Poll: 1 In 3 Young New Yorkers Plans To Move Out Of State

What's Worse, 25% Of Adults Say They're Out In 5 Years

ALBANY, N.Y. (CBSNewYork/AP) — A New York poll provides grim evidence of a continuing exodus from the state, once the national leader in manufacturing and other high-paying jobs.

The NY1-YNN-Marist College poll released Thursday night finds 1 in 3 New Yorkers under age 30 plans to move to another state at some time, while 1 in 4 adults overall plans an exodus from the Empire State within five years.

“Right now, many young people do not see their future in New York state,” said Marist pollster Lee Miringoff. “Unchecked, this threatens to drain the state of the next generation.”

According to the survey, most of those who plan to move will do so because of economic reasons including jobs, the cost of living, and taxes. Although the recession has been officially over for months, many New Yorkers still feel the worst is yet to come.

Thirty-seven percent of New Yorkers polled feel the economy is getting worse, up from 31 percent in February’s poll. The number who feels the economy is improving dropped to 16 percent, from 19 percent in February.

About half believe the economy is about the same as it was four months ago.

Miringoff said New Yorkers apparently don’t see themselves in a sluggish rebound with the rest of the country, but in a sluggish economy that won’t quickly change.

The American Legislative Exchange Council reported that New York lost 1.9 million residents from 1998 to 2007, most of them young and educated.

The poll questioned 941 adults from April 25 to April 29. It had a margin of error of plus or minus 3.5 points.

Are times that tough that you would consider leaving New York State? Please offer your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. Ralph Fucetola Jd says:

    Wonder if 1/3 of the young people of Moscow wanted to leave just before the collapse of the USSR… if you want to consider an intentional community in the temperate highlands of Panama: http://www.naturalsolutionsfoundation.org

  2. guide6 says:

    Don’t come to Maine! We don’t like you!

  3. Wolf says:

    If American municipalities and Government agencies were forced to buy American manufactured products, such as cars, buses, trucks, so many more Americans would have good paying jobs. By allowing our govenments to buy overseas is what causes the companies to send jobs overseas.

  4. M. B. Cleary says:

    It’s the greedy Landlords that are doing it for most of us rent’s
    are absurd and Condo’s prohibitive in cost.

    1. Dale Auburn says:

      So landlords are “greedy” for trying to actually COVER THEIR COSTS? Do you propose that landlords be legally required to operate at a loss?

  5. jerseyjoey says:

    Like i said for Years, where ever there are democrats and liberals running the show you have a mess of taxes and communistic laws, NYC is a pit, 1 out of 3 is a very generous stat, New jersey is even worse Most all young people here are leaving not threating too. Property taxes you pay feed the liberals dream of a Illegal Imigrent america: who needs papers or work just go to new jersey for free everything and to NYC for premium health care on the tax payers of Americs Back, Just deport first if they come back, ship them all to a liberals home and let them support them with thier money.

    1. Nick L 9075 says:

      I don’t know where you are in NYC or NJ (or who even took this “Poll”) but it seems to me the opposite. NYC & North Jersey (pretty much the entire NYC metro area) are great if you are under 35, have a Wall Street or good union job or otherwise are the trustafarian type. People who are older who aren’t as fortunate or who don’t have parents & other family members to bankroll them are GTHO. .

      Think about it paying $1,500 + a month in rent for a studio in Queens or even in Jersey City NJ along with the absurd ‘15% brokers fee’ is crazy along with the highest utility & car insurance rates that just continue to go up

  6. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx says:

    White flight hits another major American city and will leave it a waste land except for Manhattan

  7. Dale Auburn says:

    If everybody leaves the suburbs, where will NYC get its cops and firefighters? (Remember that actual city residents aren’t eligible for those jobs.)

  8. nyc says:

    As someone ( middle class ) who has lived in NYC almost my entire life, I have to agree with you 100%. People don’t remember that back in the late 70’s a nice one bedroom apt. in nyc ran about $600-$1200 dollars a month and the city was a friendlier place to live ! With millions of Illegal immigrants, cheap labor in the city , it has lost it’s American personality ! No more middle class. Rich , poor and illegal.

  9. Joseph B says:

    We moved out of NY three years ago and went to NJ. The best move we ever made. The taxes and laws in NJ are not half as bad as they are in NY. Utilities are less taxes are less. an gas is cheaper . Only property tax is the highest in NJ. So rent don`t own. Even paying the high tolls in and out of NY to go to work is still costing us less. We have hundreds of dollars more in our pockets rather then in NY city`s or NY states pockets. Eventually NJ will catch up to NY, but hopefully that will be years down the road. In the mean time you can live and breath a little better for a while. and the schools are great for your kids, no matter what you hear about NJ.

  10. A says:

    We relocated 120 miles away from NYC. Next stop will be out of NYS altogether. The cost of living is absurd. At this rate the wealthy of NY will have to find a way to service themselves. No more shops etc… etc…

  11. zagwee says:

    lol can you blame them? The cost of living in NY compered to what you can make is absurd at best.


  12. Alek says:

    Good point Greg. I know personaly at least a dozen of people who are planning to move out from NY for the last 10 years, but are still here. NY has a healthy balance between jobs and salaries and one that cant afford it should move somewhere else. People (most of them not eally looking to work) who are screaming the most live in rent stabilized/controled apartments , and got squeezed by higher costof living and inability to sublet their cheap apartments for market rent forever (landlords and eviction judges) got smarter

  13. T.G. TRAPP says:

    5 YEARS !!!???

  14. miracle says:

    “A New York poll provides grim evidence of a continuing exodus from the state, once the national leader in manufacturing and other high-paying jobs.”

    The above quote from the article illustratesthat the people follow the JOBS. Many of the former NY residents never find happiness, at least in terms of where they’re living, because NAFTA and the other “free trade” agreements have moved the JOBS to the spots on earth were people can be made to work for pennis a day.

    NAFTA, did we hafta?

  15. Robof67 says:

    Since the population of 1975 NYC to the population of 2010 NYC only 42% of the original New Yorkers remain, wether they be offspring of the original or current living… The number one problem is that it is extremely expensive to live here. This high cost of living is mainly attributed to the cost of rental/mortgage, financing, insurance, and the main reason, is the taxes…. NYC is dragging down the entire state…. the only real private sector work you really see here is menial factory labor, retail, and if you live in the city – investor, or government work. The liberal base has decimated the qualitative life for families now for over 40 years …. Its now a singles haven and a swinger anything goes town. Skilled labor and Mfg are just about extinct… Schools teach way more academics than vocation from the time i was growing up, since back in the 70/80’s to now, and city jobs are the only real source of income, and that is dependent upon private sector economics….. A simple economic rule of thumb… as the private sector goes, so does the public sector…….. High taxation is the real job killer here!

  16. Penny Brown says:

    Affordable rents are hard to find in NYC. The politicians are in the hands of the real estate lobby which continues to gouge renters as if there is no end to the gravy train they are on.

    Now the pay back will come as New Yorkers flee to other places to find cheaper houses and rents. It’s just that simple. Not everyone in NYC is a millionaire who can pluck down more than one million for a 1000 square foot home when houses in CT go for $200-250 per square foot.

  17. Greg says:

    There is a big difference between PLANNING to move out of state and CONSIDERING moving. It is all in how you ask the question. This is also why most polls are stupid and pointless

  18. Nick9075 NYC says:

    Was this poll for the entire state or just the NYC area?? Seems like it is the opposite in the NYC metro area. More people under the age of 30 are moving to the area (and somehow paying the $2,000 + a month rents OUTSIDE of Manhattan for a one bedroom) and older people are looking to move due to the soaring cost of living and soaring utility rates & car insurance rates to say nothing of property taxes or co-op maintenance fees for example. NY isn’t worth it if you aren’t making $150,000 a year per person now.

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