Police Talk Man From Jumping Off Williamsburg Bridge

NEW YORK (AP) — Police saved a man from committing suicide by jumping off a New York City bridge.

It took almost a dozen NYPD officers about three hours to talk the 39-year-old man from leaping off the Williamsburg Bridge on Saturday morning.

Police responded after getting 911 calls about a person on the Brooklyn side of the bridge.

Two detectives wearing rescue gear climbed up while talking to the man, who police say kept leaning over the side. He indicated he would jump from a height of about eight stories to Berry Street below – two blocks from the East River.

Police gradually brought him down. He’s at Bellevue Hospital under observation.

Authorities did not release his name.

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  • kornhole

    Jumping off the bridge, by Hugo Ferst.

  • joe

    i’m surprised the cops didn’t tazer or even shoot the guy.

  • 1608

    I don’t think it had anything to do wirh the end of the world. Okay we had a volcano, a mudslide ect. but most of us are still here.

  • Lozama Benladen

    Era que el creia que el Mundo se iba a acabar hoy, y por eso queria quitarse la vida antes de que esto ocurriera.

  • 1608

    It took all this time to say nothing.

    4got the end of the world thing.

  • Marina Ios

    the poor guy, can you imagine, obviously having his own problems to deal with, such as no money, or no job, or no family, and on top of this, the other idiot who kept on scaring people about the end of the earth at 6 pm…..well, the best thing nowadays is to completely ignore , as much as possible, problems
    anything could be fixed , after all

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