Will Smith Ordered To Move 1,200-Square Foot Trailer After Angering SoHo Residents

City Steps In, Says 'MIB 3' Actor's Monstrosity Has To Go

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — After angering a number of residents in SoHo the city took action and ordered megastar Will Smith to move his trailer to a private lot on Wednesday.

Half a dozen blocks in the heart of SoHo were in the shadows of a massive movie production, the filming of Men In Black 3, but the film’s star has come under fire from residents who called his setup a bit too much.

“I mean to have all this nonsense here is just dumb,” Kara Iaconis, who works in the area, told CBS 2’s Katie Fehlinger.

1010 WINS’ Steve Sandberg Reports: Residents Say The Trailer Is An Eyesore

“Awful! It’s really disruptive,” said resident Mickey Shamla.

Smith’s trailer was easy to spot. It’s a sleek silver double-decker with nearly 1,200 square feet of pure luxury. Pictures on the manufacturer’s website show the posh insides, complete with a kitchen, bar and movie suite. And just around the corner was another trailer, housing Smith’s personal gym.

img 3004 Will Smith Ordered To Move 1,200 Square Foot Trailer After Angering SoHo Residents

Will Smith in SoHo while on the set of "Men In Black 3," on May 11, 2011 (credit: Steve Sandberg/1010 WINS)

“Probably bigger than the majority of people’s apartments,” said resident Jenny Blake.

“It’s not fair! It’s not like you’re in the burbs somewhere where there’s plenty of space and plenty of room,” said Suzanne Reiman, who works in SoHo.

Business owners said Smith’s latest action flick was hurting them.

“It kind of blocks the windows of the store so you feel like nobody’s seeing you,” said resident Margarita Nolan.

“They’re disturbing us. None of it is doing us any good,” Shamla said.

Smith’s trailer will be moved but the production trailers will stay put until filming ends on Friday.

Reacting to complaints, the Mayor’s Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting took action, saying in a statement, “To balance the interests of the production and the neighborhood, we have instructed Men in Black 3 to relocate the trailer to a private lot.”

The office added that New York City is experiencing record levels of film and television production and that the entertainment industry employs over 100,000 New Yorkers and contributes about $5 billion to the city’s economy each year. City Hall said “Men In Black 3” alone is bringing at least 3,000 jobs to the city.

A representative from Columbia Pictures said: “We appreciate the opportunity to film in New York, which has been the home of all three ‘Men In Black’ productions. This trailer has been used many times in this city by different studios on various movies over the years, and while its use has never been an issue before, we regret any inconvenience it may have caused.”

Do you think the public is overreacting or is it making a good point? Please offer your thoughts in the comments section below.


One Comment

  1. CardboardDiva says:

    So he’s afraid he’ll get the MRSA carrying bed bugs if he stays in a hotel there. And I suppose the gas mileage on his mega-trailer and his other huge gym trailer is nothing he has to worry about. Will he donate his mega-trailer to the homeless there after he’s done using the marble laden mansion on wheels, or is he going to have this mountain-heavy gas guzzling blob of ego follow him home to one of his $300Million mansions? He should take all that he owns and is worth and divide it up equally to everyone else in equal parts. Share the wealth, Will. Share YOUR wealth.

  2. ronke says:

    Well, let us put it that way, if I were Will Smith I would park somewhere near the Hudson River where I would see the ocean and have a better view. As for the residents of Soho, all things considered, I understand your fears, gripes, whining and all the rest, but is it really the humongous trailer that is bothering you? As someone said, the film industry is good for the staggering economy, and that is true whether you think Will is a fabulous actor or not. In any case, he is an actor who has made it, whether he has talent or not’

    1. Alan says:

      How would parking it near the Hudson “RIVER” allow him to see the ocean? Just wondering.

  3. flea says:

    the worst thing that comes from all of this is….”men in black 3″.

  4. jessy b says:

    Really people? Get over it! Its bringing jobs to much needed people. A few days won’t kill you Soho! WILL PARK UR TRAILER ANYWHERE YOU LIKE!

    1. CardboardDiva says:

      Try living off of being a temporary, non-UNION extra for a movie. You get poop for pay and no promise of any upcoming work. When he moves his EGO out of SOHO, he moves any temporary EXTRA work for those wanting to be USED as a backdrop to his mega-dollar-contract.

  5. long islander says:

    Will, you can park your trailers in my yard.

  6. Miss D says:

    What the heck is that! That’s not a trailer. Its a Greyhound bus on steriods.

  7. outahre says:

    As a location manager who has filmed in in NY for 20 years, Soho is one of the worst places to film because of the inflated self-importance of the residents who ruined it. First artists move in and a place becomes cool. The rich guys with no taste wanna be where it’s at but they are from nowheresville. Then the artists have to move out for the greedy, and the neighborhood became a shopping mall.

    1. FedUpwithPhonies says:

      Have YOU ever tried to get to work anywhere from 42nd Street to City Hall with a collection of snotty arrogant teens with clipboards diverting traffic so some over-inflated “actor” can be filmed? Forget “rich guys,” you idiot; think about all the people coming to work from the “outer boroughs” who have to circle your garbage day after day! And $ 5 billion income from all this? Only Mayor Codfish! The film-makers make a fortune, NOT New Yorkers!

      1. Lisa says:

        Yeah, I love when you’re told you can’t enter your own apartment because they’re filming a scene. Is this a privately owned sidewalk? Then get the HELL OUT OF MY WAY.

  8. # 1 FAN WE LOVE U WILL says:


  9. nana says:

    as much as I love the fresh prince, I must say there is nothing wrong in parking the trailer in a parking lot,and no Mr. Smith can not do anything he wants, even if the city is profiting from the production, cut- continue.

  10. Ronnie Mund says:

    He’s a horrible actor who makes lousy movies. I heard him on Oprah and he’s the most narcissistic, arrogant, pretentious loud mouth I’ve ever heard.

    1. MILLIONAIRE IN SOHO... says:

      @ Ronnie the HATER,
      Don’t hate, be jealous, or so judgemental. It not only rents too much space in that “brain” of yours but it actually takes away time from YOU DOING OR SAYING SOMETHING POSITIVE.
      Don’t worry we won’t tell anyone..HA HA HA

      1. Ronnie Mund says:

        Why don’t you come up to the show and get topless? T-O-P-L-E-S-S. No problem with that?

    2. MRS. I. UNDERSTAND says:

      @ Ronnie the hater..As I’ve mentioned earlier..”TRY TO FOCUS ON USING THAT “BRAIN” FOR SOMETHING MORE PRODUCTIVE.

      1. Ronnie Mund says:

        Topless. T-O-P-L-E-S-S

    3. Skipper says:

      Ronnie – re your second sentence – I would put our White House Resident right up along side of Will for narcissism and arrogance as the top two contenters for first and second place.

      1. Skipper skipped school says:

        @ skipper and his no-brain buddy, the two of you can only,hope, dream and wish you were in the position of both these men. Stop showing your hatred and get a life.

      2. Skipper says:

        Yank me.

    4. tony says:

      That millions pay $11 to see. But you know better….lol.What a loser….
      Go back under your rock.

    5. al says:

      You are so right. Talentless, that guy is just a waste of a movie going. He is so superficial, unfunny and a fake. I can’t stand any movie he is in.

  11. Hungry? Need a job? says:

    Did the Mayor’s Office say the industry brings in $5 billion to the city’s economy each year? $5 billion to the city’s economy each year? Hello !!! $5 billion to the city’s economy each year. Why is the city crying poverty? Between the bridge tolls, parking fines, city taxes, sales taxes. (Did I miss some other source of city revenue?) The city is crying poverty to its public workers? The joker said it best. “looks like we’ve been had boys. ” The joke is on us. $5 billion to the city’s economy each year?

    1. MRS. I. UNDERSTAND says:

      HUNGRY..YES..NEED A JOB..YES..INFLATION..AGGRAVATION..FRUSTRATION..AND APPARENTLY THERE SEEMS TO BE NO HELP..As a city worker for 10yrs with MTA I was a victim of the budget crisis..with all the revenue that the city and MTA generates on a daily basis is ridiculous. We are the ones who suffer, banks received help from the Federal governmant to help with loan modifications yet they don’t want to get off the money. This world is full of crooks and the main ones are sitting behind a desk.

      1. mak says:

        Are you kidding me?!? We have our own small business and it is a nightmare! Between getting hit from the government on one side, the economy on another other side, and the pummeling from the cost of business going up with the rent, taxes, bank fees, electricity, gas, etc., we are barely holding on.

        My advice if you want to start your own business: GET OUT OF NEW YORK!!!!

    2. babs says:

      couldn’t have said it better.

    3. Chaz Bono says:

      I need a job. My double-chin has four double-chins.

  12. M.A.D says:

    A small inconvenience that brings jobs to much needed city. Stop the gripping!!

    1. Skipper says:

      Grip this, idiot.

      1. skip the spray paint says:

        hey skipper your intelligence is overwhelming
        your mother should’ve swallowed you, lay off the aeresol

      2. Skippy says:

        Quaff my beverage.

    2. FedUp says:

      Are you an actor? Film crew? This does NOT bring jobs. Mr. Smith isn’t even staying in a hotel or using a luxury gym!!! THERE ARE NO JOBS! Even the caterers are from California.

  13. Tommy says:

    I live in Brooklyn. These movie MF’ers are filming on my block and the main commercial street in the neighborhood every week. They hog up ALL of the parking. It is nightmare, I don’t care how much money the city brings in – we pay taxes too. My friend’s pizzeria loses more than 1/2 of its business on days they are shooting and he gets NO compensation from the City or the movie people. Send ’em back to California, the streets of NYC are for the residents, not for private enterprise.

  14. lha says:

    Stop whining SoHo! They are bringing much needed jobs to NYC.

  15. Capt Lou says:

    The trailer is about as big as his ego. Too bad his acting is average. Now haul that thing out of here!

    1. Omar says:

      Too bad he’s a megastar making millions of dollars for each multi-million dollar film he’s involved in and you’re a nobody posting on a local news website with a gripe. I could see how your opinion really makes a difference.

      1. Capt Lou says:

        Eat my doody!

      2. Mezo says:

        Agreed Omar!

    2. LOU THE LOSER says:


      1. @ Will's Lawyer says:

        Who are you Will’s lawyer? You’re the same dummy responding to each and every post that finds either Will’s acting or personality to stink, or that his trailer is obtrusive. Will doesn’t need you to defend him. Oh wait…all African Americans defend one another because they have ZERO ability to be objective.

      2. White as the driven snow says:

        Joke’s on you pal, you might have a point if I were African-American, Ha !

  16. Adopoly.com says:

    People Please Having a Movie this big filming right outside you’re door with arguably one of the best actors of our time and you’re complaining! WOW I wish I had these problems. 911 There is a mega movie star filming an incredible action film right outside my door and no one can see me somebody come quick!!!

  17. JG says:

    Is a bar and gym for Will necessary for production? How egotistical can you get. Seems he would have just a little consideration for the residents and business owners.

  18. Tom Ebbs says:

    Will Smith can do whatever the HELL he wants.

    Damn MY liberals! You all want Green, Organic, Peace & Love.

    Go TO HELL! Losers!

    1. NYLiberal says:

      Hey, Tom! Kiss my buttocks!

  19. None Of Your Business says:

    I agree with the residents of SoHo. Why should they be inconvenienced by Hollywood “stars” so egomaniacal, stupid and vacuous they couldn’t utter two words unless they had a script in front of them but think they’re on a higher level than God? And, by the way, do we really need Men in Black 3? I think we’re now about up to Shrek 25 and Pirates of the Caribbean 17. When you think about the movies Hollywood made in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s and compare it with the drek the movie studios turn out today!!! Does anyone actually go to the movies anymore?

  20. STFUNY says:

    Bunch of haters go back tiny ass apartments and pay more mega rent.

    1. Lank Potrzebie says:


      Shine my helmet.

  21. abner says:

    To Mike Golab:
    Please stay in Hampshire where perhaps you just have to deal with an occasional birdwatcher.

  22. Jimmy says:

    SoHo, that’s DiNero’s neighborhood – No?

    1. StormsNYC says:

      No, that’s Tribeca, where the film festival takes place.

  23. Terry T says:

    These SOHO people are so snooty. I can’t tell you how many films have been filmed on my block. Always there’s an interest from the people in the neighborhood and there’s a crowd hanging around. Will, stop wasting your time filming in SOHO and come on down to midtown. We’ll welcome you with open arms.

    1. Jake says:

      stop filming in soho, and come DOWN to midtown? dude, do you even know where you are?

    2. StormsNYC says:

      He already did film in midtown, for I Am Legend

      1. kt says:

        MIB3 was on 45th street a couple of weeks ago too…

  24. Spartacus says:

    The trailer is the size of a semi trailer and there is a second trailer, the same size on the block that has a personal gym. Plus Mr. Smith is renting a luxury apartment within a few blocks of where the film is being shot. Sounds like to me he has plenty of options and the needs of the residents should be considered. Moving the trailers to a private lot should have been done in the first place.

  25. Richard T. says:

    Yeah, the Fresh Prince is not aging all that well…..If he parked his trailer on my block and cleared out all of the available parking spaces, I’d be unhappy as well. And I don’t even live in Manhattan! MOVE THAT BUS, DUDE!

  26. Ellen says:

    Looks like Will’s uptight neighbors need a life. Either that or a laxative.

  27. Jason S says:

    What’s the location of the trailer?

  28. MrNativecolor says:

    Hmmm suspicious the complaints. Maybe they’d rather see him on cardboard boxes holding a sign asking for change rather than trailers “bigger than the majority of people’s apartments” ? How lame and . . .

    1. Fear of an Unracist Planet says:


      Ah yes, the racecard. We wondered when you’d show up. Yay, everything’s racial! D1ck.

  29. nyc says:

    The kind of money that is being spent on making these movies and the profits that are made on them are unbelievable, you would think that the neighborhood would get something if the filming is effecting there business is in a negative way !

  30. Mike Golab says:

    Tell them to STOP WHINNING !!!! Any Film Production Crew with the Actors and
    the Support Personal, Bring Business into your City. And will Show those in the
    business there on Film giving them and NY Free Advertizing. Some of those
    Complainers are Just Jealous Period Tell them to GROW UP and STOP
    Whinning ,,,,, or has youse people say,. FORGETABOUTIT….

    Mike in N.H.

    1. daddyqbob50 says:

      actually it’s FUGEDABOUDIT!

      1. daddyqbob50 says:

        And the “Fresh Prince” is not lookin so fresh anymore. C’mon Will have mercy… remember your roots.

    2. nathan says:


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