Elderly Man’s Remains Found In Yonkers Home As Many As 8 Years After His Death

Police: House Piled High With Filth; Daughter Institutionalized

YONKERS (CBSNewYork) — It is a real house of horrors.

Police have confirmed the discovery of human remains inside — from an elderly person who passed away years ago.

CBS 2’s Derricke Dennis has learned a house on Alexander Avenue is piled high inside with trash, mold and other debris.

Neighbors said a woman in her 60s lived there with her father, who was in his 90s and suffering from cancer. They said the daughter went into a mental ward Thursday, and according to police she told a caretaker her dad was dead in the house.

1010 WINS’ Terry Sheridan Reports From Yonkers

Police showed up Thursday night, but because of the filth inside they couldn’t go in without a full-scale HAZMAT team. That team was assembled Friday morning, and the elderly man’s remains were found already decomposed on a bedroom floor.

Neighbors said the daughter should be held responsible.

“The dad supposedly died in the house, and she never did anything about it, just let him rot away,” said 81-year-old Adele Gottron.

“The father just happened to disappear one day, and nobody knew what happened to him. She kept saying he was fine, in a nursing home, then upstate,” neighbor David Welch added.

It’s unclear exactly how long the home had been neglected or the last time it was cleaned, but police said the human remains may have been in the house for between three and eight years.

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One Comment

  1. nyc says:

    There are sooo many mentally ill people living and walking the streets of New York ,it’s really scary ! Being a New Yorker my entire life, I just don’t remember so many crazy and dangerous people out there , at least 30+ yrs ago you could tell who the crazies were – now you can’t tell !

  2. Gross says:

    Better check the neighbors house too. For them not to smell him all that time or check to see if he was alive after all the times they claimed to have asked about him really makes you wonder.

  3. kendra says:

    i am telling youy that would must have been really sick to actully leave her father lkaying on the floor that many years and how could she stand the stence that decomposed remains give of after a certain number of weeks having been there so many weeks the body starts to rot.

  4. AvaGrace says:

    The daughter could not have been too crazy if she was articulate enough to lie about where he was.
    It’s just like my dad said, people act smart when they need to act smart and dumb when they need to act dumb.

    1. Hermann says:

      ava grace; One can assume that her actions would be indictative of her menal state. We can speculate from that point.

  5. T says:

    how often do you pay attention to your neighbors?!

    In fact, due to the condition of her backyard overrun with junk, her neighbors had been making complaints to the city to have her clean it up. when she could not/did not comply, the city hauled away a ton of junk from her backyard. Also, other complaints had been made about the smell.

    Neighbors have asked her about her father and she always said “he was doing very well”

    what more could have been done?!

    1. Hermann says:

      T- it may very well be that the elderly women was not in a physical state to perform the task of cleaning -up the back yard, or to hire someone to perform the task–because she did not have the funds to pay for the clean-up.Since her actions would be considered as abnormal, we could understand the situation as a whole. Get off the NARROW path,ask yourself if there are any other possibilities– YES, other possibilities exist. Best Regards.

      1. T says:

        Herman-that has nothing to do with what i had said in reply to “AlsoElderly.” my point was that you cant blame the neighbors. her neighbors arent judging her, and have tried to be observant and concerned…but you cant break down someone’s door if they dont want your help.
        other possibilities always exist, i was only defending the neighbors who were being judged themselves.
        The woman obvious had a problem……whatever her reasons were for doing what she did or how she lived is her business. and the neighbors did offer to clean her backyard. when that didnt work, complaints were put in to the city.
        its a sad situation all around. all that really matters is that she is getting help. my prayers are with her and her deceased father.

  6. Eric Fürst says:

    Just when you think you’ve heard it all this article about a decomposing corpse, Doomsday coming May 2011 and the deranged naked man on the Bronx subway.

  7. AlsoElderly says:

    GREAT neighbors! Did the mentally ill elderly woman have the sanity — OR the money??? — for a funeral? Did they ask city social services to check on and help her?

    1. Neighbor says:

      Yes we did…I called Adult Protective Services 4yrs ago. Ms Swensen resisted all their efforts to reach out to her. I was informed that is virtually impossible to enter someones home uninvited. Hence, we went with the building code, garbage violations, fire prevention, animal control avenues in our efforts to get her help. I have been relentless in my efforts to help her. I begged her, I pleaded with her, I offered to pay for her cleanup..NOTHING WORKED… I certainly hope you don’t ever live next door to a hoarder or wake up to rats looking in your windows, or sit in your garden only to be devoured with mosquitos etc. You’d be lucky to have neighbors like us. I hope Christine gets the help she needs…She should be pitied and may her dad finally rest in peace.

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