NYPD: Irving Sanchez Caught On Tape Abusing Pit Bull Puppy

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Most people have puppy love. A man caught on tape in an East Harlem elevator seems to have the opposite.

The New York Police Department says Irving Sanchez, 46, was arrested after allegedly being caught on an elevator’s surveillance camera brutalizing a pit bull puppy.

The video was captured Sunday in the Wagner Houses in East Harlem. It shows a shocking attack.

Video: Animal Cruelty Caught On Tape

In the video, a man police say is Sanchez is seen walking into the elevator with a small pit bull puppy named Max. Once inside the elevator, the man is seen dragging the dog from side to side of the elevator by its leash, hurling it into the elevator walls.

Then the man leans in and hits the dog repeatedly with the handle of the leash, wielding the strap like a club.

Finally the man starts stepping on the dog and appears to kick him.

Sanchez was arrested the next day. He is charged with aggravated cruelty to animals.

Max was taken to an animal shelter.

If guilty, what’s the appropriate punishment in this case? Sound off in our comments section.

  • Anthony

    That goes for minorities as well.

  • josh keoghane


    What a little wuss and absolute spineless clown you are ….. it’s okay to express a visceral reaction to this abuse… Case in point >> please please dismember this animal abuser and feed him to the dog he abused

  • Mary Cooke

    What I would love to see is the The thing that would hurt him MOST OF ALL make him pay for all medical expences, board, food & anything else the pup will need PLUS A HUGE FINE & jail time! I would also check any girlfriends/boyfriends or wife to make sure they are ok as well as any childre. If this monster did this to a pup he will do that & more to a spouse or child etc. People like this think more of money then anything else.

  • Flava Dave

    well, at least it was just a pit bull…

  • Me

    Those people are animals, so why would anyone expect them to show humanity???

  • Terri

    It isn’t political. It’s animal abuse committed by an animal posing as a human. It’s talking stupid that keeps criminals like this out of jail and free to continue abusing. Get serious and demand that the justice system work for millions of animals being abused, including those in puppy mills. Just talking doesn’t accomplish anything.


    This is a result of watching to much M. Vick during regular foot ball season. Irving the creep would go bonkers if there is no football……according to R. Lewis.

  • cate

    Obviously an Obama-supporting SEIU Purple People (and Dog) Beater. Should be given the same as he gave and exported to North Korea like the rest of them.

  • Dogs kinder than humans

    This guy should be hung! He does not deserve to live since he can’t appreciate life. Animal cruelty laws are way too lenient.

    • You need to go outside more

      who knows if the pit bull was going to attack him?? this man was probably in fear for his life. how dare you judge someone before knowing the whole story. an ignorant response…

      • IBLIESA


  • klg1956

    That man should be put out of his misery, and I could do it and do the world a favor. And people wonder why pit bulls are so mean? It’s because of gutter people like this man. I hope I’m on his jury. People start with animals and move to people when the “thrill” from harming animals is gone.

  • art

    Drop Mr. Sánchez into a prison yard at any maximum security prison in the country for ten minutes and make sure the inmates know who he is and what he did.

  • boog

    All pit bulls should be killed anyway. This breed needs to be eliminated for the planet.

    • klg1956

      It’s idiots like you that liberals are proud to call their own. Pit bulls are mean because of this kind of treatment. And you’d be too if you were treated like that. Or maybe you’d be sweet and loving and giving if you were treated like that, right? Can you think at all? Are you a teacher? Probably!

  • scott

    Pat, I was thinking the same thing. He was probably taking the frustration of the bust-stimulus-package out on poor Max.

  • jackie

    Same as a mother who aborts their child…

  • Jean Deux

    diversity makes us a more exciting country, just think of how dull our white lives would be without mexican and negro sociopaths roaming our streets
    diversity is our strength! (or demise)

  • Michael

    I’ll gladly bay for the bullets.

  • dalemu

    Personally I think a fitting punishment would be to lock him in a room with a half dozen angy pit-bulls for about 4 hours.

  • Jsmith90

    Irving Sanchez is a low-life assbag.

    • Jim S

      JSmith90, I agree, he is a low-life period. Someone should kick him around and see how much he likes it.

  • HansJurgen

    A primate attacking a dog! When will these monkeys evolve into humans that don’t act like savages? I wish the best for the sweet dog and I hope the worst for this primate.

  • Buzz Russell


  • Robert M


  • Chris Weidner

    “Single acts of tyranny may be ascribed to the opinion of a day, but a series of oppresions, begun at a distinguished period, unalterable through every change of ministers, to plainly prove a deliberate, systematical plan of reducing us to slavery.” Thomas Jefferson. Mommy and daddy what were you doing when the global orwellian police state was coming into power? I was creating it darling. 1984 was not supposed to be an instruction manual. Free microchips anybody?

  • Sabrena C.

    I say Death because this guy has no redeaming qualities! He has nothing to offer society. He is just part of the cancer that is eating humanity away. If I saw this guy drowning in a pond and all I had to do to save him was push a button…….I would step on his head and be done with it.

  • Noah Vaile

    No worries.
    The puppy will grow up and kill him, unexpectedly.

  • Lcrome

    This idiot should go to jail. Its people like him who turn dogs into angry dangerous killers. If you beat a dog enough it will retaliate, but not necessarily against the one beating it, but against an innocent little kid or other innocent person. That dog doesn’t deserve what he did to it, and it doesn’t deserve the punishment it would receive if it attacked someone else because of th ill treatment. Definitely stronger sentences need to be set in place for those who are cruel to animals.

  • Sabrena C.


  • Dortshickensworth

    The pit bull puppy represented white oppression and the man had enough!

  • Ralph

    WHen does he sign with the Philadelphia Eagles ?

  • R

    They should do the same to this pos!!!! Hopefully Max is adopted to a loving home.

  • Bill

    Hang him. THe guy not the dog

  • Bobby

    it sounds like hes pretty tough beatting on a puppy, (so… he likes to play corners in the elevator…heh?). i think some of the inmates at Rickers island are going to give him the elevator ride of his life or maybe the pounding of his life just like he did to the puppy. i see nothing wrong with getting a doze of your own medicine…do you?

  • Daniel

    That’s weid looks like two different elevators……the location of the buttons changed…..reguardsless throw the book at him

  • Don Marco

    A fetus being aborted is a far more gruesome sight…But that is probably A-ok with much of America.

  • Dennis Rutherford

    Another typical example of a latin macho twerp. I’ll bet he also beats his wife/kids. Come down here to Texas and try that you piece of latin flotsum

  • JohnDD

    What an absolute coward and disgrace as a human being.

  • jorge huggins

    Lord God ……. please strike him down …… in Jesus name , Amen

  • Thomas

    Marge says, “These worthless humans…” but I say anyone who does that to an animal is an animal themselves and NOT human!

  • tom harris

    kill the pit bull..how many children have died from this one breed? stupid animal lovers.

  • chill

    It’s a pitbull.. who cares. Pink juice.

  • Don

    That guy better lose that jacket and hat, because if I see him, it’s lights out.

  • ahn

    I say find him, drag him into a elevator and treat him like the puppy. I know a few guys who would like to stand on him. Me, I want to whip him till he bleeds. I like animals more than humans, animals are predictable, humans are more wild and evil.

  • Anon

    Typical Liberal in a liberal state.

    Deal with it

  • Jimmy

    That’s not a man, but some of you people are crazy. Death penalty – really? He’s a sorry excuse for a human being, and he shouldn’t be allowed anywhere close to an animal again, but some of you really need to get some perspective.

  • BillYBoy

    That looks like Obama from behind (you folks all look the same to me).

    • MS

      And you must be an ignorant red-neck, or just another sorry racist… your comment wasn’t even relative… you are just as pathetic as the sorry excuse of a life in the article.

  • Fanny Forbes Franklen

    Just another degenerate that will end up being treated the exact same way. It may take time, years, but eventually someone he abuses will have concealed carry and they will end it. One can only dream.


  • Fanny Forbes Franklen

    Another degenerate that will end up being treated the exact same way. It may take time, years, but eventually someone he abuses will have concealed carry and they will end it. One can only dream.


  • Szaybo

    This degenerate welfare recipient should be raped in the ass with a steak knife and forced to eat his own genitals. Then the punishment should begin.

  • Rodin

    “I love a dog. He does nothing for political reasons.” – Will Rogers

    • cpip

      excellent post Rodin

  • cpip

    Excellent points cs. What you and Pat say really sounds extreme but when you look at the facts, you are correct. Dems are extreme, not mainstream. They are also the minority in this country.

    • Rodin


  • Joseph Ford

    Who cares its a dog not a person and you have no idea what the dog did to make him mad!

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