Sordid New Details Emerge In Sex Assault Case Against IMF Director

Strauss-Kahn Known As 'The Great Seducer' To The French

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — He’s one of the most powerful men in the world, but Monday night Dominique Strauss-Khan was locked in a tiny an 11 x 13 foot Riker’s Island Jail cell with just a bed, toilet, sink and plastic cup.

The International Monetary Fund Director pleaded not guilty at Manhattan Criminal Court Monday at his arraignment. He is accused of trying to rape a housekeeper at a luxury hotel in Midtown.

Judge Melissa Jackson ordered Strauss-Kahn, 62, to be held without bail pending a grand jury investigation into the charges — which include attempted rape, sex abuse, a criminal sex act, unlawful imprisonment and forcible touching. The top count is punishable by five to 25 years in prison.

Click here to read the criminal complaint against Strauss-Kahn.

Kahn stands accused of sexually assaulting a housekeeper at the Sofitel Hotel in Manhattan.

A 32-year-old hotel worker told police she went in to clean what she thought was an empty, $3,000-a-night luxury suite. Police say the woman claims Strauss-Kahn came out of the bathroom naked.

According to the criminal complaint, Strauss-Kahn forcibly grabbed the woman’s breasts, attempted to pull down her pantyhouse and fondle her, CBS 2’s Tony Aiello reported.  Police say the woman told them he chased her down a hallway before dragging her into a bedroom. The woman told police he sexually assaulted her there, but she managed to fight him off.

However, the woman claims he then dragged her into the bathroom and forced her to perform oral sex on him. He tried, according to the woman, to remove her underwear. She managed to break free, and reported the incident to hotel staff.

The man who the French call “the great seducer” was questioned for hours by investigators and picked out of a lineup by his accuser.

In court Monday, Strauss-Kahn wore a blue shirt open at the collar. He appeared to have a faint stubble and kept a grim demeanor. Defense attorneys had suggested bail be set at $1 million and promised the IMF managing director would remain in New York City.

However, citing that Strauss-Khan could be a potential flight risk, prosecutors likened him to Roman Polanski, who lives comfortably in Europe after facing sex charges in California.

Prosecutors said Strauss-Kahn’s position as IMF head had taken him out of the country previously and that the IMF leader was wealthy and doesn’t live in New York.

1010 WINS’ Steve Sandberg reports: Defense Attorneys Deny Strauss-Kahn Is A Flight Risk

“He has almost no incentive to stay in this country and every incentive to leave,” Assistant District Attorney John A. McConnell said. “If he went to France, we would have no legal mechanism to guarantee his return to this country.”

Strauss-Kahn heads the IMF, which oversees the global financial system and plays a central role in setting global exchange rates. He was widely seen as a frontrunner in the upcoming election for the French presidency.

Since his arrest, the IMF has appointed an interim chief.

Detectives arrived at the hotel room quickly, but he was already gone, but found Strauss-Kahn’s cellphone there. An NYPD spokesman said “It looked like he got out of there in a hurry.”

Police told hotel employees what to say in the event Strauss-Kahn should call for his phone. Sure enough, he did call the hotel and ask after the phone. They said they had it and he could come collect it. That’s when he told them he was about to take off on a flight to France, authorities say.

Police hauled him off an Air France jet at Kennedy Airport 10 minutes before takeoff.

Defense attorney Benjamin Brafman says it’s wildly inconsistent to suggest that he was fleeing the country, since his client wouldn’t very well call the hotel and tell them where he was if he was trying to flee.

“This battle has just begun. We believe and will prove in our judgement Mr. Strauss-Kahn is innocent of these charges. We think this case is very defensible,” Brafman said.

After Kahn’s arrest, the French Socialist Party released a statement.

“The news from New York tonight struck us like a thunder bolt. I am, like everyone else, shocked, astounded. I ask that we wait for the facts, respect the presumption of innocence and maintain decency,” the party said.

A woman in France who claims she was sexually assaulted by Strauss-Kahn nine years ago says she will now pursue a complaint against him, according to her attorney.

Tristane Banon didn’t file suit earlier owing to pressure, her attorney David Koubbi said.

Three years ago, the married father of four admitted to an affair with a younger co-worker.

His wife Anne Sinclair, a New York-born French news reporter, stood by him then and now released a statement.

“I do not believe for a single second the allegations leveled against my husband.  I do not doubt his innocence will be established.  I appeal for restraint and decency,” Sinclair said.

Sinclair since jumped on a plane to come to New York to support her husband.

What’s your reaction to the allegation that one of the world’s top bankers tried to assault a hotel maid? Sound off in our comments section below…


One Comment

  1. Chucky Brown says:

    And that, friend, is why you also remain…hilarious.

  2. Joseph Durocher says:

    Where is the sympathy for this man? Can you imagine the depression he must be suffering right now?

    I’m tempted to send him a cake – with a rope in it.

  3. Al Sharpton says:

    Gonna march on the streets of Paris

  4. Gaul Girl says:

    Bin Laden was recently killed by Americans at point-blank range while he could be captured! In our contry France we say : Well ordered justice begins with one even ! Terrorism is not it the worst rape of a nation ,

  5. Gaul Girl says:

    Diplomatic incident on the popularity of the french kiss as well as french lovers ; of whom Americans are fond…Just wait and see !!!

  6. lulu says:

    I think it’s ironic that in November of 1998 November 22, The Observer reported on a $5000 a night call girl ring. Many well known politicians, athletes and movie stars were interogated by the French vice squad in Paris. Caans anyone?

  7. Mr Shyster says:

    Hi everyone. It’s your above average unethical, unscrupulous lawyer.

    You’ve heard the phrase “Let’s make a deal”. Think about it. Example:
    The church clergy sex scandals involving those alter boys has reached
    $3 billion dollars in settlements (shut up money).

    Perhaps a cash settlement (shut up money) from the IMF could bring this
    episode to an amicable conclusion. Just divert cash funds from some country
    in financial trouble, no body will notice.

    My pager just buzzed. It’s another “he said-she said” sex scandal case.
    Business has been brisk….Gota run.

  8. KarlLafong says:

    The French are a funny race. They fight with their feet and F*** with their face.

  9. Roger B says:

    DSK is entitled to a fair trial and it appears that he is not getting one.
    A justice system that is fair does not parade an accused that has not been tried in handcuffs and a Judge that respects herself should not have denied bail to a man who is not a flight risk. The Roman Polanski case had nothing to do with this case and the invocation of that case by the prosecutors was disgusting and inaccurate. There is a Treaty on Extradition with France, it did not apply to Polanski because the matter was “statutory” rape and that is not covered by the Treaty. I am surprised the high priced lawyer of DSK could not clarify the point to the very provincial judge.

  10. Cindy Merrill says:

    What I heard: There was blood on the sheets, indicating a violent rape took place. That doesn’t sound like a set up, if those reports are true
    Save your sympathy for that poor maid- horrible ordeal.

  11. career says:

    Innocent until proven guilty of course…but please do not blame the housekeeper. As someone who knows the routine of cleaning rooms at hotels said, the housekeeper is given a list of rooms to clean, and that is what they do to earn an honest living. If this has happened, can you at least think how outrageous it is for someone to be sexually assaulted by a powerful person who can get away with it. The mere fact that this man is being held at Rikers Island says that the allegations are serious.

  12. ronke says:

    Innocent until proven guilty of course…but please do not blame the housekeeper. As someone who knows the routine of cleaning rooms at hotels said, the housekeeper is given a list of rooms to clean, and that is what they do to earn an honest living. If this has happened, can you at least think how outrageous it is for someone to be sexually assaulted by a powerful person who can get away with it. The mere fact that this man is being held at Riker’s Island says that the allegations are serious.

  13. DR. MENGLE,GOT TWINS? says:


  14. BPF says:

    My first gut instinct is that the maid is telling the truth…Why would she put herself through this if it were not so……This French aristocrat had a moment of madness, he has a pattern of past similar repulsive and degrading behavior towards women. He is a pig. Frenchmen and Frenchwomen have a certain pre-conditioning that is engrained firmly in their cultural behaviors towards sex. As sex mean nothing to the French, as they have multiple partners all the time,……he probably thought that no one would ever believe the “poor maid”, (most likely a hard working class immigrant woman just trying to put food on the table for her family” ‘I will always root for the underdog, never the elite, never the aristocrats, never the politicians, never the rich and never corporate America etc etc…. I do feel though that if he were not such a high level name, that he would have received bail. It looks like the judge had some bias in this legal matter because of his name. Between this guy and the 2 cops who raped the woman in the east village its all too much, I can’t read the news anymore, I have decided to become a nun and join the Sisters of Mercy in Calcutta…….
    Au Revoir my dear friends et merci beaucoup……!

  15. joao says:

    This stinks to high heaven. He could be guilty, but it just does not sound right. A man like would have to be pretty stupid. If he did it, no sympathy here, but let’s hold off jugdment until we know the facts. He did not try to get off, why would anyone trying to flee call the hotel for the cell phone,and why would he give them his location. The cop that said he looked like he was in a hurry must be the type that shoves brooms up people’s rears as some other new york cops have done in the past. How could he say thqt if the person fleeing is telling them where he is? Must be one of those dumb cops.

    1. PIKE BISHOP JR. says:


  16. Liberty and Justice For All says:

    The bigger they are, the bigger are their mistakes, and the harder they fall!

    He is learning that American law is not French law, and, that most American judges cannot be bought. Equality under the law…..Hooray for the USA.

  17. Bill Hoyler says:

    He’s probably gotten away with htis numerous times before. His word against a maid’s? He must figure he defecates strawberry ice cream and can take whatever he wants including women at his pleasure. If he wasn’t guilty why’d the cops have to haul him off a plane 10 minutes before departure? The innocent don’t run. He’ll wiggle out of it and the French will elect him. Mark my words.

  18. thor's hammer says:

    thank goodness he was remanded without bail. he does not qualify for diplomatic immunity. his first victim in france is now going to file charges. american justice. horses who are out of control are gelded. crime does not pay in america “mon ami.” justice for the victim!

  19. Nick says:

    quote: The man who the French call “the great seducer”

    So this is what the french considers to be Seduction. Would explain a lot of things about french skanks.

  20. Shore says:

    Welcome to Rikers,

  21. Nick says:

    “man who the French call ‘the great seducer'”

    So this is what the French considers seduction. I was always confused by those french skanks. Kind of makes sense now.

  22. PIKE BISHOP JR. says:

    now the old bloated toad is the rickers island rabbit to boyo not back to your burrow in France..straight to hell..your own jail..better they put this french trash in a zoo..where him and his kind belong..

  23. DR. MENGLE,GOT TWINS? says:


  24. Al-Qaeda says:

    Put Dominique in general population at Rikers.

  25. Jakoo7 says:

    Case has ELLIOT SPITZER written all over it.

  26. momma says:

    An innocent man does not run from his accuser. He has a history of being a sexual predator and there is a huge file on him in France. He needs to get help for his serious mental illness and taken off the streets to prevent further attacks on other women.

  27. Vic says:

    Even Pepe Le Pew has more class than this pig of a Frenchman. Guilty! Glad they got him before the plane took off then forget about getting his A$$ back to NY!

  28. Intellibronc says:

    This will make him dictator of france forever. In the leftist world, this is a career enhancement….Wake Up Sheeple!!!

  29. aimery says:

    the guy is now getting sued by another woman in France. Apparently his wife does not get it.
    He was censored vy the IMF for having an affair with a subordinate who got promoted – this is not sexual harassment.

    He was also sued in France for an alleged illegal payment he received from the French Student mutual insurance.
    Police established he had created a fake invoice to justify the payment. He falsely claimed he was cleared by the court.
    in fact there was no trial. The case was dropped because the statute of limitations applied.

  30. Cajun Joe says:

    Here is a little song he can sing while he’s in the lock-up:

    People still talk about Cajun Joe –Bully of the Bijou: He’d fight anything, a beast or man, in Bijou water or on dry land. He won a battle at his victory. He became the Bully of the Bijou. Every body knew he was the Bully of Bijou. Any man’s pride, he could whoop him, with one hand tied. He was a fightin son-of-gun. All the pretty girls thought he could whoop the world. People still talk about big Mom-Moo. Cajun Joe picked on a little one, at his regret. Cajun Joe swung a mighty blow. He aimed for the head, but he swung to low. Then it was time for Fais Do Do. We dance, we laugh, with the pretty girls, and eat anything that goes.

    1. DR. MENGLE,GOT TWINS? says:

      this is a song? your a drunkin idiot..must have gotten real wet when your government flooded your home down on de bayo boyo..cajun shome what do ya really know?dumb as a doorknob and a big grin to pass the day away..


    How do you say,” Don’t drop the soap”, in Frog?

  32. Roy says:

    Stop defending this low life.he has a history of sexual assault,and thought his position would protect him,just like in France,then he tried to abscond to a country with no extradiction treaty, give me a break you excuse makers

  33. zagwee says:

    Looks like the Kangaroo Courts are getting poised to throw the book at him!

  34. Ron V says:

    Do you know what Frenchmen do after making love? They go home!

    1. Gaul Girl says:

      No they smoke…

  35. Joe Kerr says:

    Beeks??? Has anyone seen Beeks???

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