New Jersey Officials Move To Restrict Botox Injections For Children

TRENTON, N.J. (CBSNewYork/AP)San Francisco mother Sheena Upton’s claim that she injected her 8-year-old daughter with Botox may be a hoax, but that hasn’t stopped New Jersey legislators from trying to prevent it from happening here.

The Assembly Health and Senior Services Committee has advanced legislation that would severely restrict giving minors Botox injections.

Under the proposal, doctors would have to say the injections are medically necessary, and document the reason why.

The FDA already bans anyone under 18 from getting Botox for cosmetic purposes. However the proposal moving through the legislature takes things a step further by requiring the documentation.

Botox isn’t just used for cosmetic purposes. It can also treat spasms and headaches. However, it can be extremely dangerous if used inappropriately, since it works by paralyzing muscles.

“It is dangerous enough for adults,” said Assemblyman Herb Conaway, who is also a physician. “Children certainly shouldn’t be subjected to this procedure.”

An American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery study showed that more than 12,000 Botox injections were given to teens in 2009.


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  1. Concerned Parent in Support of Botox says:

    wait just a minute….i’ve been to my share of children’s beauty pageants and have seen some of these 8 year old kids that look almost 11. it’s a shame i tell ya! a shame!

  2. kendra says:

    i would think that sort of chemical would be kind of dangerous for the kids to use and whatarer the side effects of this preticular drug?

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