Strauss-Kahn To Resign IMF Post, May Get $1 Million Bail

Electronic Monitoring Likely To Be Required While In NYC

Updated at 12:46 a.m., May 19, 2011

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) – Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the head of the International Monetary Fund who was arrested in New York City for alleged sexual assault, has a court hearing scheduled for Thursday morning to seek his release on bail.

A court administrator says the hearing concerns a special application on behalf of Strauss-Kahn.  Citing a source, CBS 2’s Tony Aiello reported that the International Monetary Fund chief could be out of prison by Thursday by posting $1 million bail and subjecting himself to electronic monitoring while remaining in the Big Apple.

Late Wednesday night the IMF said its embattled managing director intends to resign, effective immediately.

The IMF’s executive board released a letter from the French executive in which he denied the allegations lodged against him but said that with “great sadness” he felt compelled to resign. He said he was thinking of his family and that he wanted to protect the IMF.

A judge had held Strauss-Kahn without bail on Monday. He has been charged with attempted rape, sex abuse, a criminal sex act, unlawful imprisonment and forcible touching, punishable by five to 25 years in prison.

Click here to read the criminal complaint against Strauss-Kahn.

Strauss-Kahn is accused of trying to rape a housekeeper at a Midtown luxury hotel. The 32-year-old single mother from West Africa says Strauss-Kahn sexually assaulted her when she entered what she thought was an empty penthouse suite at the Sofitel Hotel.

The French politician has been placed on a suicide watch while being held in at Rikers Island.  That includes having to wear shoes without laces, a jumpsuit instead of drawstring pants and being placed under increased observation.

“When you come into the system, you are evaluated by doctors, psychologists and they deem it necessary to put a suicide watch on him,” explained Norman Seabrook, president of the New York City Corrections Officers Benevolent Association. “So he’s watched and monitored 24-hours a day.”

Seabrook, who is also a corrections officer at Rikers Island where Strauss-Kahn is being held, says the IMF chief is being treated just like other inmate.

Meanwhile, grand jurors were meeting at Manhattan Criminal Court Wednesday considering indictments against Strauss-Kahn.  The 23 grand jurors were expected to hear from all available witnesses, including the alleged victim herself, her co-workers, security officers from the hotel and the medical personnel who examined her at St. Luke’s Hospital.

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said authorities were still working the case.

“Detectives investigating this case found the complainant to be credible,” Kelly said.

Two law enforcement officials told the Associated Press on condition of anonymity that investigators were using a piece of hotel room carpet to create a forensic trail in the case.

The officials say the carpet was cut from a place where the maid says she spit after being forced to have oral sex with Strauss-Kahn.

Investigators believe the carpet may contain the financial leader’s semen, which would be crucial forensic evidence that would back up the charges.

Since his arrest, reports began to develop that the accuser was HIV positive, the Post reported earlier this week that she lived in a Bronx apartment exclusively for adults with HIV or AIDS.

But her attorney Jeffrey Shapiro said Wednesday that she was only subletting that apartment and does not have HIV.

“She feels like she can’t go home, feels like she’s been excised from her life, doesn’t know what her future will bring and doesn’t know how she can ever resume a life, much less how to deal with having been assaulted and raped,” Shapiro said.

The defense has also floated a theory that any sex was consensual, something flatly rejected by Shapiro.

‘There was nothing about any aspect of this encounter between this young woman and the defendant which was remotely consensual,” he said.

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One Comment

  1. alan says:

    maid left hotel door open when she went in to clean it



    Yep!! and from all reports that the first thing he went to LOCK and BLOCK is the DOOR.

  2. beau says:

    maid left hotel door open when she went in to clean it

  3. Antoine Dotson says:

    If you leave the country…

    “We gon’ find you…..and you can run and tell that homeboy!”

    1. kevin rasmussen says:


      1. Antoine Dotson says:

        I think this mystery has been solved!

  4. Andy says:

    He will fly back to France so fast and laugh his ass off if released on bail!
    It is true no one can be forced to give oral sex. If you give it, you enjoyed it!

    1. kevin rasmussen says:

      You are Vile. How do you know did you try?

  5. John Corn says:

    You don’t qualify for the jury and don’t have the smarts to d\get into law school (perhaps lucky.)

  6. kevin rasmussen says:

    Susan B, how does a weapon facilitate oral sex and why can’t a small woman be physically over powered and or threatened with dead by bare hands?

  7. john262 says:

    He was set up by his political enemies. This will all come out eventually. He is innocent of all charges.

    1. Iman Azol says:

      Including the socialist woman who claims a prior incident? Really, it’s hysterical listening to bleats of the vast, right wing conspiracy setting up every lefticle in the world with sex charges. It could be he’s just a narcissistic sociopath in a position of authority. Not that that personality type EVER seeks power.

      I bet Arnie was set up, too.

  8. jock-strap-con says:

    I hope he gets a cell next to Madoff after they convict him. Why is this maid “subletting” an apartment provided via charity for AIDS infected people? Its another housing scam obviously. An AIDS person gets a cheapo apartment because they contracted a disease so the rent is lowered for whatever reason. they then sublet it for a profit – brilliant. Why not make money off your infection right? Stay classy NYC – Tom Wolfe is looking at his dog-eared copy of “Bonfire of the Vanities” and wishing he had been this creative.

  9. xerakis says:

    At the end of the day he’s a stinking socilaist/liberal/democrat, they see people as things to be be taxed for there own revenue and used for there own means…. he is only a reflection of the Left in general. Utterly pathetic!

  10. TomS says:

    What will happen if he does leave the country and still runs for French President, then wins? May the diplomatic sh-t hit the fan…

  11. Terry Furlough says:

    A rich Jew raping an HIV infected Muslim widow in NYC??? Oh boy.. just what the Muslim Brotherhood needs for recruiting purposes..

  12. TK says:

    Demjanjuk karma.

  13. Mark Richardson says:

    That idiot Judge doesn’t know a danged thing about money. This jerk has a million in his WALLET.

  14. Chinaz says:

    Another banker buying its way pout of justice.

  15. marjorie says:

    I thought about this situation and what puzzles me is the fact that whenever I stay at a hotel a maid never, never comes in when I am in the room. They just open the door a little and if they call or see you they simply say that they will return later. Why did this maid go into the room?

  16. M. Frederick Black, Ph.D. says:

    When she submits to a lie detector test I might be persuaded that there is a germ of truth in what she says. Otherwise, it’s all heresay. This is not to suggest that sex did not occur. Let us grant that it did. But unless there is incontrovertible evidence that forcible rape occurred it is just like Bernie Madoff who told his friends that he was going to get Elliott Spitzer months before it happened.

  17. rodelue says:

    The US should offer him his freedom in exchange to the IMF forgiving USA’s external debt.
    ….. just kidding.

  18. Gold Digger says:

    She did better than winning the lottery… she can retire very comfortably back in Africa.

  19. rodeleu says:

    You said that right Chris.

  20. Chris Kerby says:

    I think all you republicans are just scared because now we have a president who is a REAL human being, with care and concern in his heart about where our future is headed, not some drunken illiterate robot that plays back what is read to him (I’m referring to Bush) who’s family is full of thieves and con artists and drug addicts and is only concerned about oil profits. You’re scared because his care is going to lead us in a direction where you see no profit. You’re scared because you dont know how to live on little means and still be completely content. You don’t really know the meaning of HARD WORK. And those hard workers out there who THINK you are republicans? You are very confused because Republicans will eventually rid themselves of this “problematic” middle class and unless you can become real rich real fast, you will end up poor, if not homeless or worse. We need to rid ourselves of the TWO-PARTY system or it will divide us and cause civil war. And brother, you don’t want ME aiming gun at you. Put this stupid perverted PIG in prison where he belongs.

    1. kevin rasmussen says:

      The stupid pig is one of yours!

  21. cdboss says:

    Where is Sharpton and Jackson. Obama sucks and so does Michelle the cow. The two kids are going to be maids in Kenya. and still they

    1. enough says:

      you are such a coward… you are hiding behind this post to just express hatred and let go your frustrations. I recommend you see some kind of counseling.

  22. Harold Chernofsky says:

    hope he says his bruchas at rikers

  23. Harold Chernofsky says:

    2 words lorrena bobbit

  24. aerodisgustale says:

    Okay, I get it. NYC single, available woman. She walks in, sees a short, fat, naked, old gray man (have seen these guys jiggling at the gym?). Says to herself, ‘I gotta have that’ and immediately puts it down on him. Sure, consensual sounds reasonable to me.

    1. rochellegigi says:

      yes those saggy old man boobs get me every time. it really is not a joking matter. i read he was not going to be giventhe chance to post bail.

  25. vom says:

    To me, it seems a 32 year old African woman could easily gut this old man in about 2 seconds.

    1. Terry Furlough says:

      Shes Muslim

  26. JimiBob says:

    Why am I not surprised, he is from France.

  27. Ray says:

    Unfortanatly he will walk. To much cash involved. He should hang just like all Prevs should.

  28. Rick says:

    This POS should be on assisted suicide watch.

  29. Inspector Clouseau says:


    The POOR guy was SET up by his PEN!S.

    After he leaves jail he will laugh away into the night Roman Polanski style .

  30. ChristieB says:

    Yuck! Is it true that his Defense team is suggesting that she is not attractive enough to have stirred the IMF chief’s coffee? How low can they go.

  31. JusticeBoughtAndPaidfor. says:

    Here we go!!! So much for JUSTICE when you are POOR,,,This maggot will vanish into the wind. if anyone thinks this guy will get whats coming to him in this justice system …. you are sadly mistaken.


  32. Kino Watanabe says:

    $1 Million is chump change to this rich socialist and it has already been sent from his wife in France, as soon as it’s paid he will never be back. Elite’s like this frog need to have a $10 Million bail sent to at least keep their attention.

  33. Pixie says:

    Maybe Bill Clinton can get him a date with Monica Lewinsky after he’s freed. Isn’t she a maid nowadays?

  34. Mike says:

    I could not have said it better. All you say is so true and all of this is the TRUE problems of America and the world. we are ALL controlled by the “bean-counters” and need to shake free of them. Get back to the Gold Standard.
    Yes, Ron Paul for 2012.
    Austin, TX.

  35. harry says:

    To those of you who have no idea how one forces oral sex…. intimidation and threat of violence or worse. Maybe some women have the heart of a lion and would rather die…. my guess is that most would submit. This guy will run and it will only happen with the approval of the feds.

  36. Mark says:

    Is Abe Foxman and his extortion racket the Anti Defamation League raising funds from rich idiots to defend Strauss Kahn from this “anti semitic” accusation? Does Foxman consider Strauss kahn another victim of anti semitism?

    i’m sure the ADL, AJC, AIPAC are going through their donor lists right now looking for paranoid suckers to contribute to Strauss’ Kahan’s defense.

  37. Pixie says:

    Force him to wear the monitoring bracelet squeezed tight around his dìck. Let’s see him try to run off with that!

  38. Steve in CA says:

    Where is the outrage at this man’s apparent racism!!!???? He sees a woman of African descent and feels he has the right to violate her!!!!????? This man seems to be as racist as he is evil!

  39. supersniffy says:

    Timothy Geithner said Strauss-Kahn, “is obviously not in a position to run” the agency.

    This is the pot calling the kettle black….

    1. kevin rasmussen says:

      Good One!

  40. TruckerMatt says:

    Put him away for a long time, and once we prove that Obama provided a computer generated adn forged Certificate of Live Birth we can put the two together..

  41. sam says:

    No different treatment for this rich SOB. Keep all accused rapists behind bars, same as for accused murderers.

  42. RichBarnett says:

    The charges here aren’t so strange to me. Let’s be frank: This sort of thing happens all the time.

    What’s strange is the expediency of it all.

    Why wasn’t the Heath Ledger “cleanup crew” permitted to do their thing? You know what I mean.

    It’s almost reason enough for a reasonable person to assume the worst for “DSK”.

    And, the moving target defense thing isn’t helping his cause. Saying nothing happened and then saying it was not a “forcible” encounter doesn’t portend a good outcome for the defense.

  43. VondaWashington says:

    Didn’t Judge Jackson say she would not re-consider bail for this predator?
    This is so wrong on so many levels it disgusts me.

  44. Christopher Andrew Balsz Jr. says:

    Seal Team 6

    1. dave says:

      probably, trials don’t seem to be important anymore if people generally think you are guilty of something.

    2. beelzebubba says:

      SEALS don’t stoop to gigging Frogs.

  45. Dave Hazelwood says:

    Never fear. If he escapes Obama and Seal Team 6 will get him. When the President does it, it’s not murder.

  46. Mag Wilson says:

    lHe’ll heade stright for El Al. They will put him right on a plane to Isreal, passport or not.

    1. DR. MENGLE,GOT TWINS? says:


    2. rickrosenthalinpa says:

      Aviv, do you think it racist that he encounters an African woman working in what may be considered a ‘menial job’ and decides he can go ahead and have his way with her? If THAT is not racist you cannot make claims that any words may be. I don’t care if he is Jewish, Atheist, Catholic or Protestant. A felon pig is a felon pig.

      1. dandandersleepingman says:

        Go away Cartman

        1. weewilliewinkie says:

          Gee, Dan….you don’t have a horse in this race do ya?

    3. Ivan says:

      No, you are!

    4. marina says:

      Why would Israel want to help this person…No one will want to know him !

  47. lyle says:

    Chump change! The only way this guy will return to the United States is with the diplomatic immunity.

    1. Warren says:

      That’s how much it costs.

  48. lyle says:

    Chump change! The only way this guy will return to the United States is with the automatic immunity.

    1. Zingcone Zinging says:

      The nasty “jew” has taken America & the world!
      Wake the hell up America!

  49. vicfromvolta says:

    Classic NYC defense plant, just. Go blow yourself?

  50. Apply the laws of the United States says:

    If the judge allows this man to post bail he will not stay in New York. For the sake of all that is right and true and for the sake of Justice she must not allow him to post bail. Lady Justice is supposed is blindfolded and symbolic of apply the law evenly.

    This man thought he was above the law and treated a housekeeper worse than an animal. His behavior is digusting and violates human decency.

    I hope the judge does not allow the politics of pricey politically connected lawyers to deter her from applying the JUSTICE the man deserves.

    If the judge has integrity she will stand firm on the law.

    1. Heidi says:

      You have convicted him without even hearing or examining all the evidence.

      1. Rusty Varner says:

        Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said authorities were still working the case.

        “Detectives investigating this case found the complainant to be credible,”

      2. Arany says:

        Heidi, my friend:
        Applying the law evenly is NOT conviction. The evidence is being examined by a Grand Jury even as we speak. The are trying to hold him for TRIAL. If he skips the country, there can be NO trial. Think before you comment.

    2. weed wacker says:

      No doubt he’ll get bail, and no doubt he’ll flee. These crooks know no shame, and little people are just their toys.

    3. Chase says:

      A wise Frenchman once said “justice and the law are remote cousins.” How true!

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