Levittown Issues Layoff Notices To 108 School Teachers In District

LEVITTOWN, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — It is a distinction that no parent wants for their child’s school district — having the most teacher layoffs in the area. However, that is exactly where one Long Island community is headed.

More than 100 teachers could be losing their jobs in Levittown. The school district’s superintendent, Herman Sirois, said layoff notices have been sent to 108 teachers.

“I have a gifted child who’s in the enrichment program and what I’ve understood is that program is now gone for September,” Patricia Kilian told CBS 2’s Kristin Thorne.

The district contends that there wouldn’t be as many layoffs if the teachers’ union would agree to more salary freezes. However, the union said it has already made enough concessions.

Sirois said it was unlikely that all 108 teachers would be laid off. He said the school board was still reviewing the layoff list and hoped union concessions would come through.

“The teachers are all trying to be there for each other and be there for the students,” teacher Sean Breves said.

Sirois said the district was receiving about $4 million less from the state next year. He didn’t want to speak on camera, but said: “We have to make these cuts or we can’t open our doors. We’re at the mercy of the state politicians. We have no choice.”

Just last week parents approved a school budget that increased class sizes and reduced staff. Many of them said they didn’t think things were going to be this bad.

Sirois said the final number of layoffs will be known by the end of next month.

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  1. peter says:

    log onto http://WWW.SEETHROUGHNY.COM, click on payrolls and pension, click on schools and input in any teachers or administrators name, retired or not.
    you will be shocked to see how much your children’s teachers make or retired with. wait till u see your principal and AP’s salaries…..and they want MORE!!

    1. fire them all says:

      Best web site in town, the rats will be crawling for cover.

  2. KeepItReal says:

    The “I work in the private sector and I don’t get paid like you overpaid teachers do” argument that people on these boards make is pathetic. I got educated and got a good job (in the private sector) and let’s just say that after only 8 years I’m making enough to say that if I got paid what the higher paid teachers that are 20 years in to their careers make it would suck for me. Those of you that say that teachers make “exorbitant salaries” should have done better with your lives

  3. Mark says:

    Look, NOTHING is going to change, the system is too far broken and ingrained with union self dealings and deals cut with administrators. School boards are complacent because they are typical PTA community members – the WHOLE system is broken, and is LEGALLY CORRUPT. Best thing for you to do is when your kids are college age, get off L.I.

    1. cheaters win says:

      and the school boards are unqualified people who win on dirty dealings

  4. Gregory says:

    The parents will have to fill the gaps in the education of their children. The politicians caused both the recession and the overspending; vote them out of office. Meanwhile, cover the educational needs by home schooling, volunteer schooling and private shooling. We’re out of money; consider that the educational resources are now back to the 1950s. There is really no way out of austerity, just don’t let it impact your children’s education.

  5. Reality Check says:

    Here’s something to think about. What would our country do if we were losing a war? Surely we’d send more resources to make sure we won. Well, we’re doing the opposite with education. We have lost our dominance in the world, and many of our jobs are overseas. A key to improving this situation is providing a better education for our students, but guess what? Instead, et’s cut education funding.
    We’re only setting ourselves up for further failure…

  6. helvis says:

    Naturally…children and underpaid educators can’t fight back.

    1. We've been Robbed says:

      find me an under paid teacher in Nassau County except the ones who are going to lose their jobs because of their friends in the UNION

  7. Jason Vena says:

    Teachers are underpaid – we need to pay them MORE and attract better people – they mold our future by teaching our children. Cops, on the other hand, are where cuts need to be made. 100k to sit in a car and hand out speeding tickets to people trying to get to work- what a waste!

    1. Enough already says:

      Underpaid? http://www.seethroughny.net Teachers in my school district average $100K, and pay very little into their health insurance. Their contracted work year is 182 days. (Non teachers work 240 days per year on average.)

      The last school budget went up 4%. Of that figure, 80% of it was for payroll, benefits and pensions. It’s for the kids — whose kids?

      1. mike says:

        In fairness, it takes most teachers about 20 years to get to the 100k level. And teachers are mandated to have a masters degree, so you can bet that they have at least 60k (and thats a very conservative estimate) in student loans. When you start a position at 55k or so, with an advanced degree, you have to give other benefits to attract talent, hence the pensions. And any teacher worth their salt works far beyond the regular school hours and calendar. I am pretty sure no on criticizes the college graduate with a bach degree who comes right out of school to Wall street and pulls in 90k his first year and is making 4 times that within 5 years, the way they criticize teachers salaries. Or the Carpenter who, after 5 years on the job, is pulling in 100k with benefits equal to that of a teacher and can collect a partial pension after 10 years and a full after 20. Or the cop who makes 120k after 4 years and can retire after 20 with pension and benes better than a teacher. It’s not as easy or cushy as you think……And no, I am not a teacher. I used to feel the way you do and then I got to see first hand experiences that made me rethink. If you want quality people in the classroom- you have to give them something of value. 100K is a lot of money and there are many professions that get their much quicker than the 20 years it takes a teacher.

      2. betteru2 says:

        @Mike, I know teachers that reached $100k within 10 years of service. Honestly, do you remember any of your teachers breaking a sweat when you were a kid? Curricula are determined largely by the state, and teachers simply follow them. It’s not as hard as you think.

        You mention occupations that are not subsidized by the taxpayer. That’s the problem. Those of us in the private sector who are forced to pay for our own retirements, are a little tired of watching those in the public sector get paid more and retire earlier with a hell of a lot more. All on our dime.

        I’ve been told by one teacher, “Well, then you should have become a teacher!”. Nice attitude, huh?

    2. Tracy S. says:

      Clearly most teachers are underpaid, but bashing one profession to justify another says to me that you may not have had the best education. Furthermore, both professions are important and are needed. Unfortunately, there are some “bad apples” in each that aren’t worthy of any amount of money/salary and should be fired. But at the end of all this, its the children that suffer and as a society we neglect our children…school lunches, education, violence in schools, cut backs on sports, music, etc., etc., etc.

    3. Tracy S. says:

      @jason vena; Clearly most teachers are underpaid, but bashing one profession to justify another says to me that you may not have had the best education. Furthermore, both professions are important and are needed. Unfortunately, there are some “bad apples” in each that aren’t worthy of any amount of money/salary and should be fired. But at the end of all this, its the children that suffer and as a society we neglect our children…school lunches, education, violence in schools, cut backs on sports, music, etc., etc., etc.

    4. Mike D says:

      Yes the teachers are getting a raw deal I have several friends who are teachers. Secondly, I guess you don’t read too much. Us Police officers just gave back 60 million dollars over the past three years (Mangano still looking for more), not to mention no raises in sight. As far as your speeding tickets.. don’t brake to law and you wont get one.

  8. Alarmed says:

    The district sucks because the parents are white trash losers who do not value a solid education. It’s not the teachers fault that your kids are losers just like yourselves. Let’s cut all the teachers, remove the kids from school, and install them at local gas stations. There they will be able to hone their skills for the future. We can always use another gas pumper.

    1. Had Enough Yet ? says:

      What an assinine response !!

      Just because Levittown isn’t the “North Shore” or “Gold Coast” where their average income doesn’t quite reach $250,000 per year doesn’t make them white trash.

      State cuts suck for everyone and the school is doing the best it can with what it has to work with.

      Perhaps if our state wasn’t beholden to prevailing wage work on government jobs, it would have the necessary funds for education.

      Or perhaps, if those wall street bonuses ended up in state coffers instead of immature cry babies’ bank accounts, they would have the necessary funds for education.

      Maybe you should work at a gas station idiot.

  9. Billy Jack says:

    And if Nassau County public school teacher’s salaries bother you, how about the salaries of Nassau County cops? Nassau County is a historically low crime area, should Nassau County police officers be averaging $125,000 a year with a guaranteed $100,000 a year pensions to look forward to? For what? Traffic control at accident scenes? What’s the difference between a taxi driver and a Nassau County cop? The taxi driver makes $10 an hour, the Nassau County cop makes $100, they both are doing the same thing, driving around Nassau County.

    1. betteru2 says:

      Completely agree. Most government and state employees are grossly overpaid for what they do. Twenty short years and $100k to retire with? If I knew these pensions would be available now, I would have become a cop when I was younger. And who pays for it? The taxpayers of course.

      1. The Duke of Sense says:

        Agreed. The guarenteed pensions are the death of everyone. Policemen are much more qualified then taxi drivers though. The thought that it is fraught with peril though is a bit much. More truck drivers die doing ther jobs then cops.

    2. Jack says:

      I look at my itemized tax bill and see that Police are costing me under 2k a year and schools are 12k. I think we need to fix the big problem first.
      Look at your library charge while your at it. Some value huh?

      If the average tax payer were making as much as a teacher on LI we wouldn’t be having this discussion. It would not be such a hardship.

      1. The Duke of Sense says:

        Agreed. Unions have to much power

      2. Enough Already says:

        Don’t forget when the teachers and other civil servants retire with their (mostly) taxpayer funded pensions, they flee to low tax states where there aren’t strong teachers or police unions!

        “Take the money and run!”

      3. mike says:

        In fairness, it takes most teachers about 20 years to get to the 100k level. And teachers are mandated to have a masters degree, so you can bet that they have at least 60k (and thats a very conservative estimate) in student loans. When you start a position at 55k or so, with an advanced degree, you have to give other benefits to attract talent, hence the pensions. And any teacher worth their salt works far beyond the regular school hours and calendar. I am pretty sure no on criticizes the college graduate with a bach degree who comes right out of school to Wall street and pulls in 90k his first year and is making 4 times that within 5 years, the way they criticize teachers salaries. Or the Carpenter who, after 5 years on the job, is pulling in 100k with benefits equal to that of a teacher and can collect a partial pension after 10 years and a full after 20. Or the cop who makes 120k after 4 years and can retire after 20 with pension and benes better than a teacher. It’s not as easy or cushy as you think……And no, I am not a teacher. I used to feel the way you do and then I got to see first hand experiences that made me rethink. If you want quality people in the classroom- you have to give them something of value. 100K is a lot of money and there are many professions that get their much quicker than the 20 years it takes a teacher. Itwould be more fair to say “if the average taxpayer could stop wasteful government spending, it would not be such a hardship”.

      4. Chris says:

        If the average taxpayer on LI had the education and experience of a teacher the would be making more. I wouldn’t teach on LI—even with the salaries it’s still too expensive to live there as a teacher. LI is one place where I never sent a resume. You people have nothing to be complaining about. Walmart and McDonalds are the biggest employers…does that mean teachers should have McDonald’s compensation simply because McDonald’s employees are taxpayers?

      5. Jack says:

        @Chris, Waldbaums is the largest employer on L.I.
        I don’t think you actually know what the average Teacher pay is on L.I.
        Far more than the average Engineer, or Computer Programmer, or other highly skilled profession.
        The point is as much as we would like to pay everyone even more we can’t afford it.
        The attitude of Teachers is that somehow we are holding back money that is just there for the taking. UNSUSTAINABLE.
        We need competition a term teachers feel exempt from.

  10. Ron E says:

    There is an over abundance of teachers on LI, time to thin the herd. My Kid’s classroom (regular class, not special ed/gifted) has 3 teachers and a few aides. Enough already.

    During the last vote, local organizations were pleading with the people to pass the school budget citing that the number of “homes for sale and the vacant stores” would only be increased. Sorry folks, the homes for sale and the empty stores are BECAUSE of passing these budgets and ridiculous taxes they bring.

    1. Jim A says:

      Stop blaming teachers for the mismanagement of politicians. If you would properly tax the super wealthy in the country, we would have no problem paying for education.

      1. Ron E says:

        Your are right, it not the teachers fault, it the administrators and mindless sheep that believe the dribble that comes out of those that support the always increasing budgets. It amazes me that when a 1% cut in a school budget is at stake, how much we are told will be lost: teachers, programs etc. If you can do that much with 1% what the hell are you doing with the rest of the budget?

        How about you and all the other teachers stop worrying about sticking your hands in other peoples pockets to pay for you own little welfare system. Cut teachers, programs and budgets.

  11. Jokl says:

    when was the last time a new school was built on LI because the population of student have gone up…long time ago very long time ago ? the only thing that increase on LI are teacher’s salaries, during the worst part of the economic crisis their salaries were increased year after year, I got my taxt bill so everybody else.

    1. JIm A says:

      “the only thing that increase on LI are teacher’s salaries”

      Complete BS. How about administrator salaries? Where is your outrage over them? They have risen far more that teacher’s salaries.

  12. betteru2 says:

    The teaching profession has become a scam. I know teachers who make well over $100k and complain all day long. It’s time for a reality check. Most private sector employees don’t come close to that salary, plus the cadillac bennies and time off.

    1. Jim A says:

      Show me one other profession that REQUIRES a masters degree that makes less than teachers. I am not saying they are under paid, but they certainly are not overpaid. And the most definitely do not make more than an equivalent position in the private sector…

      1. Shannon says:

        Well said! Blaming teachers is a moronically easy target. Forget what anyone has told you about the majority of teachers making exorbitant amounts of money. It’s a joke. Every teacher I know needs to work an additional job on the side just to make ends meet.

      2. Adam says:

        Any position in the social service field that requires a masters degree is going to come in under that, especially the entry level positions, and often times even supervisory and management positions. Teachers also get 2-3 months vacation a year, where no other profession is guaranteed anything like that. Their jobs are guaranteed for a year if they go on maternity leave, whereas the rest of us slobs get 12 weeks. Not to mention the fact that the salaries that are really bloating the system are the teachers with tenure. A large percentage of which are burnt out, bitter and don’t teach kids a thing. A system where time in is taken over performance is doomed to failure. Then you take into consideration that there are 125+ school districts, all with their own superintendents, multiple deputy superindendents and secretaries and other staff for the lot of them, it is no wonder that schools in Long Island need such high tax bills to survive. Consolidation is necessary and long overdue.

  13. Michele S says:

    Newsday is skewing their numbers, because the number is lower than that. Also, teachers do not get paid 12 months only 10 months. Also, actual teaching is the easier part of a teachers job, the paperwork, plans, material preparation, phone calls, newsletters, grading, and parental contact time takes up twice as much teaching time. If you are unhappy with public schools than homeschool your child and lets see how your opinion changes.

  14. DR says:

    Hows this for a deal: Teachers take a small pay cut, but you get to tell the spoiled “Special Ed” brat what you would really like to do , or better yet a good smack like in the old days. What about NO CELL PHONES in school PERIOD. How about not holding the school, or the teacher responsible for your lousy parenting. How about Eliminating all the lawyers as Shakespeare said in the 14th century. How about a little common sense. How about Get OUT OF NY. It’s too late. Let the inmates run the asylum. God help us all.

  15. YouBetcha says:

    Our Lieutenant Governor should donate the Police Pension that he is receiving while serving in office, towards keeping these teachers on the job. Cuomo is trying to cut pension benefits and his assistant is embarassing him.

  16. colette698 says:

    The heads of the districts out here on LI makemore money then US Senators The layoffs of those under them is to make sure nothing gets in the way of the “big boys” yearly raqises.. There is a Freedom of Informatiohn Act that allows any taxpayer to go in and ask for the exact amount of who is being paid what and they should do it and publlish it. The money that is thrown around and NOT spent on the kids education is unbelievable!!!!

  17. petergc5 says:

    come on people, wake up. Teachers teach, that’s their job. Just like salesmen sell, bakers bake and truckers drive. Your kids go to school to learn. Is there a difference if there are 20 kids in a classroom or 25 ? No. Why do you think there are so many teachers ? Because they see the prospect of working less and getting paid more. All we read about in these posts are parents worried about their GIFTED children. If they are gifted, they will learn just like we learned, in a normal classroom environment. Today every one needs a specialist to do a job. If you are a parent and want more for your child, pay more by hiring special tutors. Why shoul I pay the same taxes as you while MY child is in a normal classroom and doing quite well. You want all the perks but are NOT willing to pay the price.

    1. Jim A says:

      Because some kids needs are higher. And putting them in a regular classroom would be too disruptive. Having a child with needs is NOT a perk. You are an idiot…

    2. Shannon says:

      You are offensive. We’re supposed to be moving forward and becoming a more educated society than decades ago,so we can actually be a competitive world power again. How dare you sniff at kids who need additional enrichment or assistance.

      No two children are the same, and their education shouldn’t have to be either.

      1. Jack says:

        A member of a teachers union using the word competition makes me chuckle.
        Why does it cost less and produces better results to have kids in private school.
        You encourage competition as long as it doesn’t conflict with your intersts. How self serving.!.
        Ovelwhelming majority of teachers ARE underpaid.
        Not true of L.I teachers.

  18. Doug R says:

    First, lets address the salary issue. Anyone that thinks they have any clue what it takes to be a GOOD teacher, try it. They have Masters degrees and higher. You idiots that complain have High School Diplomas at best, so SHUT UP! They deserve their pay. The administrators REFUSED to take pay freezes also , all while Levittown has close to 8 Million dollars unaccounted for. How about the 100K bathroom, with a washer /dryer and marble bath for Mr. Herman Sirois. Didn’t know about that did you? The system is broke. Teachers SHOULD take pay freezes. So should administrators. The union is next to worthless because Entitlement becomes their focus, not common sense. Look at Nassau’s overtime to cops- 100’s of thousands. Pension based on last 3 years of work. WHAT BS. Teachers cant rack that up, but you don’t complain about that. My advice to young families is take better responsibility for your children. They don’t have learning disabilities, you have parenting disabilities:

  19. Ann-Marie says:

    Now what if you have a child that has special NEEDS, not a special gift, that requires all sorts of therapies, and counseling, and specialized technology to help them learn and succeed to their utmost potential Rynstone? I’ll tell you this much, as a special education teacher, that can cost you anywhere from $30,000-$100,000 extra a year. Now would you want to pay that out of pocket? I don’t think so.

    1. Unions must Go says:

      It cost so much becaue overpaid Union contracts make it so.

  20. Unions Must Go says:

    Do you really think these budgets would be passed IF the voting day was in November when more voters turn out. People dont understand the only control you really have over your tax dollars is by voting in school budget elections but they are still too stupid to get that into their thick skulls. the districts know this that why its done in may and re-vote is in July. Smart and fixed to work for the UNIONS.

  21. DrJoe says:

    Consider this: according to the NYS Dept of Education, a teacher is required to teach approximately 180-days/year.

    If you are a project manager, you know that the number of “working days” in a year is approximately 262 days, give or take, depending on how holidays fall.

    So, for the sake of argument, let’s go with 260, and assume that a person works a normal 8-hours job, 5-days a week. Let’s be generous and give him 3-weeks vacation, which is 15-days. That means that this person will be working 245 days this year.

    So, according to Newsday, the average salary of teachers is around $100K/yr, (and I’m not even considering adminstrators) and in just working days alone, they are working about 25-30% less, not adjusting for the number of actual hours spent not teaching. Unless I’m mistaken, this is quite a good scam (er, deal) and every voter falls for it every year.

    Perhaps money would be more wisely spent if the voters in districts demanded an independent audit of the books and see exactly where all the money is going. After all, they caught a few districts already and I’m sure there are more to be found, and probably money to be found as well.

    1. Shawn says:

      Though your math is correct, your missing some amazingly glaring problems with your argument. One, you’re talking about an independent audit? Do you know how much that costs? Two, most teachers don’t just take off during the Summer as many people suspect. A lot of that time is spent making plans for the following year and taking workshops to improve the style of teaching and making better teachers.

      Now do all teachers do this, No! However, I am sick of people over generalizing teachers as a whole, rather than scrutinize minority of teachers who don’t belong there. This gets back to awarding teachers based on merit.

      You want better schools, books, and teachers! Get the community involved and make sure you are electing responsible administrators to your boards. Obviously the people in Littleton were manipulated by their board to make a vote.

  22. Stacey says:

    The amount of ignorance on this board is appalling. I am not a teacher, but my daughter is a kindergartner. While my husband and I work full time, our daughter is learning to read and write, do math, tell time, American history, culture and science. She is learning to work as a team and independently. She is learning to express herself in an organized fashion. These are all skills necessary to be a successful human being. The amount of work that goes into my daughter’s education is staggering, considering the amount of students in a class and their ages. Doesn’t anyone here have a small child and recognize the value of these skills? This misdirected anger and ignorance is a toxic bane on our society, especially a first world society built on knowledge. Shame on you for being ignorant about education.

  23. TheTruth says:

    Look at it this way, they go and lay off all these teachers yet no administrative positions are being cut? I would like to think that teachers would be the last resort as education for our children should be the top priority. What good is keeping a secretary or higher level position if there are no teachers left to teach?

    Start from the top down, go through the entire admin staff currently employed by school boards state wide and trim those positions first, then if necessary cut teachers. If you think about cutting teachers first makes no sense.

  24. Rynstone says:


    If your wife and two daughters are teachers I suggest they school you in proper grammar and spelling.
    And what’s up with all the upper case letters?

  25. Ride this Train says:

    I remember a neighbor who will remain nameless Bragging about being the Highest paid conductor retiree on the LIRR around 1983 because he was able to BUMP anyone for the overtime RUN because of his seniority I guess that still exists Hin his name was MattY D

  26. Charles says:

    It is true, the MTA is a cauldron of waste and mismanagement. The inspector general should be looking into all the fraudulent overtime paid to MTA workers. Some track workers clock in and “disappear” into the labyrinth of tunnels or wind up at home calling up co-workers to clock them out (I hear of this constantly from those who do this and I play sports with).
    Sadly these people don’t come anywhere close to the education that our educators attain in order to teach our children, yet educators are constantly singled out for salary reductions and layoffs

  27. phila says:

    Teachers , is this the union you want to belong to that is willing to have 108 members lose their jobs instead of making concessions so all the members can stay employed?

  28. Aggie says:

    Why doesnt anyone see that the schools problems lie in illegal housing! We have slumlords that divide single family houses into 4-5 family housing.The landlord pays taxes for one family and 3-4 other families go on the backs of legal 1 family taxpayers.Wake up LI.Oh by the way this also puts our firemen and police in extra danger when they have run into these fire hazards to save lives.

    1. Jack says:

      The teachers and unions are complicit in this as well.
      The more students(legal or illegal) the more teachers needed and more dues, more power.
      You are absolutely correct.

  29. same old same old says:

    People people you are directing your frustration in the wrong direction; teachers have more education than most and have a modest salary. Problem is not their salaries its the pensions and benefits districts are forced to contribute to. They are no different than any NYS employee with great benefits.. this is what the unions don’t want to give up. And why are there hundreds of districts on LI and not 2? Nassau SD and Suffolk SD? That would be too logical to save $$.

    1. Dottie says:

      Modest salary, are you kidding me? The salaries are high by most standards and extremely high for part time work, they work less than 8 months a year and certainly a lot less hours per week than the rest of us who are trying to make ends meet, better benefits and pensions too.

      Their outrageous salaries and demands are pushing senior citizens off of Long Island. They won’t help each other and we’re supposed to feel sorry for them.

      1. Jack says:

        Teachers are in their own world. They are oblivious to the fact the the average taxpayer has none of the benefits and much lower salaries. No tenure, no lifetime healthcare or pension, summers off, spring break, winter break, christmas break, and can’t retire as early as they. No automatic pay raises either.
        Many times there are multiple family members teachers and socialize mosrtly with teachers.
        There is a real world out there not enjoying these perks.
        How appropo they point to wall streeters as having it better.

  30. Mark says:

    You have been FOOLED for many years. The teachers Unions are the problem. Even if teachers take a salary freeze, there are NUMEROUS other “union package” benefits that just makes you keep paying higher school taxes. I am a former school board member for a very successful north shore school district. LI Teachers are not only the highest paid teachers in the country, but YOU the taxpayer have to pay for their contionuing education (in service training they call it) so after the teacher completes the in-service training, they move up on the pay scale and make even more money. School Boards are absolutely afraid of the the teachers unions – why? because when the teachers unions don’t get their way, they pull a Saul Alinsky – a liberal tactic by recruiting your KIDS, while in class, to tell them how BAD the teachers are abused, that the administration won’t allow certain books, or authorize certain field trips, or want to take money away from them. Then little Johnny runs hiomw, tells his mother, and the mother is on the phone to the Super complaining. This happens in every school district. I remember when I was in Middle School and High School, I NEVER heard a gripe out of teachers. Today, its the new way. Enlist the kids to do their dirt work – and don’t you believe for a second the don’t. So the parents, beacsue their kids are in school, will pay just about anything to get a LI education, put pressure on the district, then everybody makes nice, and spends your money but still no tissues in the classroom. Lifetime health benefits, in service training, extra cirriculuum stpiends, THERE IS NO ACCOUNTABILITYU at ANY LI School for your money, because to them its free.

    1. Mike says:


      1. PETER says:

        you are absolutely right. since the classroom is so miserable for them, they should take their health & dental insurance, step increases, free in-service training, 5-1/2 weeks paid holidays & breaks, 9 weeks summer vacation, humongous pension and get a job at the local daycare. (the principal in my elementary school gets $8,900 A MONTH pension WITH subsidized health insurance benefits. teachers’ pensions average around $65,000 AND THEY ONLY PAY 10 YEARS INTO THEIR PENSION. THE STATE HAS BEEN PICKING UP THE TAB FOR THE REST OF THEIR EMPLOYMENT YEARS. ONLY TIER 5 WHICH STARTED RECENTLY THAT EMPLOYEES PAY FOR LIFE LIKE THE REST OF THE WORLD) I admit the frist few years are difficult b/c it’s a learning process. but after that, all they do is xerox ditto sheets and recycle the same curriculum. out of a 8-period school day, teachers teach 5 PERIODS. they get a period off for lunch, a period for productivity (to make up lesson plans), and a period for hall duty, which they sit and read or grade tests. THEY ARE ONLY ACTIVELY TEACHING 63% OF THE DAY.
        if only you could hear and see what goes on in a school everyday. i know b/c i work in one. THEY SHOULD FIRE THEM ALL AND START OVER WITH NEW AND HUNGRY TEACHERS….NOT KEEP THE OVERPAID SICK-OF-TEACHING TEACHERS

  31. Sell out Your Own says:

    The Union is a brotherhood but hey will feed their brothers to the sharks rather then give up something to save their brothers. They have drawn a line in the sand and caused the whole problem. Unions in have caused our school taxes to rise and have really not given the taxpayer anymore then if they were non Union.

  32. Harold says:

    The teachers and their unions brought this upon themself. A lesson well learned for other school districts….. The taxpaying public has had enough is enough!!!

    1. same old same old says:

      If the public has had enough why do 95% of the budgets pass every year?

  33. Rynstone says:

    Patricia Kilian, you are quoted in the article as having a gifted child whose special enrichment program will be ending. Why should other tax payers be paying for a special program for your child? If your child has special gifts you should be responsible for additional costs for special programs.
    Our schools should provide the basics of education.
    We have gotten away from reading, writing and math to teach things like diversity and other special programs.

    This is not an argument about wether or not our teachers are worth what they are being paid.
    We are simply at a point where we can no longer afford the costs of our eduction. It has everything to do with oversized swimming pools, rubberized tracks, new football stadium, special programs and generous wages and benefits for school teachers, school administrators etc. There is no one single item that is responsible. It is the culmination of many issues.
    My small local school had a budget increase this year of 12.6%.

    My personal income has shrunk by over 60% since 2008. I can’t raise taxes to make up the difference. If we are going to fix New York State we all need to share in the pain. Will we do it? Probably not.
    The sooner NY fails and goes bankrupt the sooner we can get to work fixing the state.

  34. politician h8r says:

    we keep cutting funds from education but yet we have money to send to other countries that don’t even like us…anyone see something wrong here? How about we take those billions and put ittowards education and services for our veterans!!!!

  35. Aidan says:

    “The district contends that there wouldn’t be as many layoffs if the teachers’ union would agree to more salary freezes. However, the union said it has already made enough concessions.”

    fine. fire ’em all.

    1. taxpayer says:

      Fire em all and take away their Health Insurance and send packing to another state they (the UNION) have raped us enough

      1. Chris says:

        Good idea. Lets end all unions. Lets revert back to a non union society. Who needs workers rights. Who needs protection from unscrupulous employers. Hell, who needs education at all? Lets put the kids to work. Most of our kids don’t deserve an education any way. Lets put them to work repairing the bridges and cleaning the highways and replacing our crumbling infrastructure for 3 bucks an hour.

  36. peter says:

    It is unconscionable for the teachers to vote down a salary freeze and keep the 108. How is a a teachers’ UNION when all is safe except 108?! What happened to ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL??

    Teachers all need to come down off their pedestals. They should only deserve a raise if they would transfer to a poor school district overrun with kids unable or unwilling to learn, work their magic and get all the kids to perform just as well as their present students. Guess what? They can’t!! They are NOT magicians! Teachers should NOT hog up all the credit to themselves. Share some with motivated students and proactive parents. Maybe then they will realize they do NOT deserve a raise.

    After all the holiday breaks, winter and summer recess, snow days, and summers off, they ONLY WORK 8-1/2 MONTHS. That’s 14-1/2 weeks off!! The rest of us only get 2 weeks off. And THEY need a raise?!

    In case the teachers do not know, the rest of the U.S. is on a salary freeze!


    1. NG says:

      We are financial mess due to the greed on Wall Street, not due to the “greed” of teachers. So if we share the credit with the motivated students and proactive parents can they then blame the lazy student and disconnected parents? Wake up, the rest of the US is not on a salary freeze. Have you been keeping up on the latest bonuses paid on Wall Street? I am from a family of hard working dedicated teachers, and I do not know how they get by day to day with the problems facing America’s children at home which spill over into the classroom. Before you criticize walk a mile in their shoes and spend ten months a year in a classroom.

    2. Chris says:

      Your ignorance is astounding.

  37. TheConservativeDiva says:

    NObama 2012!!!

    1. dennis says:

      All the states are broke because of the financial melt down caused by the housing bubble caused by unscrupulous & greedy Wall Streeters given a free pass by negligent government regulators and regulations written by “mostly” Republican legislators looking for donations to their political campaigns.

      1. GetUrFactsStraight says:

        Actually, you’re wrong. Organizations like ACORN and other similar groups FORCED banks to provide loans to undeserving, unqualified and deadbeat applicants because they’re black. Banks were sued by minority groups because their people weren’t getting loans. Those loans defaulted in massive numbers, but the banks did try to cover up the low credit ratings of each mortgage and try to bundle them as AA loans. Everyone is trying to pass the buck that Obama’s cronies forced on this nation. The banks are just as much the victim as we are. No more loans for unqualified UNDESERVING deadbeat minorities!!!!

      2. Scream Rape says:

        mortages are High because taxes are high because Teahers are allowed to RAPE us without going to jail because they have a contract that says so.

      3. Dottie says:


        You need to go back to school to re-learn history but the liberal teachers probably wouldn’t tell you anyway.

        The housing crisis was started by Bill Clinton and others like him who thought everyone should own a house whether they could afford it or not. Most couldn’t and look where that has gotten us.

  38. Jennifer G says:

    I am a teacher on long island and I would invite any of you who comment that teachers are all overpaid to spend just one day in my kindergarten classroom!!!!!

    1. sam says:

      oh Jennifer G it must be hard getting the kids to put all the crayons back in the box

      1. John says:

        In kindergarten I was already learning basic math and reading skills Sam, not playing with crayons . Maybe your kids are “special.”

    2. Aidan says:

      please …. it’s job … like everyone else has

    3. Taxpayer says:

      thats what your getting overpaid for dont complain

    4. VicD says:

      King/Queen of the kids..
      Try butting heads with adults every day to get your check.
      Enjoy unemployment..

    5. GetUrFactsStraight says:

      Kindergarten? That’s not even a real class. If you can’t handle the kiddies, you’re clearly a failure as a teacher. And what do you teach? Ass wiping 101? Sandbox etiquete? Pathetic.

      1. John says:

        She teaches your kids all the things that you are unable to teach them. Like how to function as a normal human being.

      2. Shannon says:

        you are so offensive and moronic, it surprises me that you could even concoct an actual sentence.

  39. PAAUULL says:

    yes…. the MTA and state governments are corrupt.. thats what happens when you vote for bigger and bigger govt. but the teachers union is just as corrupt. they are playing tug of war trying to pull the taxpayers wallets in three different directions…

  40. Barukh Rohde says:

    Well what do you expect? The state is broke, and they shouldn’t be giving money to the MTA any more than they should be paying for local governments to run their school districts, any more than they should be paying so much in the way of unemployment benefits, any more than they should be cutting taxes. They shouldn’t do any of these. Maybe if they didn’t, we’d actually have a budget surplus for once!

    1. Krypton Falls says:

      Maybe they should make a career change. Astronauts’ salaries at NASA range from $64K to $141K. Currently a GS-11 starts at $64,724 per year and a GS-14 can earn up to $141,715 per year. Remember, the Andromeda Galaxy is heading towards us at 300,000 mph, while our Milky Way Galaxy is hurling through Space at 600,000 mph. The distance between both galaxies is closing by almost 24 million miles per day. Scientists predict we will either be sideswiped by the Andromeda, or headed for a merger. We will have to replicate Earth on the Moon and on Mars as proposed in atmospheres.5u dot com.

  41. salvo says:

    In japan, teachers are called nation builders…..the good teachers are well resepected. Without a good education, our country will go down the tubes as it has already started.

    1. Wet Willy says:

      The reason teachers in other countries are held in the same regard as doctors, lawyers, scientists, and other educated professionals is because they only accept the best into their teaching programs. In the U.S. any fool can become a teacher. We need to raise the standards in our colleges and universities, allowing only the best and brightest. We do that with lawyers and doctors, why not teachers? It’s a shame. Teachers are a very well educated group of professionals, however, it takes more than education to become an outstanding teacher.

      1. cat says:

        It doesn’t matter if you put Einstein in the front of the classroom if the kids don’t care or there is no money to pay the talented teachers.

  42. salvo says:

    where in the hell is the lottery money going!!!! To many loose pockets and open hands in politics.

  43. Fire them all says:

    Its not about school aid its about overpaid teachers, Supers making over 250 k a year, Gym teachers with tenure going over 150k it goes on and on. They gave up enough GOOD give up more and stop raping the tax payers we have had enough

    1. steve jones says:

      “Fire them all,” I’m curious what you do for a living. I wonder if your business can keep you on thanks to generous tax breaks. Hmmm, do you do work, or sit on Facebook all day? How much do you make, and are YOU worth it? Perhaps you are the problem. I suggest an independent evaluator to decide if you are wothwhile since some sort of tax break/subsidy probably helps you keep your job. The catch — the evaluator must have no idea about your job and create a random set of measures. Perhaps a little more thought into your commentary, eh?

      1. fire them all says:

        Not about me BUT 250 K for an administrator of a district that dosent have a High School and Gym Teacher making 150k that if he wasnt a teacher would be working at Gold Gym. As for me i’m a retired Police Captain and to get there i had to pass tests and not live on tenure. and about know I’m going fishing

  44. Woof says:

    Why not get rid of the Dog catcher in the town of Hempstead

  45. karlson says:

    It’s really criminal for NY State to cut off school aid. Why is there money for the MTA which is a sewer of corruption, endless fare increases, cutbacks in service, terrible service and no-show jobs. The MTA with it’s 2 sets of books is the ultimate flim-flam organization based upon greed and has just about everything wrong with it that you can think of.

    The teachers live locally by and large and have families and mortgages and car loans. How this will affect Long Island remains to be seen but anyone young enough to consider a career in education in NY will take notice that there is no future in it as a career when the state can hold back financial aid to school districts.

    So now the mentality of NY State is to shift the money from school districts to unemployment – what a bunch of dopes! Because that’s where all the affected teachers will end up – on the unemployment line.

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