New Jersey Elementary School Student Allegedly Brings Gun To School

BRANCHBURG, N.J. (CBSNewYork/AP) — Authorities said a New Jersey sixth-grader brought an unloaded gun to school.

Authorities said another student saw the boy remove the weapon from his book bag on a school bus on their way to Central Middle School Wednesday.

Somerset County Prosecutor’s Office spokesman Jack Bennett told The Courier News of Bridgewater the other student texted her mother, who alerted school authorities.

Police were waiting when the bus pulled in.

Bennett said no threats were made to any of the students.

The boy’s name was not released because he’s a juvenile.

How would you judge the reaction of police in this case? Sound off in our comments section below…


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  1. BRNCHBRGMOM says:

    As a parent of a BCMS student, I would really like to know just how this kid got the gun in the first place. Was it his parent’s gun? Does anyone out there know anything about this? Because it’s true, we have gotten absolutely no communication from the police.

    1. jake maggio says:

      it was the parents but they did not have the licinces

  2. BCMS Parent says:

    The question posed was how would we judge the reaction from the police to this incident – actually we can’t judge it because we have had no direct information from the police on this even though most residence subscribe to the township e-mail notification system.
    The school district, however, kept us as parents well informed and Mr. Swan (Assit. Principal at BCMS) handles the matter correctly.
    I say kudos to the girl that texted her Mom – most of our kids are responsible and know the difference between right and wrong – of course this is a parenting matter – bad apples don’t fall far from the tree!
    @Bell Toller – what a small minded and completely irrelevant comment – the fact is a CHILD bought a LETHAL WEAPON into a school and should be punished accordingly (as well as his parents held responsible) and he should be monitored for future unpredictable and dangerous behavior.


    No, he is NOT black. But neither were Dylan Klebold, Eric Harris, Cho Seung-Hui, Luke Woodham or Charles Andrew Willams, to name a few. You see, it’s not just kids in the “hood” who kill each other.

  4. Bell Toller says:

    Was the boy black?

  5. BRNCHBRGMOM says:

    Parents, as well as school and law officials in Jefferson County Colorado, have spent the past 12 years lamenting the fact that they did not see the signs leadiing to the Columbine massacre. Let’s hope that we don’t some day end up lamenting not acting on the signs that we ARE seeing. This boy’s track record clearly goes beyond childish mischief.

  6. homemanager12 says:

    In fourth grade it was a lighter. In fifth grade it was a knife. Now that he’s in 6th grade, he packs a gun. He’s also been in trouble for bringing weed to school. Um, I’m gonna say that the parents should have been keeping a better eye on him. Yes, the parents SHOULD be held accountable! Oh, and I know this because my cousin’s daughter was on that bus.

    1. 6thGraderMom says:

      @homemanager12 Also in 2nd grade, the same boy was caught with a soft air pistol. It is definitely a pattern.
      After a couple of days during this week’s incident, the boy was talking to my neighbor’s kid and he was actually proud. It is sad, this kid needs help. He is starting to sound like a psychopath. He needs help and the parents need help to deal with this kid before anyone gets hurt. He needs some serious intervention. I wish I can do something to make a difference for his sake and the sake of the community. After all, my child’s safety is at stake when he returns in 8th grade.

  7. BCMS Parent says:

    @ FattyChristie – and you would think this was OK if it was your kids school this happened in – oh sorry, you obviously don’t have kids because you have an attitude that sucks (or maybe you do have kids that are just as likely to do the same thing!) Guns or weapons of ANY KIND have NO PLACE in schools.

  8. FattyChristie says:

    “I understand hes a child, but he’s a 6th grader.”

    Yeah, he is all of 11 yrs old, why have any understanding and forgiveness for a situation where no one got hurt. After all, he is only carrying the gun, it’s not like he is a politician demanding that he have the right to carry that gun, or a gun manufacturer or dealer. I say put him on a rocket and blast him into outer space where the planet can be safe from kids like this…….

    NYisBetter, you are an idiot

    1. NYisbetter says:


      Um, yeah no one got hurt LUCKILY. The point is that at 11 years of age he knows a) he shouldn’t be bringing a gun to school and b) guns can kill people. This was not a 6 year old child. I said they should expell the kid, not put him on death row. Maybe I’m an idiot for thinking a child should not be allowed to have a gun at school, but that’s just me. Common sense has been tossed to the wayside for political correctness. Maybe if you have a child and they end up in a situation where another child has a weapon that can KILL them, you will feel differently.

  9. NYisbetter says:

    This is happening way to often. I understand hes a child, but he’s a 6th grader. He was old enough to know you don’t bring a gun to school. He should be expelled and his parents arrested.

    1. GrewUpWithGuns says:

      Why should his parents be arrested? They didn’t bring the gun to school – the kid did. The parents probably didn’t know about it. Not enough in the story to go by to judge the parents.

      1. NYisbetter says:

        ya know, I guess you’re right. I was assuming the gun was illegal, but they didn’t report that. Regardless though, they should have been paying better attention to what was in the kids book bag.

      2. KPMc says:

        Don’t responsible gun owners and those that support gun rights agree that it IS an ADULTS responsibility to keep guns out of the hands of 11 year olds who will bring them to school?

        If the guns is legal.. and they secured it properly we wouldn’t be talking about this.

        If you can’t hold the parents responsibly who is?

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