Officials Worried About Chinese Mitten Crabs Invading The Hudson River

CROTON-ON-HUDSON, NY (WCBS 880) — What’s in the Hudson River? It may be a visitor from China and it’s one that scientists and environmentalists say is not welcome here.

In Croton-on-Hudson, the Hudson River looks calm and peaceful. But it’s what is beneath the water that has officials concerned.

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation says Chinese mitten crabs are invading the river.

WCBS 880’s Catherine Cioffi reports: Officials Worried About Crabby Hudson River Invasion

“They can have millions of young,” explained the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center‘s Darrick Sparks. “If they’re old enough, they will start to have little tufts on their claws, that’s how they got their name the ‘mitten crab.'”

And Sparks says the crabs very aggressive. “They can get into intakes, there are so many of them they can clog them,” he said.

He says if you see one, call environmental officials so researchers can gather information about where these crabs have been found.

Are you worried about these crabby invaders? Sound off below in our comments section.

  • Mary

    Boycott China… close the border to them….and ALL their products including fish.

  • Veronica

    Some people will eat anything, even dogs and cats…

  • Elyzsabeth Ahne

    Don’t eat the Chinese mitten crabs–IF they’re in the Hudson River:

    Years ago, the Hudson was polluted with PCBs by General Electric when they had a site upriver at one of the main cities (Poughkeepsie? I’m not certain which)–cancer-causing chemicals. Even if PCBs are not detectable at high levels in the water, they’ve settled into the mud. They’ll take anywhere between 50 years and a century to eventually filter down through the muddy bottom, then out of the river system.

    If these crabs are benthic (bottom-dwelling), then they’ll be ingesting food material that may be PCB-tainted. It will render the crabs toxic for human consumption, as a result.

  • brooklyn4ever

    Do they have visa’s?????

  • justpassinthru

    Um…how about fleshing out the article a little, please? How are the crabs harmful? How will we come to ‘see’ a mitten crab? Do you mean if we see being sold on the street? If we fished it out of the Hudson? Huh???

  • Joey Blowhardey

    Time to deport those characters that transport Chinese mitten crabs to US. Who keeps these critters as pets?

    • DanTe

      Ship ballast tanks. Duh.

      Stop buy cheap stuff from China than. As usual, all mouth, no action. How’s that t-shirt (made in China) you’re wearing doing? How’s that iPhone? And that lousy illegal immigrant PC (made in China) you’re using to post? They’re all brought in on ships with ballast tanks. T ard.

      • Rotsa Ruck


        Your spelling/grammar appears to have been ‘made in China’.

  • Dot

    killing our Pets, lead in the paint on toys, Mercury in ALL our light bulbs, etc. ect.
    I say boycott China before we have nothing safe or we’re all dead.

    • Lazy Azz Astronauts

      And what are the 540 effing Astronauts doing for us? Nothing! Call Mr. Bolden and demand that the 540 Astronauts get off of their butts to terraform the Moon and Mars. Call him right now!

  • Sophie

    how are they harmful?

  • Billy (Boy)Herman

    Chinese Crabs are really not the problem, NYC problem is the Dwarf running city hall .

  • acacia72

    Yes, you can eat them, but first you have to catch crabs!

  • Mao ie Wowie

    The Chinese Government will do us in yet.
    Weird fish in our lakes and river’s and now making our
    drugs ,computer’s and owning a large chunk of VISA credit card company.
    How did it get this way>

    • Michael Scully

      boycott china

  • willie

    can we eat them??

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