NYPD: Irving Sanchez Caught On Tape Abusing Pit Bull Puppy

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Most people have puppy love. A man caught on tape in an East Harlem elevator seems to have the opposite.

The New York Police Department says Irving Sanchez, 46, was arrested after allegedly being caught on an elevator’s surveillance camera brutalizing a pit bull puppy.

The video was captured Sunday in the Wagner Houses in East Harlem. It shows a shocking attack.

Video: Animal Cruelty Caught On Tape

In the video, a man police say is Sanchez is seen walking into the elevator with a small pit bull puppy named Max. Once inside the elevator, the man is seen dragging the dog from side to side of the elevator by its leash, hurling it into the elevator walls.

Then the man leans in and hits the dog repeatedly with the handle of the leash, wielding the strap like a club.

Finally the man starts stepping on the dog and appears to kick him.

Sanchez was arrested the next day. He is charged with aggravated cruelty to animals.

Max was taken to an animal shelter.

If guilty, what’s the appropriate punishment in this case? Sound off in our comments section.


One Comment

  1. john says:

    He needs to die! Medical experiments until he is dead! Not that an animals life is more important than a humans, but someone who inflicts deliberate acts of abuse/torture/cruelty on the most innocent of life, is a potential time bomb for the rest of us…he needs to die!

    1. john says:

      Just saw the video, now he needs to be tortured before death! What a worthless POS!!!! Maybe he could be killed by a pack of wild dogs? either way NO humane death for this big blob of Sh%t! a painful death for him!

  2. nicole says:

    You’re an idiot Pat and you’ve ALMOST managed to appear as cold as the idiot in this video.

  3. ms. liberty says:

    Why don’t the haters, theracists and white christian facists on this board admit that young Irving is merely acting out a symbolic reparation and expressing solidarity with ALL oppressed peoples throughout the world throughout history? I think we can at least agree that young Irving is the REAL victim here.

  4. punisher says:

    He needs to be whipped to death.

  5. Jim Hampton says:

    People who do that are TRUE COWARDS!

  6. Nospeaknglish says:

    @crimeandpunishment what?? Animals don’t have feelings? You are obviously an ignoramus thug like Irving Sanchez. Wow…I didn’t know they had Internet access in jail.

  7. Jim Hampton says:

    I’d torture that sub-human animal!

  8. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

    Another degenerate that will end up being treated the exact same way. It may take time, years, but eventually someone he abuses will have concealed carry and they will end it.


  9. vigvee says:

    Wow this dude deserves a serious beat down! Period.


  10. Ben Kabak says:

    The dog seems like he deserved the beating

  11. Tired of Ignorance says:

    Never trust a person who doesn’t like animals.

  12. BubbaT says:

    The real dog in this vid is Irving. Someone needs to beat the living hell out of this pos. Better yet, just shoot him between the eyes.

  13. A Reckoning says:

    Someone on the street should take care of sanchez.

  14. Wayne says:

    I see a dead man walking, but not for long.

  15. tom king says:

    put him in the vacated michael vick cell

  16. JEFF GORDON says:

    I hope that animal gets many years in jail and I hope that little dog will be OK.

  17. I hope someone puts Irving to sleep!!!!

  18. desertpal says:

    This “man” is an animal, right? He wants dogs to fight and die? How about just shott this sob right between the eyes and get it over with, adopt out this little dog to a loving home and let’s get on with Life?

    1. justin says:


  19. Dave says:

    Smear bacon grease on this POS, put him in a large kennel with about a dozen angry, hungry pit bulls and lock the gate. Let him have an experience that is opposite of his normal perspective……

  20. S'Lee says:

    Wow Pat– is your life so meaningless that you really find ways to bash one a political party based on this video? Like the Republicans are any less controlled than the Democrats. Wake up Pat– you’re living a lie. Politics are no more than movies and entertainment for our distraction.

    1. Z. Itchy says:

      Only democrats would design a healthcare system that would put the decision to allow granny medicine or needed treatment in the hands of a disinterested and likely incompetent bureaucrat.

  21. Crime and Punishment says:

    The fact that you would put an “except” in your statement makes it invalid.

  22. DJmore says:

    I would say, a year in jail, and 3 years probation.

  23. B. Mad says:

    Amen! How much longer until dominating little puppies and children and women isn’t enough. This is how serial killers start. Get him off our streets!

  24. daisy says:

    this man, Irving Sanchez, is a disgusting example of human existance. he should not be allowed to live in peace, or live at all. if given the option to live, he should be randomly and spontaneously tormented and beaten–just like he did to this puppy. he’ll never know when or how it will happen, only that it will happen (and often). piece of $hit.

  25. jtorres says:

    Hey, Crime and Punishment – if an animal has no “feelings” why do dogs sometimes cry and whine. Because they hurt. Inside and out. i don’t believe the death penalty is warranted but if you think this is an isolated incident, you are sadly mistaken. People who brutalize helpless animals need to be punished. All serial killers started by torturing animals

  26. Bob Tarasiak says:

    Sad! Yet dogs and animals are getting more attention and sympathy from the media, yet thousands of babies (50 million since 1973) are being MURDERED every day and is so called abortion. No! It is murder! What abot the right to life of the Baby? What about the baby’s say? We live in a Country that gives more sympathy to animals than human beings. How sad! We have yet to see the “storms” in the USA, sin will be paid for!

  27. Penny says:

    And people wonder why pit bulls become aggressive. It’s a fallacy that these dogs are naturally aggressive. Most aggressive behavior is a result of abuse. If you antagonize any animal, it will attack. This guy is clearly trying to “train” his dog to become an attack dog. He should have his own inhumane actions turned back upon himself. I find it absolutely disgusting that someone can willfully brutalize another living creature.

  28. John McCombs says:

    Ouch. I guess the truth hurts.

  29. kyle says:

    They should put this guy in an elevator throw a leash around him and beat him senseless.

  30. Blaine says:

    Put him on a chain gang in Louisiana or Mississippi that would do nicely!

  31. Sam says:

    If you know something such as this, don’t lie down and take it. Do something about it. Do the authorities know this? If so, I feel sure they would have arrested him long ago and he wouldn’t be out walking the streets with human beings, but would be locked up like the animal he is. If you know something the authorities do NOT know, then do the right thing and get him locked UNDER the jail for all of our sakes.

  32. Nova Guy says:

    Latinos and democrats shouldn’t be allowed to own a pittbull period, may be chihuahua.

  33. Borats Brother says:

    This guy and any other animal abuser needs to have a stun gun wired to their vitals and the trigger taped down until the battery goes dead.

  34. Nova Guy says:

    haha not just Obama, Michael Steel could use him in his bedroom too 😉

  35. Roze says:

    And they just keep pouring across our border. . . .

    1. Borats Brother says:

      Ain’t that the truth

  36. steiv says:

    freaking Mexicans have no respect for anything! especially living things! yes i am a racist

    1. James Johnson says:

      How do you know he was a Mexican?

  37. Juicy says:

    People! People! It is a dog! And a Pit Bull to boot! We don’t know if this dog attacked another dog or a person before this! These types of cameras are illegal and DO invade privacy laws!!!! Cut the guy some slack!

    1. Borats Brother says:

      The Wagner Houses are a PUBLICLY FUNDED housing project (a.k.a. a city run slum) What expectation of privacy does one expect in a government run ghetto? You really need to get a life

  38. afrosheen says:

    this video is spic_tacular!

  39. Jake says:

    No excuses JAIL TIME is the answer

  40. precious rambo says:

    don’t none y’all no nothin ’bout tenderizing

    seriously, if you’re gonna eat the pup, you should dispatch it humanely and then tenderize…

  41. retiredfed says:

    Let’s see a savage in East Harlem, mmmmmmmmm! Last time I was in an elavator in East harlem (two weeks ago) I had my legal Glock 40. I wish I would have seen this savage doing this to that puppy. I would have stole Max at gunpoint and shoe leathered the savage. Let’s see, he treats his wife like that his kids and doesn’t have job but does have an arrest record because of racist white cops he has encountered his whole life. Antone else want to add to this profile…forgor recovering heroin addict.

    1. ernie says:

      You are my kind of neighbor. wish there were more people like you in the world

    2. What the? says:

      White racist cops? What does that have to do with ANYTHING on this blog? SO SICK of that lame excuse, as cops are dealing with white/black/asian/hispanic low lifes all day long and I am sure they are just as beaten up inside as the rest of us – HOWEVER, that doesn’t give ANYONE an excuse to brutalize ANY living being – Especially one that is helpless and confined – as it is shown here!! Stay focused and you will be alot more effective!

      1. Amber Nicole Tanksley says:

        retiredfed was being sarcastic.

  42. rannan3 says:

    I did not watch the video, the description was enough for me.
    But I’m thankful the video exists . If ALL EVIL could be caught on tape,
    the monsters who commit the vile acts couldn’t LIE out of it !

    When you have a living, breathing , feeling creature that depends on
    you totally, yet you choose to abuse it, THAT tells me all I need to know
    about your morals , ethics and integrity — you have none !

    1. youarelame says:

      Charles, guess you can’t read newspapers or magazines since there is no video on it. Give me a break, you do not need to watch the video to form an opinion on this.

    2. Andrew says:

      Stunning use of CAPS.

      1. jimmerz says:

        What, you couldn’t find anything better to complain about?
        When people don’t have a valid arguement, they usually resort to making fun of someone.

    3. Paige Cohen says:

      Okay – you encouraged me to watch the video. That jerk probably represents a good number of pit bull owners. Like you said, he is training him to be a mean SOB. I liken what I saw to a Father slapping his young son around yelling at him “Be a man!” Is it right? Absolutely freaking NO. I hope that dog is rescued and conditioned, as he is still young. And I hope that giuy rots in hell – I hear the rapture is coming around October 21st – put that guy in the front of the line.

    4. Andrew says:

      Because they support the other party, I suppose. Simpleton.

    5. Andrew says:

      How about the looser that the spell-check can’t catch?

    6. pam says:

      The guy abusing the dog is clearly a Republican! You can tell by his lack of caring!

    7. Sam says:

      Charles you are an idiot… “But the story was way worse than the video revealed”… what?? kicking, hitting and throwing a dog into the side of an elevator… do us all a favor and save your comments… for someone who wants to determine dog owners should have a fenced in yard you would think that the video would touch you in some way…

    8. Lazybum says:

      Pam- I am SURE that a black guy in Harlem voted GOP. You are a Democrat Denier! A DEMOCRAT DENIER!!!

    9. retphxfire says:

      Too bad know one knows who you are, I would be willing to bet you have abused animals AND people. This isn’t just pulling on a puppy to keep up with you, this was an overt act of abuse. Personally, if don’t have common sense or a soul, you shouldn’t be allows to be around any living thing….Charles. What has numbed you so much?

    10. NOTSONUTSO says:

      You are a racist creep to say that! Obama 2012. Get used to it, hatriot moron.

    11. Kevin R says:

      You don’t have to have a yard to own a dog, you just need to be responsible. I have a Pointer (very active dog) in a 5th floor apartment who gets to a dogpark for at least 15 hours a week and does not destroy anything he is not supposed to because of this and other things I do with him. My old roommate had a pair of Boxers and had a yard but never walked them or took them away from that house. They weren’t “bad” dogs, but were not well behaved either. My apartment dog, however, is sweet and playful, yet respectful and gentle and is still only 16 months old. You didn’t even take into account breed.

      And yes, you can be informed without seeing something yourself, but you must consider the source.

    12. retphxfire says:

      I’m a proud moderate/left of center Democrat. Neither side of the aisle should be posting such dumb comments, it’s way off topic, too.

    13. Jason Ryan Windon says:

      Charles, you are a dipsh#%

    14. Eric's Mother says:

      We should let pit bulls perform abortions.

    15. Michael says:

      Eric….it is amazing. I am stunned by this video. The guy is a total loser. But I am even more amazed at how people can be so outraged by what this guy did, but then have no reaction to the murder of millions of unborn children. Total hypocrisy!

    16. jones says:

      I had the exact same reaction Charles, when I read the leash was being used ‘like a club’ and that he was ‘hurling it into the elevator walls’ I was expecting to see something much worse… you can’t really even see that he was ‘stepping on the dog and appears to kick him’.

      These people attacking your comment are idiots, I read that you were not defending him and recommend that dogs should not be locked up in apartments. You are obviously not an animal hater…

    17. josh Keoghhane says:


      You are a joke. I would love to smash you from wall to wall. What a jerk.

    18. Antimarx says:

      Hey Jones, you need to get your eyes checked…or your brain. The poor dog was being brutalized and it was clear. Anyone with eyes and a soul can see that.

      I hope that poor animal gets a good owner someday.

    19. Lee says:

      I guarantee those who scream the loudest about this act, (which is despicable), especially the women, are pro-abortion.

    20. Devin says:

      @rannan3 – I couldn’t agree with you more. I also find no logical distinction in the abortion context. “A living, breathing, feeling creature that depends on you totally”
      Am I wrong?

      1. Jeremy says:

        hey idiots, it’s not a baby, it’s a fetus. Maybe you should have gone to school instead of making more babies with your cousin that you can’t afford or educate.
        And remember, your Jesus superstition only applies to those stupid enough to believe in it.

      2. Rodin says:

        Good without gods!

      3. Irony says:

        Likewise, it’s not a puppy it’s a pit bull. Kill ’em all I say.

      4. opinionated says:

        rainbo- don’t you think we already support unwanted children with public funding?! when they are in foster care atleast the parents are responsible for paying child support!!

    21. HatesAbusers says:

      I also decided against watching the video. My reply to the question as to an appropriate punishment would be to drop him 200 miles off shore with only a swimsuit and if he can swim back unaided, he is free to go.

      1. RIO SAM says:

        DITTO…..GOOD IDEA!

      2. Ben says:

        That is a great idea!

      3. Love4allcreatures says:

        I agree with HatesAbusers!!! It’s uncalled for to treat any living creature this way!!! Human or Animal!!! All should be put on an island in the middle of nowhere 1000’s of miles away from civilization! The world would be a much better place.

    22. Rodin says:

      “Is it the faculty of reason or perhaps the faculty of discourse? But a full-grown horse or dog is beyond comparison a more rational, as well as more conversable animal, than an infant of a day or a week or even a month old. But suppose they were otherwise, what would it avail? The question is not, ‘Can [animals] reason?’ nor, ‘Can they talk?’ But, ‘Can they suffer?'”

      English jurist, utilitarian philosopher and social reformer

    23. realamerican says:

      Oh, is the govt gonna tell us what we can do with our pets now too? Call PETA you liberals!! PC police! This is tyranny stay out of our lives govt!!!!!!

      1. detex says:

        kill yourself. PLEASE!

      2. Jennifer says:

        Yes kill yourself. You will not be missed. HOW’S THAT FOR A BLEEDING HEART?

      3. StandUp says:

        RealAmerican is correct. Pets are property. This isn’t real cruelty and waterboarding isn’t torture. What Michael Vic did was cruelty. . . The rest of you, You don’t know what happened! STFU you Hippocrates. Pray every day that you’re parents didn’t abort you. You’ll complain about this yet back the murder of defenseless unborn babies.

      4. Ryan Knowles says:

        This is a person pretending to be a conservative. No real conservative or even Libertarian, I don’t think, would promote the idea that people should be able to beat their dogs as much as they want and the government needs to stay out of it. That is ludicrous.

      5. Jeremy says:

        yet you want the gov’t to take away the reproductive rights of women and to push your religions agenda. You are an idiot.

      6. Rich says:

        Dude I gotta agree with you, I mean it is an animal and I think people forget the place of animals to humans. Now personally I find this behavior distasteful but you should expect a dude that gets a pit bull (A dog that these days is designed to tear people to shreds) should be expected to be a completely rough character. Pit bulls are ugly, mean, nasty dogs and if I had my way the entire species would be fixed and no more would be bred. These are animals which are doubtlessly dangerous to kids and other small animals.

      7. opinionated says:

        Really?? you are saying “real american” that beating puppies is ok, and that the government is at fault?? So you agree with ‘what happens in your house stays in your house”? Dip$%^* news flash the government doesn’t really have camera’s hidden in your trailer’s ceiling!! Though maybe it should if you feel a “real man” needs to beat animals, women and children to prove how manly he is?! What a tool!!

      8. Troll Sniffer says:

        realamerican is obviously being completely sarcastic or possibly trolling. The fact that there are people taking him/her seriously and arguing is kind of funny, but it’s pretty messed up that people have stepped up to AGREE with that statement.

        I wish I had the money to move to Canada. I hate America.

      9. Rodin says:

        I am. I have a Canadian wife and she’s got the finances.

        As put by American author John Vaillant, who lives in Vancouver, in an op-ed in The Times recently, “When people ask me, an American expat, what it’s like living in Canada, I tell them, ‘It’s kind of like living in the States, if the States were on lithium.’”

      10. ernie says:

        The govt is paying for Sanchez to live on welfare and he probably is not even legal so before you start saying about PETA I would be calling LA MIGRA

        you are probably some TPT welfare living loser

      11. Rachel says:

        To Rich i find your comment very wrong i have had pit bulls all my life and none of them have ever attacked anyone and i have to small kids and it all depends on how they are raised if you give them a loveing family then they are all right but if you mis treat them then yes they can be bad so i think you should be fixed so you cant have kids then you will see how it feels if you were to see my pit bulls you would change your mind mine are very well trained and listen very well i can put them in a front yeard with no leash and tell them to watch the kid and if anyone comes near them they wont let them near and would never hurt the kid so i dont want to hear that all pit bulls are bad because they are not you just dont know what you are talking about its people like you that give all animals a bad name. and you should just KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    24. Angel says:

      How the F do you get ABORTION in this conversation? psycho!!!!!!

    25. Rodin says:

      @ Angel
      The same way they get Obama, Bloomberg, liberals, Democrats, Jews, Muslims, Asians, blacks, Hispanics, immigrants, ‘religion’…. It’s their agenda and only interest. They’ll insert their irrelevant, noxious comments anywhere they can, whatever the subject. Rabble rousers hiding behind monikers who wouldn’t dare say what they do under cover of anonymity in the light of day.

    26. Avenger says:

      Hey Angel!…We’re talking about brutalizing the defenseless!!! Did you know they rip the little arms and legs off of a living human being when they perform an abortion( or should I say act of murder against a little defenseless baby that can’t defend itself)? That’s how abortion got into this conversation, Angel. How many abortions have you had Angel? YOU are the PSYCHO, Angel!!

    27. Carr Estes says:

      Funny, the question at the end of the article asks “If guilty”. I don’t think there is any doubt of his actions in this case. Sanchez should be on the end of a leash himself, preferably in public, and the other end tied to a strong oak tree.

    28. Jean says:

      Agreed! If people have no regard for innocent, helpless human life, it follows that the cruelty will oftentimes be transferred to helpless animals too!

    29. lukuj says:

      I agree whole-heartedly with you. Then I started thinking that the same thing is more or less done to babies in the womb and fully supported by so many people. Both are horrendous.

      1. Karen says:

        I have a pit and she is the sweetest dog. They are not mean unless you make them mean that’s normal for any dog. There are other dogs out there not on the “List of dangerous dogs” that will attack. I did watch the video and the guy ought to be punished the same way he punished that poor dog. Hope he pays for what he has done.

    30. Patrick says:

      Eric, watch this – don’t compare apples and oranges. What makes you think that people who support this dogs right to not be brutalized are pro=-abortion? It is a leap on the part of someone like you who is obviously fixated. I know that the Churches teach you to be anti-abortion; are you pro-life all around? Do you support the death penalty? Dog Fighting? Or do you only have one issue with which you bug anyone that wants to talk about anyother subject…

    31. lukuj says:

      I agree with you. That thought popped into my mind also. We do the same thing and worse to babies in the womb and people think it is just fine.

    32. opinionated says:

      I’d rather have a person who is cruel and violent have an abortion than to have a helpless child born to a person that did not want him/her! Are you a foster parent? do you know how many children are out there that have been beaten and tortured because they are with parents that didn’t really want them but then became a piece of property after they were born?? Now they continue to suffer and there aren’t enough foster homes for children or animals to find safety!! So all pro-life people need to take into consideration the big picture. I know i’d rather be shot than go through a life of abuse and torture!

    33. Rainbo says:

      So th would mean you have no problem supporting an unwanted child on public funds?

    34. gothrowapit(y)partyforyourself says:


      Also, I really hate when people blame a specific breed, such as pitbulls, for destructive and violent behavior.

      Just think about whether the dog that bit your face had an owner who stomped on it, beat it with its own leash, whipped it around into walls, or worse (think Michael Vick)!

    35. Love4dogs says:

      Well, we don’t always see abortions happening in elevators and in public places unfortunately. But fortunately, with this incident, we can stop cruelty when it’s in public! I don’t believe in killing the innocent either, and I especially can’t stand to see anything being abused for no damn good reason either!

    36. myesh says:

      Irrelevant and inappropriate.

    37. Stephen Smith says:

      Nothing like a good old dog beating to bring the “Pro-life” lunatics out in force. Multiple aliases? No problem. Helps the conversation. Idiots.

    38. J says:

      Wow, a whole lot of men commenting about abortion. Your opinions would mean so much more if you had a uterus.

  43. cocogirl says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!! What is wrong with people?????? Sanchez should have the same thing done to him! He is without a soul or heart and is a sociopath, which means he cannot be rehabilitated and this will or maybe has been done to humans. This poor little helpless puppy! Shame on this man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Crime and Punishment says:

      ABSOLUTELY ! If he’s capable of this he should be convicted of war crimes and murder, for surely he would do that too!
      Charging this man with crimes he has not comitted is paramount to “thought crime”. If you would convict him of that, you are as guilty as he and should be treated the same.

    2. myesh says:

      Perhaps he has had the same things done to him. Could that be why he thinks it appropriate to do them to a puppy?

      Before you get all het up, this isn’t an excuse. Just stop for a moment and think about what you’re proposing. How is your proposal better than his actions?

  44. Marge says:

    These worthless humans, those who abuse animals and wreck private property, should be shot.

    1. Andrew says:

      Who wants to shoot anyone? You? Are you a lunatic?

      1. badman says:

        I’d shoot him if I had the chance.

      2. Lotus says:

        He needs pistol whipped

    2. Angel says:

      I would love to hang this guy.

      1. Irony says:

        LOL. Hang him? Really? Wow “Angel”, what would you do if he got a DUI or something? Hang him twice?

  45. UrsusRexx says:

    People who abuse defenseless animals often graduate to defenseless human targets. It’s the ‘way’ of civilized folk.
    …Vermin, (espicially human vermin) need eradication.

  46. jose lopez says:

    Hope someone adopts the puppy and it is not put to death.

    1. Smuggler says:

      Shut up, abortion troll.

    2. gah says:

      Me too. I can’t believe people are talking politics. I hope the puppy is okay and the guy pays big time. Shouldn’t matter what color or political party he is! Gah people.

  47. Snakedoc says:

    Death penalty!

    1. kd says:

      you are an idiot

      1. Ken in Baltimore says:

        Why is he an idiot? Anyone who would do that to an innocent little dog would do the same to an innocent little child. Sanchez does not deserve anything less than extrme punishment. Actually, the gas chamber is too good for that “person”.

      2. All for one... says:

        In KD’s world someone with a differing opinion is an idiot.
        We now know how you feel about free speech KD.

      3. maureen bland says:

        I wish this cruel man would be compared to those who viciously kill unborn babies. Why dont we rush to their aide as quickly as we do to this adorable puppy. Shouldnt we protect all puppies and babies. Maybe we could put all these people who kill these babies and animals in prison.

      4. Rodin says:


        You hurt me or my family or my property, I’ll patiently wait for the justice system to work its way to retribution. But laws protecting Dogs and other animals are flawed and grossly lopsided in favour of humans.

        Michael Vicks, a monster by any decent person’s standards, is back in the limelight making millions after abusing and killing who knows how many animals. AND HE WANTS TO GET HIMSELF A PUPPY!!! He should be behind bars for many years to come. He should be banned from football for life for gambling.

        SO, you hurt one of my Dogs…, YOU’RE DEAD!

      5. Michelle says:

        what a lame response to call someone an idiot for voicing their opinion on a OPINION BOARD. Anybody who preys on any animal (dog or human) doesn’t deserve a place in society. Imagine what he does to this dog and probably his family behind closed doors!

    2. Rae, AZ says:

      He will only be fined, and told he isn’t allowed to own animals again. That’s what’s sad.

      1. Mike says:

        So was he just here doing the jobs Americans won’t do?

      2. Unexploded says:

        “He will only be fined, and told he isn’t allowed to own animals again. That’s what’s sad.”

        True. Though maybe karma will intervene and someone will put two in his eye; it’d be no loss for humanity.

    3. Sheri says:

      The Torah says “an eye for an eye” meaning the same punishment should be done to the person that perpatrates a crime as was done to the victim – no more or no less. If people knew they would be punished in the exact same way as they hurt another would it make a difference? To some – yes. To others – maybe not. Very sick society we live in.

      1. James Johnson says:

        That piece of scripture from the Torah was written for human to human interactions, not human to animal. Don’t get me wrong, the Bible does say that a rightous man regardeth his beast, but the Bible and the Torah also says that if an animal hurts or kills a human, it should be put to death.

    4. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

      I think a 7′ 2” guy weighing about 400 pounds locked in the elevator with Irving for 90 seconds would be retributive justice. Of course he just lost his job, his girl friend left him and he just watched this video on his phone. If Irving was conscious after the ‘event’ he probably wouldn’t even go near a hot dog the rest of his life.


  48. FNTM says:

    Give him roughly the same as he gave the dog. He won’t do that foolishness again.

    1. Crime and Punishment says:

      Why? Why do we need stiffer punishments for animal cruelty? I agree, this is uncalled for and that it will probably happen again, but in the end, it is still an animal. Regardless of what the liberal kooks would have you believe, animals have no “feelings”. They have no remorse, nor gratitude. If left to it’s own devices, this small cuddly animal would eat your flesh and sleep beside your corpse. What we need is not “Stiffer punishments for animal cruelty”. We need some common sense. We need that common sense in not only OUR lives, but in our government as well… Specifically and especially our courts. Does he need a lifetime sentence for his lack of compassion? No. Does he need a good dose of his own medicin? Absolutely.

      1. paul says:

        You are so very misinformed about “feelings”. BTW.. we are animals as well…. very oiften acting more so.

      2. Short Circuit says:

        Crime and Punishment – you are a very sick individual. My original post was not put up, but I recently lost my little female Toy Poodle who I had for slightly over 14 years and she passed away from kidney failure.

        So, don’t tell us avid dog lovers animals have no “feelings”, because it shows your ignorance and stupidity!

        Watch the video again of this sick individual and look at how quickly the little puppy cowers in fear from absolute fear … THOSE ARE REAL ANIMAL FEARS … what part of that don’t you seem to be ignorant to grasp?

        I wish I could’ve jumped thru the computer; take that little baby to safety; and then, take that sick individual to the back of the building so he could feel what it’s like to get his a$$ kicked by a former U.S. Marine until the BOY couldn’t bleed anymore.

      3. James says:

        I wouldn’t go so far as to say that an animal has no feelings, but it is true that they are at least primitive and instinctually driven compared to human feelings. Your post is one of the few intelligent ones in this whole thread. I’m shocked to see people advocating the death penalty for the abuse of an animal. Such a response is an emotional one, not a rational one. I don’t even necessarily agree with you that we don’t need stricter punishment for animal cruelty either. Remember that animals are primarily for the enjoyment and affection of man, and this abuse shocks and hurts humans as well. I do think some jail time and sober reflection is in order for the man who did this. But the death penalty? Get a grip, people.

        1. Rodin says:

          An adult Dog has the mental capacity and the verbal ability of a 2 year old child (upwards of 500 words) and is far better equipped to survive on it’s own. Dogs study you constantly and know about us far more than we’ll ever get to know about them.

          That’s just a point of information for all you Canine ‘experts’. So beat, kick and slam a two-year-old around. It’s OK.

    2. dfg says:

      Crime and punishment is absolutely right

    3. AnimalbeatersSUCK says:

      Wow, crimeandpunishment- you sound like a very cold hearted person. Animals don’t have feelings? Really? Why don’t you back that statement up with evidence? If you KNEW what you were talking about, you would know that there was an article in TIME magazine this year about the misconceptions americans have on animals. Animals do have feelings actually, how else would you explain a dog who slowly dies after his owner dies(depression)? Or a dog that cries because it misses its family? Studies have shown that pigs that have been abused will flinch and run away from unknown noises. However, pigs who were raised lovingly will move towards an unknown noise in curiosity. If you are going to spew ignoarance, BACK IT UP WITH EVIDENCE. Animals cruelty laws do need to be stricter if for any other reason than most people who abuse animals do go on to abuse children and the eldery. In my opinion, animals and children are the ONLY innocents in this world and they deserve OUR protection! I hope Irving Sanchez gets what’s coming to him…

      1. Crime and Punishment says:

        I am a pet owner an animal owner, an outdoorsman, a husband and a father.
        Animals are simply that, animals. You can attempt to anthropomorphize them all you like but it will not change that fact. I enjoy the company of my pets, but carry no delusions about the relationship that exists between us. Every symbiotic relationship exists only so long as it is beneficial to both parties. When that benefit ends, the relationship must end, or morph into a different type, one less “beneficial” to one of the parties. It is my hope that you do not have to learn this first hand, but learn it you must, as it applies not only to animals of the four legged variety, but those of our species as well.

        1. Rodin says:

          I pity your pets, your wife and your children. What a pathetic existence! What a poor excuse for a human being!!!

          “The human race had yet to render itself extinct; perhaps the animals were just a dry run. Once you believed animals were insensate things, disposable, of utilitarian value only, it wasn’t hard to move on to people.”

          American novelist and poet

        2. Tattooed44 says:

          Do you beat your animals like this guy did? Then whether your a father, husband, blah blah blah, you don’t deserve to have the animals…

        3. Tattooed44 says:

          Do you beat your animals like this guy did? Then whether your a father, husband, blah blah blah, you don’t deserve to have the animals…

    4. Rhonda Z says:

      People who harm children and animals deserve life in a cage.

  49. Rodin says:

    “The human race had yet to render itself extinct; perhaps the animals were just a dry run. Once you believed animals were insensate things, disposable, of utilitarian value only, it wasn’t hard to move on to people.” ~ NICHOLAS CHRISTOPHER
    American novelist and poet

  50. Mr. Morality says:

    This is terrible..

    Still this video violates the privacy act.

    1. Rick says:

      violates the P.A..? wrong.

    2. Butte says:

      you obviously don’t know anything about privacy laws stupid

      1. Mr. Morality says:

        yes i do

      2. larson roberts says:

        No…. You don’t!

    3. Ryan says:

      It is not a residence and is not a restroom moron. It is your choice to utilize a public elevator and for your safety that it is monitored by video. You are a clown and part of the problem with what is wrong with America. Clown

      1. Mr. Morality says:

        his civil rights have been violated.

      2. Rodin says:


      3. Michael says:

        That phrase is what is wrong with America “for your safety that it is monitored by video.” Its a rotten shame, but his animal, his property.

      4. Phil says:

        He may be a clown, but you’re definitely a wimp!

      5. Tom says:

        Mr. Morality is a Troll – ignore

    4. Pat says:

      By law there is no expectation of privacy in an elevator. Before spouting off you really should know what you are talking about.

    5. Aaron says:

      It’s a security cam and completely legal.

      1. Argus says:

        Just because we can doesn’t mean we should.

      2. Aaron says:

        oh shut up.

    6. John Gray says:

      It’s PUBLIC HOUSING. Want privacy be a big boy and pay for your own place. While we’re at it, if you can’t take care of yourself, then you have no business having a pet (seeing eye dogs, etc, are different).

      1. ernie says:

        This loser was not only living off our tax money he probably is not even legal

    7. Ornlly Gumfudgen says:

      Just th fact ya even try ta detract frum th crime that was committed in a lame attempt ta defend this human excrement tells me an others here that yer a part of th problem an not part of th solution.

      It’s a public accessible elevator an ya ain’t got any right ta privacy in a public place especially when yer committin a crime. Educate yerself a little so ya don’t sound foolish.

      1. Crime and Punishment says:

        Wow. Speaking of sounding foolish…
        Pot, may I introduce Kettle.

    8. carlo says:

      You have no right to privacy on a public elevator, moron.

    9. PATSNYC says:

      Hello. There is no such thing as an expectation of privacy in a public elevator.

    10. MACINTX says:

      Privacy Act? He was in a public elevator. ???

    11. opinionated says:

      privacy act?! does he own the building?? Thankfully idiots that are ignorant enough to beat animals don’t understand that if they take the animal into a bathroom it probably wouldnt of been caught on camera!! Thankfully it was and this loser will be fined. Hopefully the fine is enough that he won’t be able to buy another animal of any kind for a while!! (Hopefully forever)

Comments are closed.

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