Roberts: Tuesday’s Top Ten

  1. Cleveland Indians (1) 30-15

Give me one good reason why the Indians shouldn’t retain the #1 spot?  What, the sweep of the Reds wasn’t impressive enough?  Asdrubal Cabrera made like Joe Morgan and the Indians are showing no signs of slowing down.  I still think they will cool off eventually and maybe it will be sooner than later.  The Red Sox (who they beat last night) and Rays are up next for the Tribe.

  1. Philadelphia Phillies (2) 29-18

The Phils are itching to get into that #1 spot, and like I’ve said it’s only a matter of time before they claim it.  Chase Utley is back sooner than I thought he would be and despite Joe Blanton going back on the DL, Cliff Lee looked like vintage Lee against his former Ranger teammates.  Cliff got off to a rocky start but he may be just getting started.

  1. Boston Red Sox (9) 25-22

We all knew it was only a matter of time before the win/loss record reflected the stacked talent they have.  The Sox have officially erased that dismal start completely and despite Carl Crawford still trying to find his way in Boston, the Sox are beginning to really click.

  1. New York Yankees (10) 25-21

A win against the Rays and then some “get back on track” games against the Orioles and Mets have straightened things out for the once struggling Yankees.  They have weathered the Posada controversy and the starting pitching has continued to be better than expected…now if only they could cut down on those damn home runs.

  1. St. Louis Cardinals (7) 29-20

Jake Westbrook has been awesome his last few starts, Tony LaRussa is back, Pujols is playing 1B again and Lance Berkman has returned from a short injury break.  So far nobody has stepped up in the NL Central, but with the Brewers getting hot they may turn to be the biggest threat to the Cardinals.

  1. Tampa Bay Rays (3) 26-22

I wonder if the Rays will have a let down from that big Citrus series?!  I mean seriously for all the rivalry series that have juice the Rays/Marlins clash, despite both teams being good, continues to draw no one.  The Rays struggled against their cross state rivals and have cooled off considerably…which is bad news considering any cooling off in the AL East can lead to losing quite a bit of ground.

  1. Florida Marlins NR 26-19

I need to show the Fish some love.  They really have been played well considering Hanley has still not got his bat going.  Now they will really be tested as ace Josh Johnson is on the DL.  Javier Vazquez was actually solid in his last start.  The Marlins will really need him to be the old Javy.

  1. San Francisco Giants (8) 27-19

After losing 2 straight to the division rival Rockies, Giant fans have to feel really good as they got hot against their 2 biggest rivals.  They swept a brief 2 game series against the blood rival Dodgers and then swept the local Athletics of 3 straight including a sick shutout from Tim Lincecum on Saturday night.

  1. Arizona Diamondbacks NR 23-23

After the Giants there is a huge drop off, thus the emergence of the D-Backs on the list.  I don’t think they’ll be here for long, but they deserve the bump considering how well they’ve played of late.  They swept the Braves and swept the Twins, who by the way really stink this year.  Ian Kennedy is putting it all together with a stellar start to the season.

  1. Milwaukee Brewers NR 25-23

Here come the Brew Crew.  After a difficult start with all those expectations the Brewers are starting to finally show signs of fulfilling their potential.  Ryan Braun has had a great year and with Greinke back the rotation looks as deep as anyone.  Gallardo/Greinke/Marcum and Wolf is a pretty formidable top 4.

What’s your Top 10 look like? Let us know in the comments.


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  1. Dominick Mezzapesa says:

    Really…The Yankees jump from 10th to 4th by beating 2 last place teams???? You have to be kidding me

  2. Alan says:

    Evan, heard you and Joe on the radio this morning. It’s funny that you guys mention that you (or Joe at least) don’t know who these kids are, well you’re not the only ones. As a lifelong Cleveland Indians fan, who lived in the Bronx for 15 years, we hardly know who they are either. That’s because these are the prospects who we got in return for C.C. Sabathia, Cliff Lee, Victor Martinez (Masterson) Russell Branyon, etc.,(Brantley, Choo, Santana) They are just coming up from the minors in the last year or two, and there’s more pitching on the way, Alex White, Hagadone, etc.. And we are a small market team. Mix in some veteran leadership, like Orlando Cabrera, Jack Hannahan. Sizemore, Hafner, and you have the makings of one of those magical seasons, we hope. We are leading the AL Central by 7 games over Detroit, (30-15 at the 1/4 pole in the season) and we are finally getting some national attention. We are even getting the fans back, we had 99,000 fans for the Reds series sweep last weekend. Like our new slogan says. “WHAT IF…”GO TRIBE!

  3. Matt says:

    BRO, the Diamondbacks really? The Mariners have won 6 in a row i guess you are going to throw them up there also. I get the league this year has so many teams hovering around .500, but i think a couple of teams like the Rangers or Bluejays should be on the list before Arizona. You even said it yourself they swept the Twins who stink.

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