Tiki Barber Creates Stir With Anne Frank Comparison In Sports Illustrated

NEW YORK (WFAN) — Tiki Barber is at it again.

In the same issue of Sports Illustrated that added fuel to Mets owner Fred Wilpon’s firestorm, the comeback-kid running back compares himself to one of the most renowned victims of the Holocaust.

In the article by L. Jon Wertheim, Barber attempts to explain what it was like after he left his pregnant wife for 23-year-old Traci Johnson.

To escape the media, Barber and Johnson holed up in the attic of his agent, Mark Lepselter.

“Lep’s Jewish,” Barber told Wertheim, “and it was like a reverse Anne Frank thing.”

“He wasn’t comparing himself to Anne Frank for God’s sake,” Lepselter told WFAN’s Boomer & Carton on Thursday morning. “It was just a casual conversation.”

LISTEN: Lepselter calls Boomer & Carton, defends Tiki

This isn’t Barber’s first tussle with bad press.

After his retirement in 2007, Barber’s second career with NBC failed. And he didn’t help himself with Giants fans, criticizing coach Tom Coughlin and former teammate Eli Manning, saying the quarterback’s attempt to lead an offensive meeting was “comical.”

“He can spin it however he wants,” a former NBC executive told Wertheim. “He just wasn’t good. Maybe he was good ‘for an athlete.’ But that wasn’t a comparison.”

“In New York you’re supposed to speak your mind—unless they don’t want to hear it, and then you’re not allowed to have an opinion,” Barber says in the SI profile. “My mother would slap me across the face if she thought I was following a path of being one of those plantation guys—yes, sir, no, sir, whatever you want me to say, sir.”

LISTEN: Wertheim talks Barber article with Boomer & Carton

Giants fans showed their distaste for Barber last October, loudly booing the former face of the franchise during Big Blue’s Ring of Honor ceremony.

Barber is trying to return to the NFL after four years in retirement.

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One Comment

  1. mac says:

    he was pointing out what he thought was an irony. too bad in this town there can be no middle ground or thought given to a remark. here, they love you or hate you and he’s had both.
    in the end? tempest in a tea cup.

  2. Hoodoo says:

    Anne Frank’s name should only be used with respect.
    It is just that simple.

  3. monda says:

    Who cares? People are far too sensitive. I don’t kno’ about else where but the U.S of A is full of whiners and crybabies!!!!!

  4. SayNo2ThugCulture says:

    DId you forget the /sarcasm off tag, or have you played too much football without a helmet and are as stupid as Tiki?

  5. karen s says:

    what an idiot! your agent isn’t a mensa member either. likening yourself to anne frank and people hiding from the likes of people responsible for the murder of 6million people. relatives of mine in poland helped protect jews, and were part of the resistance. no sanctuary for you, cheater, anywhere. disgraceful, and no charity should take a dime from you, for it would only be a photo op for you as you try to resurrect a career that is over. hope the cfl doesn’t take you either. wellington mara wouldn’t be happy with you, nor should any of the surviving maras.

  6. Herbie Original Situation Raskin says:

    If he thinks he needed to hide before, after that statement… he’s going to hide like his life depended on it!!!

  7. WhoSufferedMore?... says:

    (no doubt he’ll now learn the hard way about “the pecking order”)

  8. Ernie Accorsi says:

    Tiki Barber is a complete FOOL. a total idiot! Shows his true colors time and time again. I wish him nothing but the worst. Not a nice person.

  9. Randall McMurphy says:

    Embarrassing. Why does society care so much about over-priced egotistical athletes? They are starved for noteriety and attention and we give it to them. Grown men wearing a A-Rod shirt is embarrassing. Grown men running like idiots for a foul ball. Are you kidding? Next thing you know, grown men will be putting baseball cards in the spokes of their bicycles. Stop the maddness!

  10. Linda says:

    Money’s low and so is Barber. Give it up man. Get a real job – one that won’t hurt your head!

  11. cf says:

    Tiki, please remain retired. You obviously took enough hits to the brain. You are a compete idiot and a quitter.

  12. Offended says:

    So his mother raised him to be not “a plantation guy,” but an arrogant, insanely selfish, adulterous, sociopath attention-hound?? WOW! WHAT an improvement! So he felt like Anne Frank? The media he was courting with his stinking adultery felt like homicidal Nazis? Atiim Hakeen-Ali Barber needs a good therapist. Seriously, Sports Illustrated ought to have cut that part of the interview. The man’s clearly a mental basket-case. It’s poor taste to expose him. .

  13. chrissygnj says:

    Let’s see…he has an affair while his wife is pregnant….is now attempting to justify his actions….hiding in an attic?? and demeans the name of Anne Frank…oh yea, he’s a real hero….that has fallen so far down he can’t see up! What a poor example he is giving to his children! Tiki…put your head down and apologize….oh wait..THAT is what a hero would do!!!….

  14. MIKE says:




  15. Mook says:

    What an imbecile.

  16. Kevin says:

    Tiki is like a rat hiding in the attic. I really think dementia is starting to set in from all those hits.

  17. Michael Brunner says:

    Tiki is a dooooosh good riddens

  18. mike says:

    left comment for wrong article, thought it was for the poll.

  19. mike says:

    i would deal with a 120 mil payroll if they spent it wisely.instead of giving it to players who are obviously on the down side of their career and making themselves look good by signing a big name

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