Bloomberg, NYC Taking Action Against 15 Illegal Hotels

NEW YORK (AP) – New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is announcing the results of a crackdown on illegal hotels.

Bloomberg said Sunday that the city has taken action against 15 illegally converted hotels since May 1, when a new state law targeting illegal hotels went into effect. He said vacate orders were issued at eight of the locations.

City inspectors found one three-family house in Brooklyn occupied by 44 guests. They said the building had no sprinkler or fire alarm system.

Bloomberg said owners of illegal hotels put profits above safety. He promised that city officials will continue to do all they can to enforce the laws against them.

New York State Sen. Liz Krueger said the crackdown on illegal hotels will significantly improve the security and quality of life of New Yorkers.

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  • Frank Rizzo

    This is truly an insult to the average working joe who can’t afford to own hotels.

  • saveLivesKillADoc

    it’s normal, socialists fighting small business. The greatest city in the world shouldn’t have inexpensive housing

  • None Of Your Business

    I don’t know why some of the people commenting seem to be in favor of these illegal hotels. They do not meet building codes and fire codes. They are dangerous. If there’s a fire, people have no way of escaping and they get burned alive. The illegal hotels should be put out of business.

    • Huge Fan of Danger

      It makes for a more exciting stay here in Gotham.

  • AL

    Notice how Bloomberg keeps putting the squeeze on average people trying to survive here, be it from local shops and places of interest or property taxes. For enterprising middle class people trying to etch out a living he puts them in a chokehold, meanwhile the rich are getting carte blanche….

  • Mississauga Hotels

    This is really a great thing to avoid the bad hotels. I like your post.

  • Trumph Trumph

    I knowfor a fact 5 of those Hotel r not illegal, He closed 15 hotel, but he’s not talking about the 12 new hotel he opening around the city. Mr Bloomberg is just money hungry

  • egc

    If it doesnt serve business, it doesn’t serve Bloomberg. How’s hisl How’s his portfolio doing?

  • zagwee

    Sounds like Bloomberg has WAY too much spare time on his hands lol.

  • carlrosen

    These little hotel spaces are better than living in a tree in Guyana….

  • HUGO

    Bloomberg is a total moron. I wish he would go back to Boston and never come back.

  • kendra

    i have know idea idea why any1 would want to live in those inhabital places goes something cause wrong then the city shouldn,t get blamed for it cause it is illigal to live in at any point in time.

    • Come to papa, you

      Your command of written English makes my pants tight.

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