O. ward ( Mental Observation ). Again, very well vised in cars, so he has an illusion of functionality, but actually needs help, meds., a counselor, and a guardian.

    -The C.O.

  10. Robert gates says:

    I know the house , nice looking home
    Not a drug den. Good family. Nurse, engineer, the old Senators family.
    There’s just one A-hole there…. The Maniac Mechanic in the article. Beyond him it’s a decent family there. The woman is the head trauma nurse for the e.r. At Nassau County Medical center and has saved countless lives! Her husband a brilliant engineer. the only problematic issue is maniac mechanic and his behavior. Hopefully he changes it; although I do believe he has mental incapacity issues that will probably keep him into some sort of trouble or another!

  11. ALL SEEING EYE says:

    The neighborhood has been trying to rid themselves of him and his family for years. 1390 Dewey Ave is a drug den and white trash eyesore!

  12. knowleeks says:

    3 words for him…

    Brake Fluid LEAK!

  13. knowleeks says:

    He said he did it to get something to eat;
    So, police said, lets us help you…

    You can eat 3 times a day over in East Meadow Jail!

  14. knowleeks says:

    He didnt plead not guilty at arraighnment, he pled “Not too bright”.

  15. HARLEM GOING HAM says:


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