Strauss-Kahn To Resign IMF Post, May Get $1 Million Bail

Electronic Monitoring Likely To Be Required While In NYC

Updated at 12:46 a.m., May 19, 2011

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) – Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the head of the International Monetary Fund who was arrested in New York City for alleged sexual assault, has a court hearing scheduled for Thursday morning to seek his release on bail.

A court administrator says the hearing concerns a special application on behalf of Strauss-Kahn.  Citing a source, CBS 2’s Tony Aiello reported that the International Monetary Fund chief could be out of prison by Thursday by posting $1 million bail and subjecting himself to electronic monitoring while remaining in the Big Apple.

Late Wednesday night the IMF said its embattled managing director intends to resign, effective immediately.

The IMF’s executive board released a letter from the French executive in which he denied the allegations lodged against him but said that with “great sadness” he felt compelled to resign. He said he was thinking of his family and that he wanted to protect the IMF.

A judge had held Strauss-Kahn without bail on Monday. He has been charged with attempted rape, sex abuse, a criminal sex act, unlawful imprisonment and forcible touching, punishable by five to 25 years in prison.

Click here to read the criminal complaint against Strauss-Kahn.

Strauss-Kahn is accused of trying to rape a housekeeper at a Midtown luxury hotel. The 32-year-old single mother from West Africa says Strauss-Kahn sexually assaulted her when she entered what she thought was an empty penthouse suite at the Sofitel Hotel.

The French politician has been placed on a suicide watch while being held in at Rikers Island.  That includes having to wear shoes without laces, a jumpsuit instead of drawstring pants and being placed under increased observation.

“When you come into the system, you are evaluated by doctors, psychologists and they deem it necessary to put a suicide watch on him,” explained Norman Seabrook, president of the New York City Corrections Officers Benevolent Association. “So he’s watched and monitored 24-hours a day.”

Seabrook, who is also a corrections officer at Rikers Island where Strauss-Kahn is being held, says the IMF chief is being treated just like other inmate.

Meanwhile, grand jurors were meeting at Manhattan Criminal Court Wednesday considering indictments against Strauss-Kahn.  The 23 grand jurors were expected to hear from all available witnesses, including the alleged victim herself, her co-workers, security officers from the hotel and the medical personnel who examined her at St. Luke’s Hospital.

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said authorities were still working the case.

“Detectives investigating this case found the complainant to be credible,” Kelly said.

Two law enforcement officials told the Associated Press on condition of anonymity that investigators were using a piece of hotel room carpet to create a forensic trail in the case.

The officials say the carpet was cut from a place where the maid says she spit after being forced to have oral sex with Strauss-Kahn.

Investigators believe the carpet may contain the financial leader’s semen, which would be crucial forensic evidence that would back up the charges.

Since his arrest, reports began to develop that the accuser was HIV positive, the Post reported earlier this week that she lived in a Bronx apartment exclusively for adults with HIV or AIDS.

But her attorney Jeffrey Shapiro said Wednesday that she was only subletting that apartment and does not have HIV.

“She feels like she can’t go home, feels like she’s been excised from her life, doesn’t know what her future will bring and doesn’t know how she can ever resume a life, much less how to deal with having been assaulted and raped,” Shapiro said.

The defense has also floated a theory that any sex was consensual, something flatly rejected by Shapiro.

‘There was nothing about any aspect of this encounter between this young woman and the defendant which was remotely consensual,” he said.

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One Comment

  1. MST says:

    Nothing, really.

  2. Flashman1854 says:

    You notice how the victim is described as a “single mother”? This is actually not quite factual: she is a widow. There IS a difference, but the press has their template.

    The appellation “single mother” implies (at least in today’s world) that the child was born out of wedlock. “Widow” usually means any children are legitimate.

  3. Fritz Von says:

    If he’s convicted he’ll be CON-Staruss-Kahn.

  4. figfii says:

    Wow someone hung that dude out to dry!

  5. Adheeb says:

    If this man is released on bail for $1 million …. he’ll never be seen in the USA again. $1 million for this guy is chump change ….. he’ll go free and the court keeps the money. He’s ahead, the court’s ahead, only the victim holds the bag.

    Why not pay the victim the money and see if she’ll drop the charges.

  6. SS McDonald says:

    He’ll skip on any bail set. And he won’t be extradited

  7. Steve says:

    This guy is so gone when he gets out of jail

  8. Scott says:

    Actually, if you listen to the description of the crime, it would make a great comedy movie…

  9. Robert says:

    What is the head of the IMF in a hotel room without security? Why was ONLY one maid entering a $3000 a night room? Seriously.. something is not right about this picture? Sure we may not agree to his IMF policies, etc.. but please everyone stop accusing someone without the facts.. one day it maybe you. We need to stand up for justice – forgiveness and focus on the important issues.. while we are all watching this.. who is going to be the next head of the IMF? What policies are being implemented to ensure that the IMF is working for the people and NOT the bankers, speculators and opportunists. The benefit of labor belongs to labor! NOT THE FINANCIAL SYSTEM..

  10. bat says:

    in africa women have no say in sexual matters .whatever DSK did is considered normal.let us not forget that he has NORTH AFRICAN ROOTS and it is even worse there

  11. Seymore says:

    Never fails…big money tries to (and can) get anything…I hope the judge has ethics and denies bail…….as soon as he is free…private jet and out of the country. America wake up….if this person was an American in Europe – no bail and left in jail until trial….why should he get a different treatment…..Hang the international politics

  12. Marty says:

    Just another yellow bellied FROG. Hey dont forget the Seals motto “One Shot One Kill” I think this FROGneeds to be put in the general population then he will know what rape fells like.

  13. Philip221 says:

    Something stinks here, and not the French man, this seems like a set up. Be suspicious of everything and lets follow the money trail and see if goes back to the maid.

  14. Michael says:

    This poor guy. I personally doubt all this went down like the media is portraying. Who knows, but one thing for certain is that he has earned a certain amount of respect throughout his career. I think this has all gone way too fast to be completely legitimate. He obviously is not the common “criminal” type. He has no prior convictions, and has more interest in clearing his name and putting this behind him than “skipping bail”. Whats he gonna do, get a French MIg to do a low level evac from central park where they will all parade in the streets when he arrives on French soil?
    C’mon, here. Something just doesn’t add up.

  15. jb says:

    Knew too much about the IMF’s crooked dealings, eh?

  16. Jeffery Metakuffar Anderson says:

    Don’t we cut frogs heads off here in America?

  17. Santiago Matamoros says:

    He is a Frenchman, an elite member of the diplomatic corps and a Socialist financial expert and thus should not be subject to the laws of the United States.

    He should be permitted to rape lowly African maids and return to France to rule that country and depose that extremist Sarkozy.

    Men of the left are entitled to indiscretions – besides, as Bill Clinton already once proved, a BJ is not sex.

  18. Will Harris says:

    He should have gotten a Motel 6 and a professional white chic .

    1. Irwin says:

      How might your statement be modified if the guy in the picture was black? Question for Will Harris. Hey Will, would you have stated something different

  19. Mr foxx says:

    The man has obvious issues with controlling his urges and dumb enough not to use pros if he has to, but I find it hard to fathom how can you force someone to have oral sex with you ???

    1. Irwin says:

      At this point, none of us knows any details about the case.It needs to be that way for jury selection. Let it go for a time. The guy is NOT getting away.OK? A judge and jury will decide things. He is still innocent right now. Remember that and keep that thought close. In this nation, we ALL are innocent until proven guilty.

      Let jurors decide, and a judge to sentence if guilty. Until then, shut up.Let it be. Enough said. Laterzzzzzzzzz.

    2. Irwin says:

      Does anyone else have anger management issues? No? Just checking. Medicines like Abilify might help. Consult your physician.

      I got my SUV armored with 20mm, belt-fed on the front and rear and two inch steal all around. Damb thing does not go fast, but I have a popup .50 cal in a rotation 360 direction. For this I have about 3600 rounds. Sorry. Accident, I fell and it happened. OOPS. For some reason I now have a .50 cal automatic gun with 3600 rounds. Hey, shyt happens. Ok?

  20. American Heretic says:

    If SDK bolts, the judge should be made to serve his sentence..

  21. Jay Palmquist says:

    This guy is being set up like nobody’s business. If he had done this, he wouldn’t be hanging around, blithely eating at restaurants after the fact. For a rapist on the run, he sure was slow to get out of Dodge.

    Seems obvious somebody at the IMF was looiking for a “regime change” since they already had a replacement named and ready, even before the guy could defend himself in any way.

    It’s all too convenient. This guy could afford to buy “whomever” he wanted without having to settle for some ghetto trash working in the hotel sanitation dept. Come on. This stinks like yesterday’s fish..

    1. MST says:

      if he was set up, don’t you think there would be at least some evidence of that by now? The international media is all over the case. Such a widespread conspiracy would have to have such cracks.

      Also, this guy has a long history of sexual violence against women.

  22. Irwin says:

    Bistro is available for legal services. Who would hire him? Raise you hands. Common now, if you are facing 25 years in prison, why not trust your defense in someone like “Bistro”?

    1. Irwin says:

      It worked in “My cousin Vinnie”. Perhaps it could work for you too? Why not hire “Bistro” for legal defense? New York does not have the death penalty, they only have prisons set to you for life that gets you ready for life in hell. Prison may be hell, but it is only practice for the real thing. Enough said.

  23. John says:

    I wish we would have the same respect for the people these allegations are being thrown on like the accusers. The accuser is always protected and the defendants faces are for everyone to see. Remember the boys from Duke. Guilty first before being proven innocent. Having their faces plastered all over America and being kicked out of school. I say wait until the trial when all the facts are there. Until then, innocent until proven guilty.

    1. Irwin says:

      Justice is supposed to be blind before judgement. That is how it was/is in the USA. Everyone in the USA (illegal citizens not included) enjoys due process under the US Constitution. Foreign nationals committing crimes on US Soil are bou7nd by the same laws as every other citizen in this nation.

      If I did something bad in Mexico, I made my bed for a long time. I will pay for my crimes where I did them after conviction. The same applies in the USA. Any nation (including France) will and does spend time in US Prisons. Foreign people committing crimes in US Borders will and have to do time, life, or death.

      The bottom line:
      Don’t do anything away that you would be scarred to do at home

      Do not mess with the USA. You WILL get seriously hurt or killed. .

  24. doubleducks says:

    Set bail at 14 trillion dollars. Then he gets to skip to France and be President and we get to pay off the national debt.

  25. Bistro says:

    Sure, everyone is innocent. Notice the trial OBL got from a liberal President. I love everyone’s naive stance, but some things are more obvious than others. How about Tawana Brawley? How about James Earl Ray? The “gut read” by the press is probably more right here…the old man wanted to get off and chose the wrong method. Of course, liberals want him off the hook (why?…because she is African?) and conservatives want him fried (why, because he caused anothers pain?). If he’s let go, you’ll have your answer.

    1. Irwin says:

      So what is your point? You said alot without saying anything.

    2. Irwin says:

      What exactly is the point you are trying to make Bisrto? Are you trying to make a racial issue about a foreign person accused of a crime on US Soil? As far as the news is, so far, no racial things in this case is involved yet. Should there be according to you? Perhaps the defense, prosecutor and judge needs to listen to you to resolve this case? You seem to be set on precedents. Perhaps you could provide legal representation to the accused?

  26. Jack Stevens says:

    So much for innocent until proven guilty.

  27. Irwin says:

    To all foreign haters of the USA:

    Do not mess with the USA. You will get hurt badly if you instigate it. Enough said .

  28. Irwin says:

    Does this man have Diplomatic Immunity? If not, then law enforcement will deal with it. Next will be a district attorney, then a judge and jury. So let that happen. Wait for a verdict to judge. Enough said. Laterzzzzzz.

  29. Titus says:

    Quite a range of comments, from guilty as hell, to framed and mother Theressa’s clone. The truth is that we do not know beyond the reasonable doubt.
    If he is innocent, what kind of political system would inflict such horrendous injury?
    If he is not, what political system would bestow on him such high and important position?

  30. beelzebubba says:

    If sh’e just bitten it off…

  31. daveinboca says:

    This guy jumping a million-dollar bail is as predictable as the sun rising tomorrow. He’ll be back in Paris chasing skirts—he’ll be fired from his day-job at the IMF & won’t be President of France, but otherwise will live the life of a French Riley.

  32. Jeffery Metakuffar Anderson says:

    AIDS is Spredin’
    Across the nation…
    Better be safe
    Stick to Masturbation

    1. Jeffery Metakuffar Anderson says:

      Bodily fluids
      Flying through the sky…
      Better slap on a rubber
      Or you’re gonna die…

  33. John says:

    Once on bail, will he run to France so they can protect him from prosecution like they did for 23 years with the psychopathic founder of Earth Day, Ira Einhorn, who murdered Holly Maddox and composted her in a trunk in his residence???

    1. Irwin says:

      Have faith in US Marshals and law enforcement in this nation. We have the most equipped, trained, and capable security, law enforcement, and military in the world. Do you think keeping track of an alleged “dirty Frenchman” would pose a problem tor flight risk from the USA? I only hope Al Qaeda thinks we are so inept. There are stupid people across this globe outside of US Borders. Our troops are killing them as we speak. Bin Ladan’s head should have been kept on ice for the “loving” people of Pakistan for all to see. Do not mess with the USA. You will get hurt badly if you instigate it. Enough said .

  34. Barbara says:

    Slice off his d!ck and deport the frog. Voila, le problème est résolu! Très bien fait, mes amis américains.

    1. Irwin says:

      Barbara, this is an English language forum. I’m sure a few people are impressed by your French statement, but foutre la camp.

      1. Stanley says:

        Perhaps the authorities ought to slice off your d!ck too.

  35. beelzebubba says:

    He’ll get a fair trial which will require prosecution to prove he is guilty. Frog law, if I remember from Western Civ 101 requires an accused person to prove his innocence. That’s the French for you.

  36. John Smith says:

    I shake my head when i read some of these comments. How naive can some people be. I assume that the majority of the comments are from American readers… I guess that’s why many people from the USA are regarded as the” trailer trash of the planet”. They are nothing more than a mindless bunch of gaggling poultry. Wake up you morons… can’t you notice a setup when it’s right in front of your eyes. No wonder America is in trouble… it’s inhabited by nothing more than barnyard animals.

    1. Hank says:

      Aren’t you the guy that knew Pocahontas way back. If you are then your the longest living human ever.

      1. Rob says:

        I, too, shake my head when I read some of these comments, especially yours, John Smith. Only a rapist would warn his party that if he runs for presdent, “someone might pay a woman a million euros to say I raped her,” as this man did on April 28th. If you’re looking for trailer trash, look no further than the mirror. And, no, I’m no more American than you are.

    2. Irwin says:

      As an educated American Citizen, I have to bow my head and somewhat agree with you. Please do not judge all of us by a few internet idiots. We are not all GED geniuses. Millions (maybe more) of us have actually succeeded in getting higher educations. Please don’t sell the USA out. As much as we are/still globally hated, we are still the envy on this planet for happiness, wealth, and overall way of life.

      Don’t pee on my county.

      1. Right Thinking says:

        Irwin, they hate us because they envy us. Obama is already selling out the country so why are you acting like a spineless supplicant with Mr. Smith. Oh, you are probably a Democrat which means cognitive dissonance is the rule. I’d type some more, but knowing your political orientation makes that pointless endeavor.

    3. Right Thinking says:

      Oh, I’m sure John said the save stuff regarding Clinton until Monica pulled out the stained blue dress. The evidence will either exonerate or hang him. Sounds like John has the inside scoop from his sources in the C.S.I. unit investigating the crime scene. Perhaps you should have another sleep-over with all your 9-11 truther friends and discuss how easy it is to create a conspiracy without using logic and rational thought.

      So what’s with all the insults John? From what enlighten country do you hurl such epistolary salvos at us lower life forms? What do you have against poultry? Did you have a bad experience with a barnyard animal that left you feeling like half the man your mother was?

    4. Santiago Matamoros says:

      His sperm was in the carpet mixed with an African maid’s saliva.

      How would you like it if that was your mom?

    5. MST says:

      No, I don’t smell a set-up. We will have to see what the court says. But this guy has a history of sexually assaulting women, so at the very least, he is an entitled narcisstic creep.

      And for this country to be so terrible, why do so many people risk life and limb to come here every year? We must be doing something right, or people like living in our “barnyard.”

  37. nvan says:

    You don’t get arrested unless there is a strong belief that a crime was committed based on evidence, proof, and the victims statements. This is not a he said/she said arrest.

  38. hank says:

    I do not think our government wants anything to do with this case. Look, he gets out, jumps bail to France, then we can say he did not honor the bail left country not our fault. A very convenient way to dump this case. Cmon, they has to better places to put him. If need be put him in a hotel with 24 hr guard. Geez, everybody from 5 years olds on up, knows the second out of rikers island he will be looking to get of this country. Guaranteed. Count on it. Our judicial system is nuts.

  39. Irwin says:

    Let the US Justice system work on this with a jury of 12 and a judge. In the USA, every person is innocent until proven guilty by a judge and jury. Do not smear the man in the public eye, or taint possible, future jurors. In the United States of America, those accused have a right to a fair trial. Enough said. Ok?

    1. Hank says:

      you must be a bleeding heart, Democrat liberal. I pegged you right, didn’t I.

  40. Irwin says:

    Let the US Justice system work on this with a jury of 12 and a judge. In the USA, every person is innocent until proven guilty by a judge and jury. Do not smear the man in the public eye, or taint possible, future jurors. In the United States of America, those accused have a right to a fair trial. Enough said.

    1. nosoupforU says:

      Irwin more than enough you self richous prig.

    2. MST says:

      He already smeared himself by assaulting women in his own country!

  41. elchucko says:

    Chopper to ship with helipad outside US waters….hummm sounds like a possibility?

  42. Gary-bg says:

    If I were him I’d stay in jail where he is at least protected and watched.The doctors and the psychologists have already determined he is a suicide risk sounds like a convenient diagnosis to me.He posts bail and has an unfortunate accident decreed suicide that’s the way I see it.People who go against the grain seem to for some odd reason always end up killing themselves …lol wink…wink.

  43. hank says:

    Well now they did it, once he is freed from rikers, he will be on next plane out of country. i don’t care about a monitoring device. it won’t keep him here.

  44. Parker says:

    Just like Bill Clinton, John Edwards and Arnold the Governator were all framed.

    Four words: The arrogance of power.

    Multiple past victims of Messieur Strauss-Kahn are coming forward as we speak.

    Maybe he will argue he thought the $3000-a-night suite included “maid service.”

  45. Dave says:

    A pity that Monika Lewinsky wasn’t available. But maybe she had her hands full.

  46. Jeninus says:

    It’s true that he will almost certainly skip once bail is posted. However, when he gets to France, Sarkozy might just order him extradited. Since he is Sarkozy’s political enemy, that just might happen. No question Obama would do it to Mitt
    Romney or some other top Republican contender if he pulled a similar caper in Paris and skipped back to the States. Obama’s smarmy comment on the extradition would be that no one – great or small – should escape justice for his acts; and Sarkozy might have the same thing done to his political enemy, DSK.

  47. kelly says:

    he figure some 0RAL S.EX from the maid is better than him satisfying himself ,,, and if she RESIST who would BELIEVE someone LIKE that OVER HIM .

    ARROGANCE and POWER… just ask ARNOLD ,,,I bet if that woman didn’t have that child as proof he would DENY it also.

  48. Iman Azol says:

    Yes, because no snazzy hotel would EVER try to cover for a guest’s indiscretions. They call the cops at the first whiff of pot smoke or loud music.

  49. FigFii says:

    Wow, that would certinaly prove without a doubt the crime took place if his semen is there. No “he said, she said” there now is there.

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