Wyckoff, New Jersey Fifth Grader Makes Plea To ‘The Boss’ In YouTube Video

WYCKOFF, NJ (CBSNewYork) – A fifth grader from Wyckoff, New Jersey is hoping an online plea to Bruce Springsteen will help make her teacher’s dream of meeting “The Boss” come true.

Eleven-year-old Macie Sparozic posted a video on YouTube begging Springsteen to come to her class at the Sicomac School to meet her fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Cordello.

“My teacher is Mrs. Cordello and she teaches her kids that they can make their dreams come true,” Macie says in her video.

Her teacher, Macie says, is a huge Springsteen fan whose love for “The Boss” has rubbed off on her students.

“She’s your biggest fan ever, she teaches us all your songs,” said Macie. “We take Bruce breaks from our studies and sing your songs. We even watch your videos on YouTube in class.”

Macie says Mrs. Cordello has been teaching for 25 years and if she had 25 students in class for each of those years, there are 625 new Bruce fans walking the streets today thanks to her.

But besides being the biggest Bruce fan ever, the soft-spoken fifth grader says Mrs. Cordello is nothing short of inspiring.

“She really is a special teacher and I want to make her dreams come true and have you come to her classroom and surprise her,” Macie said to Springsteen in her video. “Man, would I love to see her face when you walk through that door. She says no dream is too big so let’s prove her right.”

So far, her video has had more than 1,400 hits and viewers joining in, begging Bruce to make the trip to Wyckoff.

Do you think Springsteen will visit Mrs. Cordello and her class? Tell us what think in our comments section below:


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  1. Dolores says:

    Good Luck Macie! I hope your dream comes true!

  2. Jordan Cantor says:

    Hope the dream comes true!!!! Keep Trying!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Anna says:

    Way to go Macie! I hope the Boss makes your dream come dream! Way to go Mrs. Cordello!

  4. Rabbi Peg says:

    Macie, you’ve always known how to go after your dreams and how to get the help you need to attain them. You make people want to help and you make people feel good when they DO help!
    May you always set your sights on worthy goals!

  5. Annyssa says:


  6. Felicia says:

    Great job Macie. Mrs. Cordello is a great teacher and I think it is wonderful that you want to do this for her. Good Luck!!!

  7. Christine Roche says:

    Bruce if you’re listening, make this wish come true for this teacher who has captured the heart of this young girl named Macie. If not at least ‘give the girl a great big kiss.”

  8. jayco says:

    Way to go Macie!!! If Bruce shows up can you get me his autograph. Good Luck and always follow your dreams.

  9. Karole says:

    Go Macie! C’mon Bruce! Let’s make it happen!

  10. Kathy Stanley-Brown says:

    Dreams do come true!!

  11. Angela says:

    Good luck Macie!

  12. Candace says:

    Good luck in following your dreams, Macie!

  13. Beth W. says:

    Great job Macie. I remember being inspired by a teacher, and he used Bob Dylan lyrics. I loved his class. He transformed boring English into a class that was cool and relevant at the time. Best wishes and great job getting the word out to Bruce! I’m sure he was inspired by a teacher in his life too…hope he sees your efforts and rewards you somehow!

  14. Diane Reams Riess says:

    Macie- I hope your dream comes true. It will be an exciting day at Sicomac for everyone!

  15. Amy Baker says:

    Great job Macie! You have strong values and are doing something wonderful for your teacher. Good luck!

  16. Amanda says:

    Way to go Macie! I’m crossing my fingers that your dream for your teacher ces true!

  17. DebbieKat says:

    Good luck Macie! What a nice thing to do for your teacher. 🙂 I hope Bruce visits your teacher.

  18. lmiele says:

    Way to go Macie! You are awesome and I hope Bruce does it for you!

  19. Gary Gnu says:

    What a big heart! I hope everyone gets what they want!

  20. Amy says:

    I wish you the Best of Luck!! You are a true inspiration to so many people and how you are fighting a dream for your teacher. You Go Girl

  21. HR says:

    Macie, ‘don’t stop believin hold on to that feelin’ that the Boss will make your teacher’s and your dreams come true.

  22. Lisa B says:

    Macie you are working so hard to bring this dream to fruition for your teacher. Keep up the charge.

  23. Alyson says:

    Awesome job Macie! We’re all so proud of you!

  24. Andrea says:

    Good luck Macie ~ I hope The Boss comes thru!!

  25. EAC says:

    Bruce help Macie fulfill this dream

  26. Melanie says:

    Way to go Macie – Keep dreaming!!

  27. Theresa says:

    Macie I am so proud of you for going for what you believe in keep that quality. Love ya (:

  28. stacey says:

    Way to go, Macie! I’m inspired by you taking the initiative to give your teacher something that she so deserves! good luck – I hope Bruce really comes!

  29. Jan says:

    Way to go Maci. Don’t give up!

  30. Lisa says:

    Good luck Macie! I hope Bruce comes through. “Don’t Stop Believing!” (Wait, isn’t that someone else’s favorite singer?)

  31. Tyler says:

    are gas prices still going up, and did they ever find that snake that escaped from the bronx zoo

  32. gene s says:

    Macie keep up the hope of a wonderful dream that will come true!
    BRUCE read the message this little girl needs you I know you have it in you make that dream come true – its one of your own make it happen

  33. tuffnut63 says:

    Macie, you can make dreams come true

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