Environmentalists Asking Lawmakers To Protect New York-New Jersey Shores From Offshore Drilling

JERSEY SHORE, NJ (WCBS 880) — Environmentalists are rallying in Washington, DC this weekend over a proposal to drill for oil and gas and create new sewage dump sites in the Atlantic Ocean.

It’s called the “New Jersey Bite,” a 19,000 square mile triangle of ocean from Montauk to Cape May.

WCBS 880’s Sean Adams reports: Environmentalists Asking Lawmakers To Protect New York-New Jersey Shores

This weekend, environmentalists with Clean Ocean Action are in Washington, DC, lobbying Congress to create a clean ocean zone to prohibit new ocean dump sites and sewage outlets and to ban oil and gas drilling.

“Most republicans and democrats in New Jersey came together to vote against oil drilling in the Atlantic Ocean,” attorney Shawn Dixon said last week. “However, a vast majority of the House passed a bill and so if a bill like that were to pass in the Senate, President Obama has said that he is not opposed to drilling in the Atlantic ocean.”

On Monday, 300 ocean advocates will take to Capitol Hill to voice concerns from all coasts.

What do you think about offshore drilling in New York and New Jersey? Let us know in our comments section.

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  1. RichieT says:

    The technology is there. They have it. STOP destroying the environment. Put the money where it belongs.. Every single one of the greedy, self-centered, I’ve got mine, idiots in the Senate and the House needs to get thrown out at the next election. What the f*** kind of world are we leaving to future generations, if we don’t destroy it first, to deal with.. They’re going to hate use because of the damage that was done because of money, that they have to try and fix.

  2. joey racano says:

    Our survival now depends on how soon we can wrest control of our nation from the oil companies. Our window is closing rapidly and we will have to take them by force. Oh, and those troops you support so much? They work for them. The oil companies will not go gently into that good night. Hey, how ’bout that mississippi? 🙂

  3. 1608 says:

    If it could happen in my town, I would say lets DRILL. I for one do NOT like $2.50 or more per gal.

  4. Dave says:

    And I am sure each of you will drive your car today, turn on the lights and/or the TV, use your cell phone, or in some other way use energy that was sourced via fossil fuels. Face it, unless you want to revert to a hunter-gather agrarian society that is on par with the 1850’s we need petroleum. Even if we revert to an 1850’s era civilization, guess what, they used to heat their homes and power the trains? Wood and coal, each of which produces more pollution that oil drilling. The NIMBY stuff needs to end. It is amazing, John Kerry, and the (now deceased) liberal lion of the Senate, Ted Kennedy were all for alternative energy until the idea windmills of Cape Cod came up, then no plan is good enough. At any price above $50 per barrel my answer is “drill baby, drill”.

  5. Paul says:

    The days of believing that the energy interests will be environmental conservators has long passed away. Under the present economic paradigm, profits trump caring for the organic systems that support the life of this planet.

    We’re all at risk when the Oil Boys show up with their sloppy maintenance, and flat out lies, extraction processes that are failure prone.

  6. joey racano says:

    I am a long-time California transplant who grew up in a section of Brooklyn where the canals were coated black with oil and sunken wrecks. The memory will haunt me forever. There is an alternative to oil drilling and the war and warming and spills and blowouts and asthma- electric cars powered by home rooftop solar panels. More info at drivingthefuturedotcom

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