Demonstrators Protest Bloomberg’s Policy On Drug Offenses, Arrests

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) – Demonstrators rallied down the street from New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg‘s home on Wednesday to protest what they call the illegal arrests of mainly black and Hispanics for possessing marijuana.

Chanting “Illegal arrests have got to go,” city council members, community leaders and others protested near Bloomberg’s East 79th Street home.

1010 WINS’ Stan Brooks reports: Councilwoman Says Illegal Arrests, ‘Not Just’

Councilwoman Melissa Mark-Viverito demanded the arrests, which protestors say are the result of illegal searches, have to stop.

“This policy on behalf of this administration which has arrested and incarcerated more of our young people than the Koch, Dinkins and Giuliani administrations combined, needs to stop,” Mark-Viverito said the crowd.

Mark-Viverito says these arrests are costing the city $75 million a year.

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One Comment

  1. Michael says:


  2. Roy says:

    Anyone who breaks the law is subject to arrest,regardless of color.Thus,if these people weren’t smoking marijuana,or didn’t have it in their possession, they would not have been stop whining and complaining,try educating these pot heads to the odwnfall of using drugs

    1. Michael H. says:

      If these people had not been illegally searched, they would not have been arrested. Simple possession is not a criminal offense, thus, no arrest. The cops are falsifying their reports.

    2. tom says:

      Roy your an Idiot, to you live in NYC, NO , You probably live in the bible belt. They have turned this once great city into a giant tourist trap and police state

  3. Bklyn Mom says:

    Ahhhh, you’re getting me nostalgic! How many evenings I spent hanging out on a street corner with my friends! And watching the guidos cruising 86th street playing “Don’t Go”!

  4. Michael H. says:

    That was quite possibly one of the most racist comments I’ve ever read on this website. Congratulations carl.

  5. CHRIS says:

    In 15 years equivalent of every male in NYC will be arrested by the NYPD. More than 45,000 males were arrested. Over 50,000 people last year were arrested in New York City for possessing small amounts of marijuana , according to the New York Division of Criminal Justice Services and Author: Paul Armentano
    [ 90 percent of the people that were arrested were male]last year in New York City for possessing small amounts of marijuana , according to the New York Division of Criminal Justice Services. Those 45,000 arrests represented 15 percent of all males arrested out of the 280,500 males arrested by the New York Police Department (NYPD). Multiplied by 15 years equals 4,207,500 that is equal to all the males living in New York City On average, nearly 126 males are arrested every day for marijuana possession in New York City, making it the “Marijuana Arrest Capital of the World,” said the Drug Policy Alliance[ DPA].

    1. Michael H. says:

      Dammit, Chris. This is no place for citing sources and providing numbers to back up your argument. You should know better!

  6. Susan Cortez says:

    @ gregory this is an issue that effects many, some may be your neighbors, friends of family members, your child’s teachers, your doctor. Do you really feel like those dopers should get jobs and do something w/their lives. lol.. let’s end this ignorant stereotype. there are many many many responsible marijuana users who should not have to jeopardize his/her freedom every time they buy weed. No ones rights should be violated! You are also right about one other thing… let’s get people off booze and dope, marijuana IS much safer, you know.. and people aren’t being arrested for buying a beer. guess what else, death/overdose statistics, ZERO. Aspirin causes more deaths per year than marijuana.

  7. Rev. Jay Goldstein says:

    NORML NYC is fighting these racist NYPD policies and to end marijuana prohibition in New York. We are profoundly grateful to the councilpersons who spoke out today and to the organizers of this press conference for getting the word out.

  8. Aron Kay says:

    pot is an herb!!! bloomberg is a dope

  9. rich says:

    it’s the law, you are supposed to leave it at home for personal use, and drugs are bad, thus arrest all of them

    1. Michael H. says:

      How do you get it home? You have to have it on your person at some point out on the streets. Regardless, it’s the law that you’re not supposed to have it at all, but it is not a crime. These people are being charged with crimes they are not committing.

      Drugs *are* bad. Cannabis is a plant.

      The arrests are a result of ILLEGAL searches. There are strict limits to what a cop can do during a “stop and frisk” and the NYPD has been overstepping its bounds for years now. It is time for the ACLU and other citizens’ rights groups to step up and crack down on this.

      1. Jerry says:

        All drugs are of plant origin! Weed simply being least potent,still the same it zaps drive and performance,stinks, as well as severely reduces ones chances of success.
        One may claim alcohol too does the same? Sure does, if possible we should
        criminalize it also!

      2. Michael H. says:

        “all drugs are of plant origin”

        False. LSD…synthesized by man. Psilocibin mushrooms…a fungus. Ecstacy…synthesized by man.

        Must I continue?

        It would make more sense to criminalize alcohol over cannabis. Anybody that knows their history knows that we tried this already and it failed miserably. Prohibition does not work. Legalize, regulate, tax. Those are the answers to our “drug problem”.

      3. Michael H. says:

        Oh yeah, the big one in the south and midwest: Crystal meth…synthesized by man.

  10. kendra says:

    I Think you should choose to concentrate on more important things then mari cause its not such a bad drug from what i could see around my neighborhood and some people use it for medicinal perposes also.

  11. JuJuBe says:

    ‘ello Gregory. Perhaps you are not aware that possession of marijuana in personal amounts is decriminalized (ie ticket only) in New York? And that the arrests are for “displaying in public”, which unfortunately remained a misdemeanor? And that much of the “displaying in public” comes when the police nicely ask, or not so nicely, that some poor minority youth empty his pockets?

  12. Gregory says:

    Holy Mackrel! The dope smokers don’t want to be arrested for breaking the law and at the same time fueling the drug violence in Mexico. Perhaps if those minorities weren’t stoned they wouldn’t vote for Democrats. Why Hells Bells they might actually go and get a job. Why not have a program to get people off of booze and dope; it would be cheaper in the long run.

    1. Michael H. says:

      Gregory, first of all, most of the cannabis being used here in NY doesn’t come from south of the border, but north (Canada).

      Cannabis is decriminalized in New York state in amounts less than 25 grams. The crime being committed is “public display” which is still a misdemeanor. The black and hispanic people being arrested (disproportionately, I might add, more than 90% of cannabis users are actually caucasian) are finding themselves subject to “stop and frisks” and are being searched illegally by police and then being falsely charged with “public display” when the cops find something and claim that it was out in full view. The other tactic is to say to the person “if you just give me what you have i’ll let you go” and then when you pull the bag out of your pocket then you suddenly have it “out in public” and the police have a reason to make an arrest.

      This is about padding the numbers for the NYPD. These minorities more often than not cannot afford decent representation and wind up with an overworked public defender who is up against a cop’s word.

      You are absolutely right about one thing. Instead of arresting these people and sticking them with hefty fines or jail time, make their sentence be a substance abuse program + community service.

      First thing is first, STOP the ILLEGAL searches.

      1. carlrosen says:

        Excuse me! Mr. drug trafficking marijuana import EXPERT! How the Phuc do you know where the marijuana is coming from? Are you DEA? How about just DUMB? These people are arrested because they are “in your face” defiant people who don’t like the rules that the REST OF US have to follow. THAT’s WHY they get arrested, for being hot shots. So there……

      2. Michael H. says:

        No, carl, these people are being arrested as a result of illegal searches after “legal” stop and frisks.

        You don’t have to be DEA to know where this cannabis is coming from. There’s a reason it’s called “BC bud”, and it’s not because B and C are next to each other in the alphabet. Here’s a hint. BC stands for British Columbia.

        These people are arrested because they are minorities living in minority communities who are targeted by the police for stop and frisks which turn up more drugs than the weapons they are intended to find. Search without consent or probable cause is ILLEGAL in this country. The NYPD is ignoring that and people are finally standing up to this practice. People like you only exacerbate the problem.

        …so there.

  13. Peter says:

    Someone should blow some smoke in Bloombergs face !!!!

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