Victim Of Alleged NYC Hit-And-Run: Favoritism Shown For Cop’s Son

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — Did the son of a New York City detective get special treatment after allegedly hitting a pedestrian and driving off?

The victim told CBS 2’s John Slattery that he thinks the cop’s son got treated with kid gloves by the NYPD.

Felipe Diaz spent ten days hospitalized with a broken leg, and now gets around on a walker. He said the driver who hit him got a slap on the wrist because he’s the son of a detective.

“’I’m related to a higher-up, I can get away with it, so let me keep going,’” Diaz said.

The 41-year-old Diaz, who works at Radio City Music Hall as an usher, said it was a hit and run. He said he was struck by a car that ran a red light at 107th Street and Broadway on April 10.

“I was in the crosswalk, had the light, and this guy was speeding and didn’t do anything to avoid hitting me,” Diaz said.

Diaz said witnesses who got the license plate saw the car stop momentarily.

“That’s what I heard,” Diaz said. “He stopped, looked, and got back in the car and left.”

Diaz’s lawyer said the driver was 19-year-old Michael Muniz, the son of police Internal Affairs Detective Alice Muniz, to whom the car was registered.

Diaz said it took 11 days for the driver to show up at the stationhouse, and all he got was a desk appearance ticket.

“Once I was told that is not normal procedure, I was troubled,” Diaz said.

Diaz said he believes there was preferential treatment given for the son of a detective. NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly said the department was looking into the allegation.

“Any allegation is troubling. You have to wait for the investigation to go forward and be concluded,” Commissioner Kelly said.

The case will pose a question for a police department that’s already facing an investigation into whether police officers’ family members routinely have tickets fixed.

Diaz’s lawyer said Muniz should have been charged with leaving the scene of an accident. The Manhattan district attorney is also investigating the matter.


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  1. bunny says:

    11 day?… thay was at the auto body shop

  2. Bell Toller is a moron says:

    Dear Bell Toller,

    In the few words you wrote, you are clearly showing you are a total idiot. Isn’t it sad that just by typing a letter people can see you are a total moron? Your racists comments are totally out of place. Get you rear end out of the couch, stop drinking beer and go back to the real world, it will help you.

  3. Chris says:

    Of course the fix was in and then I a d is gonna investigate another I a ds kid ray said come on ray don’t turn you’re head you are stating to lose control for being to lax dont you realize every day there is another cover up that pops up helloooooo

  4. Bell Toller says:

    Maye the driver did not know he hit anyone.

    Plus what time did this happen?

  5. Harlem Going HAM says:

    It is clear as water, the tags# was given to the police and they dragged their feet. I the black world, a warrant would of been issued to arrest the owner of car, but when the car came back to being a cops car, the cover up started. NYPD same old bs. All Those cops involved will lie.

  6. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx says:

    never stop i dont i have 3 blacks and a PR so far

  7. Little girl from Queens says:

    OMG. 11 days to show up in the Police Stationhouse? It only takes two minutes to run the tag. 100% cover up.

  8. CopsAreBent says:

    Remember folks, his dad is a detective and his mother works in the Internal Affairs Dept. now if Diaz had run their son over, you know they would have been out for blood and not to mention he would have the option to wait for 11 days before showing up at the station. This kid needs to “man up” . he was probably coached by his parents. they taught him how to “get over ” instead of being responsible and accountable for his actions. i bet he is sorry now because he got caught Smart move on Diaz’s part to note the car plates

    1. BF says:

      It’s the mother who is a Detective AND she works in Internal Affairs. The article said nothing about what his Dad does.

  9. MR KNOW IT ALL says:

    NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly said the department was looking into the allegation…. YEA AND THE FVKCING EASTER BUNNY IS BLACK

    1. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx says:

      what do you mean Obama is the Easter bunny he delivers the eggs

  10. Nobama says:

    I would also bet his mother did some “favors” to get to her current ranking.

    1. STFU Moron says:

      No, that’s how YOU get ahead (or give head) in the world. Too bad the driver didn’t hit you! I’d pay for his defense if he did! What an a**h*le you are!

  11. kendra says:

    uno that is not right that he could away with that stuff u can,t go around hitting people with your car and then try and get away with it .i say son of a cop or not he aint excempt from going to jail inany way shape or form …he needs to go to jail just like the regular people.forget that favortism stuff.

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