LEVITTOWN, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — It is a distinction that no parent wants for their child’s school district — having the most teacher layoffs in the area. However, that is exactly where one Long Island community is headed.

More than 100 teachers could be losing their jobs in Levittown. The school district’s superintendent, Herman Sirois, said layoff notices have been sent to 108 teachers.

“I have a gifted child who’s in the enrichment program and what I’ve understood is that program is now gone for September,” Patricia Kilian told CBS 2’s Kristin Thorne.

The district contends that there wouldn’t be as many layoffs if the teachers’ union would agree to more salary freezes. However, the union said it has already made enough concessions.

Sirois said it was unlikely that all 108 teachers would be laid off. He said the school board was still reviewing the layoff list and hoped union concessions would come through.

“The teachers are all trying to be there for each other and be there for the students,” teacher Sean Breves said.

Sirois said the district was receiving about $4 million less from the state next year. He didn’t want to speak on camera, but said: “We have to make these cuts or we can’t open our doors. We’re at the mercy of the state politicians. We have no choice.”

Just last week parents approved a school budget that increased class sizes and reduced staff. Many of them said they didn’t think things were going to be this bad.

Sirois said the final number of layoffs will be known by the end of next month.

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