Report: Jorge Posada, Joe Girardi Bad Blood Stems From 2005 Season

NEW YORK (WFAN/AP) — By now we all know of Jorge Posada’s refusal to bat ninth over the weekend, his subsequent apology and Derek Jeter’s clash with Yankees brass over the incident.

So is everything hunky-dory in the Bronx? Maybe not. According to the Daily News, the issues between Posada and manager Joe Girardi “go back much further than last Saturday.”

The paper reports repeated clashes between the two during the 2005 season, when Girardi served as bench coach for Joe Torre.

Girardi, who lost his job as the Yankees’ starting catcher to Posada in 1998, was in charge of scouting reports for opposing hitters. Problems arose when Posada allegedly “veered away from the reports, choosing to call pitches on the fly.”

“Jorge would deviate from those plans all the time during games, which drove Joe nuts,” said the paper’s source. “Joe would call him out on it all the time, which drove Jorge mental. … Jorge felt everything he did behind the plate was being second-guessed by Girardi on the bench.”

Posada’s free-wheeling style “stuck with the manager through the years,” according to the paper.

“Girardi couldn’t wait to get him out from behind the plate,” added the source. “He hated the way he called a game.”

Posada apologized to the Yankees on Sunday for taking himself out of the lineup the day before, blaming the messy public spat with the team on this: “I had a bad day.”

“All the frustration came out,” said the slumping star, who met with Girardi and general manager Brian Cashman and told them he was sorry. “It was just one of those days you wish you could take back.”

Is there something to the reported Posada-Girardi feud? Fire away in the comments below…

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  1. Richard Camp says:

    Girardi couldn’t shine Posadas shoes much less call a game .Girardi stinks as a manager also . Pena would make a better manager with Posada as bench coach .

  2. dabooch says:

    By the book Joe, bends over and peers into his black binder, if the binder says do this Joe does it. Torre believed a manager had to feel the heartbeat of the game apparently Girardi could only operate in a undertakers environment.

  3. james zillgittt says:

    hey mike,lets get real. first of all…it did not take very long for the big stink to happen with pasada and the manager. thats another story that we dont need right now.first of all, the team can not do the simplest things to win a baseball game. cant even play the fundamentles of the game. I dont need to name names,but there is one worth bringing up. guardi,dont know when to use his bullpen. isnt that suppose to be the yankee strength? cant field, hit in the clutch,move a runner over…its a joke…giardi is the problem. these yankees need somebody to leed them and jeter is hitting 250 again, where is a rod and why isnt he catching some of this mess. well i guese i can sit here all nite and place blame,but theres only one man in charge and its very apparrent that hes not up to par

  4. BOB says:

    Girardi has Cervelli catching, a no-hit… defense catch… dumb is that?

  5. go boston says:

    posado blows. its time to day bye bye , so lonjg, farwell tothis disruptive greedy dont know when to call it quits loser. take jeter with you too. the yankess will suck this year in part becasue of pussada and jeter

    1. sick says:

      boston won in 2004 and 2007. like the phillies who won in 2008, they will not win another championship in the next hundred years at least.

  6. Jim C says:

    What a suprise Joe Girardi is jealous of Jorge Posada! His game calling was so bad that the Yankees won 4 World Series titles. So he is getting back at him by saying that Francisco Cervelli is a better second catching option that Jorge! What a joke! He was so bad last year that he was one of the leaders in offensive statistics for a catcher and didnt they make the playoffs last year. If Girardi didnt want to embarrass Jorge why did this not stay in the clubhouse like all other Yankee issues. Isnt that the Yankee Way Joe? The question is not why Jorge went nuts its what took him so long! Joe next time you want to embarass a Yankee look at some of your hitting performance!

  7. John Giovanni says:

    Gee Shocker!!! Just look at all the top notch pitchers who did not like to have Posada behind the plate. I just can’t believe any true Yankee fan who does not see how selfish, childish and overrated Posada has been! He doesn’t know how to call a good game, he NEVER blocks the plate, always “conveniently” moving up the line instead, and really showed his true colors with this whole debacle with batting ninth. He should thank God every day that he hasn’t been regulated to the bench like all aged, useless sports stars. He needs to wake up, and so do any fans that think Posada has a leg to stand on with all of this.

    1. Mets_DyNaMixx says:

      well said.

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